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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Ed cut the stone and then shaped and placed them. Methodically speaking, identifying the method to cut the stone will allow for setting aside all related clues and thereby reducing the variables in solving the other feats. Cutting is a physical aspect. Identifying all of the known methods and then closing in will be apparent the closer one gets. Methods, not Moons, should be an approach since I don't see any others mentioned in this forum. The game of leaving clues is not much fun without a couple of red herrings thrown into the mix. Ed applied the universal laws we posses. Levitation was not within his bag of tricks. I see nothing except the imagination of other peoples minds when it comes to actual events. Lets get down to earth where problems can be solved.
  • Bogtrotter,

    I agree 100%. In fact, I've always thought the mystery box on top of his tripod acted to simply help hold the poles together. Having said that, I'm not sure what the reason was but all of the ancient megalith builders were deeply concerned with celestial alignments and I think the easiest or mostly likely way to find out why is through Ed's work. I'm all for working within reality though; lets cut some stones bro! And leave no marks!!!
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    Been studying stone cutting but in the mean time...

    Looking at my daughter's and my theory about the ADM sign some new information has come to light!

    Notice the position of the cent sign in relation to the star it sits on. It is in the space between star points-the same position as the 79 degree mark on the moon fountain


    The mark cut into the rim of the fountain at 79 degrees


    And here is how it looks on the 32 point compass so as to reference the star in the water


    I marked 16 points to represent the sixteen points surrounding the water in the moon fountain, then drew an axis line, followed by connecting all the dots except for those that are contained within that comma shaped, raised edge. This is what I got...I was pretty stunned to see that the lower part of the C extends past the axis line just like on the ADM sign

    And here, it gets a little better. Since noticing that the cent sign was positioned as it is, I happened to notice the period marks which have never made any sense to me at all. I found them.

    Here, they are represented on the 32 point compass (the purple line)
    Remember, we found this faint line Ed drew on his compass at 32 degrees (the second red dot marks where we could no longer see the line but with a ruler, it lines up as shown with the purple line. ( I noticed after posting that the 32 degree mark and its corresponding line, appear to be sideways and look different than the purple line on the compass. I should have turned the pic but none the less, the top point of the star is 50 degrees, just turn your head a little left :)

    Look again at the ADM sign and notice where the periods are in relation to the star points. They are right on that purple line.

    So the open part of the cent sign is represented on the moon fountain by the raised, comma like edge.
  • Fantastic!
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    That trio of Ed. One regular, one Negative, One Negative (or 101) when the first two are overlain as shown in the photo below

    One should take note that the dimensions of the third of the trio one is different from the first two. The height of the third one is precisely 1/2 of the width of the other two. That is no coincidence. We are being told to turn it sideways as an overlay. When this is done there is a remarkable similarity to a rotary drill bit. Since there is no typical hint of a position to align this with, I presume it means one can slide it along the same axis as shown in the last three images illustrating drill bit penetration.

    Right or wrong above, I can speak with complete confidence that any message from photos will be found in the photos. No other interpretation is required. With respect to written messages, the message will be found in the sound(s) of the pronounced letters/words or synonyms of the written words or their respective sounds. Any attempt to extrapolate to some other level can only then result in an infinite number of possibilities. Pursuit of such infinite possibilities based upon mixing one type of message with another will certainly discourage any one trying to decipher his messages. Someone as clever as I am finding that Ed is would certainly be aware of this. I would be interested in learning of a "bonafied solved clue" that goes against the grain of what I propose here.
  • Bogtrotter,

    I'll just tell you, I'm not in to the whole photo overlay thing because frankly, I find no legitimate reason to do it. No more than folding the pages together in the back of Mad Magazine when I was a kid. I've seen quite a few of these done over the years and well, sometimes there are clear images but often, I think tossing a handful of sticks onto the floor will bring similar results.

    So with your first pic here I see 101, great, but what does that mean in the grand scheme of things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discouraging the method or you for attempting it but in the end, I think the results will be a whole lot more questions than you began with.

    Conversely, if PKB's info about the ADM sign is correct, in that it was left behind by Ed and Ed said he left his sweet sixteen back in Florida City AND I have shown every aspect of the sign represented on the moon fountain (except the coin slot at the bottom... Which looks curiously like a bell btw...well, something clicks there; beginning with the (16) Cardinal directions that ring the fountain.

    I mean, that star inside the fountain is the only one of several on the ground that does not point north, yet a 90 degree line from the only visible mark on the fountain edge runs right through the northern most point and that seems like a concrete reason for it to point in the off-north manner that it does.

    Do I know what it means? Nope, but there are far too many things lining up for it to be mere coincidence.

