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Let's get in Ed's head



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    I give you the Latitude Scale on vintage compass

  • I believe our results show that the moon fountain is Ed's Compass Rose.
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    Ed is not nearly as complicated as some make him out to be. Any visuals in his photos are to be interpreted visually. I'm fairly certain that if a reasonable man can look at any of his clues for 10 minutes or under and not come up with two or three possible answers then he is looking in the wrong place. Anyone found the word H O M E vertically yet? Don't forget, symbol for Saturn is an "h". Any body see Ed on stage? Or holding a volume up or "handbook" Google Handbook. Anybody see a high "C". INRI/ Title?? Tidal. Anybody pick up on the "Initial understanding?" Under Ed?. I'll find them if someone else will connect the dots
  • Anybody see a high "C". INRI/ Title?? Tidal. Anybody pick up on the "Initial understanding?" Under Ed?. I'll find them if someone else will connect the dots
    Are you saying you have something and we need to figure it out or that you have an idea that may lead to something?

  • @ Gardener, I like the picture you posted( wide angle of Rock Gate) , I see it, do you?
    Like in Eds other pictures
  • @dante I've posted that image, because i've never seen it before and it's some older image, showing great detail in nice perspective there. I have a feeling that even the "ROCK GATE" sign above the gate has been removed. Or?

    In any case, here's (well known) similar view to compare it with:
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    LoL, I'm not sure what happened to the the subject of the thread, but I'll play along. We're throwing out pics of changes like it's some kind of mysterious event? Ok

    Ed's lounge chair seen here, is facing north. It faces south in every other pic I've ever seen. Also note...the moon fountain in the background is in a different position and place than modern times AND with only ONE moon--just like the compass I posted above btwimage

    An old outside pic of Rock Gate sign. The T shape block is there, the words are notimage

    Gardener, you are correct to assume that the rock gate sign is no longer over the 9 ton gate. Here's a pic I took three weeks ago


    You know though, I'm not so much concerned over changes that are superficial (at least to me) well, I don't think anything should be changed anyway, there are some things that have changed that do concern me. I've posted about them before but maybe no one read them.

    There may or may not be something to what Ray Ramirez, a past tour guy does it this video

    But it is what got us looking towards the moon fountain because he uses the 3 ton gate.
    On our visit to CC before the last one, I asked about what he did and they told me that it doesn't work like that anymore supposedly because people had stuffed trash into a hole on top of the gate. Well, I also noticed that the steel door (right behind the 3'ton gate was gone). They said it was for handicap access but standing there, it can clearly be seen that that is BS. Also, Ray does a similar demo inside Ed's tool room using a piece of steel attached to the wall that he swings down...that's been removed. Magnetic energy steel...Logos posted on here about ABIEH (I think) and spoke of it possibly meaning Iron Above Home Key and had an old aerial photo of CC that appears to have a large chunk of something rusting and it is no longer there.

    Now maybe, these items have been removed for appearance or then again, maybe they've been removed to hide clues.
  • Oh! Did i hijack the thread? Sorry... I thought you were saying that the fountain was moved somehow, so i was looking for some old pics to compare..
  • LOL, no that's ok but since we're on the subject, that pic of Ed I put up he is clearly facing a different direction in the lounge chair and the fountain with only one moon is both out of place and facing a different direction. As for the fountain, it is also out of place on the cover of ABIEH.

    I'm not sure who developed Ed's film nor what abilities they had back then to manipulate pics, but I have a suspicion that both were manipulated and that the objects were not moved on the ground but rather, in the dark room during development.
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    Now, to return to the subject!

    I have little doubt now, that the moon fountain is in reality no fountain at all but rather a compass rose except, unlike a traditional compass rose on a map that points at true north, Ed's was pointing at magnetic north since he had the Polaris telescope to define true north.

    Now, he may have used his compass rose for quick reference for various things he was doing however, I have a hunch that theres more to it. I say that primarily because I'm a good guesser haha, but also, because that comma shaped object on the south west rim is the only about it that makes no sense-- at least as far as being a compass.

    That mark that I found to be at 79 degrees places that star pointing past 350 degrees but not really at 349...which makes me believe that DROP BELOW signifies 10 NNW but a little below that, which makes my compass finding correct.

    Nonetheless, that comma sits on five points and if we use a sixteen point compass to define the points (since there are sixteen points around the fountain circle) they are 270, 247.5, 225, 202.5, 180.
  • This is some good stuff guys! Keep filling my head!
  • In my opinion, we should read the books regulary. Every time, when i read the book, here i mean ABIEH i discover new connections, or i have new ideas. The Magnetic current is a very useful book too. I will absolutely do all the experiments from Ed´s MC, but i don´t know if the welding rod is the same as in Ed´s times and the fishing line is today from plastic.....
    I think Ed was very intelligent, it could also be, that he (as tesla too) had his pineal gland activeted by the work with magnets, so he saw the flow of the magnets etc....
    We need Monk or Kojak, that would connect all our ideas and build a solution. I think we are very close to the solution.

    What do you think about the bell and the note ring the bell twice?? It hang over the sun on the metal door?
  • I definitely feel that sound plays a role and for some reason, I think ringing twice might "break" a rhythm or or something. Also, I posted before but got no response...the pipe that the bell hangs from...there's another on top of that entry stone pointing to the sky. They are NOT in line but they still might me connected
  • It does, there is no doubt about it. Would need to draw an accurate diagram of Rock Gate. EDM has a few at the back of his book, but that deals with his thin machine, or half examples of constellations.
    The pipes are important, ringing the Bell twice has several meanings, perhaps the vibrations traveled through the pipe and resonated with the Oolite Limestone
    I'm curious about the pipe in the ground, is it angled or straight? How far down does it go?
    It seems to be similar to Giza, and Teslas Wardenclyffe tower...perhaps harnessing the energy from cavitation to create a frequency
    One thing is certain, all three sites are based on identical foundations, and be detected with Dowsing

  • Dante, I completely forgot about that pipe in the ground. Oh shit, I didn't give it a lot of thought at the time, mostly because Ed had a bunch of pipes in his living quarters coming out of the wall (for shelving and such) BUT, there was one peculiar pipe. It came out of the wall low, maybe 12" high, at the southeast side. I did go out and look for it but the wall there is stacked (like a stairway that leads to the blank wall outside his loving quarters! Now, it could be for some purpose inside, but like I said, it was low and seems to have no practical purpose in there. But if it was to resonate the stones...


    We haven't done all the experiments but we used guitar string in place of steel fishing line. In fact, we had a list someone created so that you could just go get everything you need. If I remember right, the horseshoe magnet was hardest to find. There are plenty of little ones, like for elementary school use but strong ones are few and far between. I'll see if I can find that list.
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