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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Edm says it best, if you've never read it.
    It's a curious statement isn't it? But it gives a semi answer to why bogtrottter sees what he does in ABIEH, and why I breeze through the enigma machine game, why my friend can use the OT and gematria to see more than we all here can combined. Like ed said, you 'have to eat for yourself'.
    Teamwork in this game only goes so far till you have to go your own way, and eat for yourself. These forums are good for getting you into ed's entered apprenticeship, thats where we start to question ed's story, and see the inconsistencies of it all. Where we ask ourselves why would he do that, and something doesn't quite add up. Ed's fishing for knowledge seekers, and those who see more than meets the eye.
    Of course if you stick around a bit, you'll find a way in, there's multiple entrances to ed's Rock Gate, just as there are multiple gates into ed's mind.
    But never forget, ed is so much smarter than you, and he saw all this coming. I mean, the guy figured out what was coded in the bible, he was a master alchemist, and mathematician, he was a master code breaker, and he could probably see the future too.
    So why must you 'eat for yourself'? Well, let's get in ed's head for real...
    You know basically the most natural and powerful of sciences, a wizardry of sorts. You have a shady past you are trying to escape, and a duty to yourself and humanity to leave a trace behind of what you know. It's also the end of WW2, and the PTB driven by NWO corporate, are grabbing for power assertion. Who can you trust? No one. Maybe Orval Irwin, maybe some lodge brothers, because you know they can keep a secret.
    So that asks another question? Was ed a freemason? Of course he was...
    And what are freemasons? A group of guys that can keep secrets. So, what does ed do? He uses masonry as a model for hiding his secrets. Why not? Freemasonry has kept it's secrets for thousands of years. If you think you can learn about masonry from the internet, or 'ex masons' you are seriously wrong. Seriously wrong, I will say that again.
    So once ed attracts you into his entered apprenticeship, and you stick around some and put in some service, you might find an entrance, and step up into fellowcraft.
    When you get there, ed starts showing you things that others would say aren't there. Like bogtrottter said, obvious secrets in plain sight, and multiple meanings to everything. This is EXACTLY the same MO as the Masons. That's why I agree with bogtrottter, 100%, he's spot on, and he's even teaching me some things, so I humbly sit back, shut up and listen. I consider myself a CC expert, but I'm still learning. After 3 years of thinking about ed and CC and MC and ABIEH I am still learning. But I am also happy to help. But I can only help you along so far, if you wanna step up to fellowcraft, you're gonna have to see beyond the group.
    So back to teamwork... why does it only get you so far? Let's look at the enigma machine and edm.
    I use this as an example, because i know enigma, and it's a good comparison. Whether you understand it or not, EdM's book IS the ONLY authority on breaking into ed's works. He mentions almost everything about ed's code from morse code, to math to greek to astronomy to enigma and so much much much more. The only thing he really doesnt mention, but hints at is hebrew gematria, which is SUPER important. I keep saying it, but no one is listening, and that's ok, because it took me a long time to eat that for myself as well.
    Edm mentions bletchley park, and it's importance. It's important because it was a teamwork effort, that made the breaking of the enigma possible. But what if the nazi's won the war? Or came back in ten years after ed was dead? And they wanted to break ed's code? What if the US government wanted ed's secrets, so they could be used to enslave mankind in some NWO type situation (pretty far fetched, right?) 50 years down the line? And how would they go about breaking ed's code? Would they ask one man to do it? No, they would have a 'team' dedicated to breaking the code. Like they did a station X, and will do forever in some underground pentagon office.
    So ed makes multiple entrances, and 'ten machines' to break his code. Why? To create confusion among the team. To keep the team debating which way is the correct way in, the correct way to proceed.
    Thus, you get edm's curious statement above.
    And edl's 'eat for yourself'.
    And forever debates on internet forums about what's true, and what's not.
    I'll tell you what's true as far as I know. Not my truths about ed, but the universal ones.
    Ed made multiple ways to read his works and get his knowledge.
    There are a MINIMUM of 3 meanings to everything.
    And EVERYTHING ed left behind was for a specific reason.
    Ed wants people to fight about what he did. If you want to fight about who's right, you will waste your time, miss the true meaning, and get NOTHING, because you are not worthy to get it. Ed only wants this knowledge to go to people humble and meek, who understand each other's differences in perception. Perception is the key. It will unlock the universe. That is why the eyes are so important to ed and in his works. The eyes are so important and basic.
    Ed loves simplicity and basic necessity, he was a homesteading hermit. As advanced as we are, ed goes way back to simple human life. When you get down to it, EDM and EDL talk about fish and fishing, textiles, clothes and weaving, basic masonry and sheltering, and the eyes, our primary sense, and our primary sources of civilization.
    If you love and know ed, ed will know you. I don't know how this is possible, but it is, he knows what you like, and are good at. Hence, edm's statement above.
    So pretentious is how you perceive it. I presume my rant here is quasi pretentious, and im not sure where the line between fellowcraft and master lies, and I still confront my time with being perturbed by reading the forums and seeing the same basic questions about ed I had 4 years ago. Then the christian part of me remembers I was there once too, and a lot of the good information that was on the code 144 forum is gone forever, unless you just go to archived webpages, and view them from there. Which is what I suggest, if you have never been to the code 144 forums. They were jam packed with choice info in ed and science and history.
    Just wanted to share some of my theories and thoughts.
    Best of luck to everyone.
  • Three things:

    1) "More words count less"~ Lao Tzu

    2) I was there on the code144 forums and ideas: the good, the bad, and the ludicrous, came from every direction but as I remember no one had THE answer, but a lot of posts started with "what about this?...or could it be that?..." and I recall never reading anyone "tell me how or what Ed thought but instead questioned what he could have been thinking.

