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Let's get in Ed's head



  • i have complete faith in Ed lol, maybe not so much faith in your pal. You can clearly see the analemma carved into the dial from my pics. They're unwavering whereas, the moon's motion changes...meaning that the figure eight shapes would change rather than remaining relatively consistent. Perhaps by coincidence the moon's shadow happened to appear in a particular position when your friend was there. Not sure.
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    The lunar analemma is as predictable as the sun's. Give or take 51 minutes depending on what day of the lunar month it is. Smaller too. I'm positive ed could do the math. Seriously, have you even googled 'moon dial', these are real things.
    Again, no faith in ed's ability to track the moon? What's the point in having 2 sundials? Wouldn't it be more logical to have one for day, and one by night.
    Go check it on the full moon, you'll see the time is correct, no adjustment for daylight savings.
  • let me say this again: I stood there, right where the pics were taken on my cell phone. The dial accurately indicated daylight time. I noted the position of the shadow on the dial, then walked over to the big sundial and the shadow was in exactly the same postion.
    I am very aware of the lunar analemma but to answer the question in your fashion, why would Ed build two sundial's when one can read both? Because there is 0 doubt that the small dial was tracking the Suns movement. Does it track both? I have no idea but I can theorize from your google education that if there is a difference of 51 minutes give or take, then the two analemma patterns would be different.
  • A moon dial/clock would not be very practical IMHO
  • Perhaps he made the small one earlier. Could have relocated it from Florida City (if it's the old style blocks). One more puzzle!
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    It could of been Ed's prototype , before he made the big one . It doesn't matter , they've both work by shadows day or night .

    I used to have all the affidavits from the locals whom met Ed ...

    The local watchmaker stated . that Ed brought in his watch for cleaning , and when he took it apart couldn't believe his eyes when he seen the broken spring was repaired so fine , that he couldn't do it or known anyone who could ....

    Anyway Ed had a watch .... his point was to prove that the drawings of Earth's orbit was wrong

    He may of used the "moon dial " to figure out the mood of those often visiting local church ladies o:)

    local stone

    Florida City stone

  • I've made my case, it's not worth further explanation. If you were interested I might dig out my notes on that dial, and show you how far my 'google' education really goes.
    But youre entitled to believe what you like.
  • matter , they're both bird baths for 8 months out of the year ... in the florida rainy season :)
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    Okie dokie :)

    So, I started this thread relating to the moon fountain. Now, whether our findings around the fountain are accurate or not (relating to the mark on the fountain rim matching his compass), Ed was definitely interested in the movement of the earth and related bodies.

    Throughout time, man has always tracked the motion of the earth, especially the solstices. This has traditionally been chalked up as needed for crops. Here's Ed, obviously just as interested, yet he hardly needed to worry about crops. Not only was his garden small, south Florida gardening happens year round.

    I've always felt ancient builders were tracking the stars and especially the earths movements for some other purpose. Any ideas on that? Anyone ever heard of maybe a leverage advantage gained or something like that?

    Lol Charlie

  • flem .... the funny thing is , that You're both right ,,, it all depends on perspective ,seriously,
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    We always strive for perfection. We are only one-half of a perfect whole, man is the bigger and stronger half and the woman is the other. To be perfect there must be two, but where there is two there is no room for more, so the third party is left to go somewhere else with sour feelings.
    Let you "boys" duke it out .... I am the no sour feeling guy ....adreline is good for the circulation :D
  • @flem

    You posted this picture

    Perhaps the object is nothing, yes seems movable.. it's still there.
    A theory..
    Pictish symbols, there is a photo with a similar shape with a Z rod going through it.

    A coincidence perhaps...there are a few Pictish symbols that are similar to Eds "things"

    The triple hecate in the photo of the pmh, or the symbols on the front of Magnetic Current also resemble Pictish symbols

    Some Pictish symbols can be traced back to King Arthur.
    Morgan le Fay and her dress

    Have you read about King Arthur
  • That's intriguing Dante. I ran into this article researching this a bit. Very interesting and possibly ties right into the star in the moon fountain as well as the "comma" shape. Pictish Crescent V-rod as a Seasonal Sundial by Jason Bellchamber.pdf
  • @flem
    Thanks for the article
    I can see the comma
    I remember this article, it's compelling.. I've been flipping back and forth with a few ideas. Is it as simple as Ed tracking the solstices? Or equinoxes
    Most ancient cultures did - solar worship. I believe Ed went further than that, stellar

    - a possibility, the image is betelgeuse

    The flow of energy didn't run year round, timing was important, Ed needed tools to track it
    I feel as if one explanation about an object isn't enough, everything needs to be taken into account, getting the big picture

  • Quick closeup video of the fountain:

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