    3) Whether you (pkb), bogtrotter, EDM, or whomever "thinks" you know or not, my point is that I think it best for all involved to present information as a possibility; that is until the poster of said information or theory can move a 30 ton block, cut stone without leaving tool marks, solder a spring and repair their own watch, cure themselves of disease, or recreate, use, and explain the use of the flywheel...otherwise "knowing" this or that is, in my opinion; fluff.

  • Hi everyone! I'm new here but I already know a lot about ED and his writings. Has anyone every noticed those specks of blue light on the black and white photos? Portals?
    Anyways, I'm very detail oriented but I would like as much help as I can cracking Ed's code.
    And the meaning behind the numbers in my username: my birthday! 7/22/94. Don't forget, 22 is a master number in numerology.
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    @flem @bogtrotter @poughkeepsieblue
    In my very simplistic opinion :) you three guys are very nice example of a team :)
    Everyone of you has different approach to solve Ed's mysteries, that he left behind for us.
    And that is perfectly OK, however there's absolutely no point to argue, which of the three is (more) correct approach.

    I would say, all approaches and opinions are complimentary to each other and that actually makes YOU a TEAM here at @MagneticUniverse ;)

    Regarding secrecy - from masonic 4th degree lecture:

    Secret Master
    Secrecy is indispensable to a Mason of whatever degree. It is the first and almost the only lesson taught to the Entered Apprentice. The obligations which we have each assumed toward every Mason that lives, requiring of us the performance of the most serious and onerous duties toward those personally unknown to us until they demand our aid - duties that must be performed, even at the risk of life, or our solemn oaths be broken and violated and we be branded as false Mason and faithless man - teach us how profound a folly it would be to betray our Secrets to those who, bound to us by no tie of common obligation, might, by obtaining them, call on us in their extremity, when the urgency of the occasion should allow us no time for enquiry, and the peremptory mandate of our obligation compels us to do a brother's duty to a base impostor.
    The Secrets of our brother, when communicated to us, must be sacred if they be such as the law of our country warrants us to keep. We are required to keep none other, when the law that we are called on to obey is indeed a law, by having emanated from the only source of power, the People. Edicts which emanate from the mere arbitrary will of a despotic power, contrary to the law of God or the Great Law of Nature, destructive of the inherent rights of man, violative of the right of free thought, free speech, free conscience, it is lawful to rebel against and strive to abrogate.
  • Welcome to the forum, hart!
    I have not noticed the blue specks. Where are they located on the pictures?
  • hi Hart72294!

    I have never noticed the specks you are talking about. Are they on all of the black and whites or specific ones? Can you post one? And if possible circle or point at the specs?

    I'm glad someone as young as you is into Ed. It really irritates me that so few know of he man. I live in Florida and I can count on one hand, the number of people who have ever even HEARD of the coral castle, let alone know Ed's name.

    @Gardener it's all good. I don't always agree with a lot of information but you never know when something might spark an idea. I don't always make myself clear and have spent a lot of years unintentionally pissing people off. I'm told it's due to my astrological sign but imo that's hokum. I'm probably just a jerk. I'll try to maintain!
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    @hart72294 - Welcome to the forum. :)
    @flem Check your astro conditions here This one is very accurate. I did it there for couple of people, including me and it was like 90% true. :) Get yours! :)

    My astro chart reminds me of your compass drawings:

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    Ok look where the first crescent moon is on the left hand side of the photo...the one on the ground... and next to the palm tree. There is one thing of light on the statue itself and one in the upper left hand corner.
    And if you look even can see what appears to be the letters P O A or maybe the number 4. It's hard to tell.
    Interesting that my last name is Hart and Ed has a Stone Heart aka Feast of Love table or World's Largest Valentine.
    Also something to point out, the human heart produces a very strong EM field.
  • The blue flashes on this 'black & white' photo are actually reflections of back light on the original really black & white photo, which was photographed one more time with a color camera.

    Are those the blue lights, you were referring to before?
  • @Gardener Yes I was. I was trying to make sure.
  • You can use the flash on a camera in certain parts of Eds photos to reveal his hidden images, angled crystal or glass would also do the trick. It is a test of patience, and also time consuming
  • @Gardener I was also pointing out the letters hidden in the flashes.
  • As Above So Below
    When I originally signed up to this forum several months ago, I took a crack at finding anagrams in the title " A Book in Every Home " one of the phrases I found out of 7 was " Hi Above Key on Rome " which lead me to the Vatican, Chi Rho symbol, and a few others resembling a key

    I agree with most peoples views...I am open to most possibilities... I even believe Edward Leedskalnin knew about a 4th dimension, or even time travel...... vaguely speaking he is darn close to the Bermuda Triangle, or the Bimini Road, whether you believe in that or the Dragons Triangle is your own personal insight.... there are several documented instances of people who made it through the Triangle while experiencing unusual effects... to me these are all bits and pieces to a big mystery.... could it all be tied together? it must be.. It seems chaotic to think of everything at the same time, so I try to focus on a few things.

    Generally Speaking
    A team is a functional component to any problem... A team is composed of individuals with certain talents, backrounds, and personalities. A team can only get you so far I agree..... yes, once there is a lot of information infront of you, you will need to try and make sense of it, and put it all together....
  • Other than I has having a horrible day for which I apologize for my impatience, I think the illustration in this piece of information should ring a bell once if not twice
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