    One last thing. If I were as smart as Ed and intent on leaving clues, I believe I would have the wherewithal to know that multiple ways of laying them out would be necessary for them to survive the test of time...and what better place than build them in stone?
  • Pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers. Multiply one variable by a quad prime tetra gram. I want some meat. Ed didnt have a magical magnetic wand that cuts through limestone like butter and and a mystical flywheel that floated blocks in the air. If you do not think the straight stance of Ed's that can be mirrored and is an exact match (a head tilt one way would render a Siamese twin) If you don't think the Masons use a similar method for esoteric information, if you don't know the Egyptians did the same thing, then I guess you know why the height of one photo of three is equal to 1/2 the width of the other two. I guess you have to turn it sideways to see it fits on top of a image and its negative, which just happens to be the same damn thing as a mirror image. Guys, I'm sorry but you people have gotten no where. You make things too god damn complicated. Do you even have a simple guess for what the pic with Ed standing pointing to a certain height (which happens to be the same as the wall behind him) with the Made, Moved, Born, Latvia, Ed? Wanna multiply it by Pi and then Phi time the equator of the moon? Its a good question; most good questions ask something like who, what, when, where, and how. Whyyyyy those are the questions...Ed gave you the answers! Tell me I'm wrong because its not complicated enough. They are questions. Ed's pointing to a "mark" A "questions type mark"

    That is boys, I'm packing up the lab and moving to brighter pastures. Perhaps one of these days I read his writings and view all of his photos...meanwhile, I wish you all the best of luck, especially since no one can convince me they have solved even ONE of his clues in the 60 odd years they have been available. Nice playing, you just frustrate the hell out of me. (P.S. ABIEH...Hold up Volume. Google it) I'm outta here.
  • One for the road Flem. ADM .10C is Administrative cost meaning "Overhead". Quit'll get nowhere!
  • @bogtrotter
    ...Nice playing, you just frustrate the hell out of me. (P.S. ABIEH...Hold up Volume. Google it) I'm outta here.
    Good, but nobody was telling you to get frustrated by "other directions of research". You are just hell of a sure, that your way is the only correct one.

    IMHO, i personally cannot imagine anyone with old B&W - analog camera to create those mega-complicated-mirror-imaging constructs on purpose, that you are proposing the whole time.
    Yet nobody was arguing about them with you.

    So basically, if you don't like what @flem is doing, you don't need to frustrate yourself.
    Just skip the thread and go on with your imaging and mirroring in another thread.
  • Thanks Gardener, that's exactly the way I feel. As I tried to say bogtrotter, I don't necessarily believe that the image thing is a workable solution but I don't suggest you not pursue it.

    And for the record, one more time, I do not think Ed was doing anything magical but he did achieve the near impossible and he accomplished MANY things that individually seem to me, to be lifetime achievements.

    Things like "Overhead" seem plausible as would many other possibilities but similar to "101", what else does it have to do with? Where is another connection directly associated with what Ed did?

    On the other hand, the man showed the tract of the solstice on his compass, on the 30 ton king stone, and on the front door and as we have found, on the moon fountain. He also talked about it DIRECTLY in his writing. Apparent Daily Movement, a term directly related to the solstice, may not be the ADM on the sign out front but it sure seems like it to me.

    Also, I do not know where all of this will lead, probably not to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it sure seems to be coming together and leading some where, and so I will follow.

    Good luck and I hope you will continue to contribute here.
  • The ton and the atmosphere of post from Bogthrottter has almoust achieved, that i had no pleasure from reading and writing on these forum. I 'm glad that we are using every talnet to solve the mistery. I think Ed have done no moracles , but also how Grebennikov or tesla or ancient egyptians he knew how to use the nature laws and overcome the gravity and maybe the matter.

    The ancient legends says that Crischna (i dont know if i good wrote that ) was in the skies by the Gods and they teached him how to make rock soft and how to play playdo with them. I also dont believe that the ancient egiptians have made all the megalithic buildings only with copper tool and stones. Forget it ! look at the obelisks , that were left in the ground , because they were broken ypu se drilling holes and how the drill moved forwards with highest precise, that we can today not achieve and the stone was melted and dug out on the side of the obelisk.... And the whole geometry in the statues and so one... Water erosion on the sphinks ! hallo ! Somon saya they have built it only with other stones and we belive that? The way they built the piramids is know from Herodot writing , but he never seen how they build the piramids because they are tousands years older as he was a live.... And everyone say , yes that was the method use to build them.

    Anyway i wanted to say that every way to solve the mistery is good. As we work in the team noone yhould discourage anyone other because it is not fair. That is no rat race ! Teamwork ! Fair play ! And so one !

    I think that geomtry ( could be sacred ) i very important in eds work. With mathematic you could describe the world without words.

    I read at the weekend about the saturn and jupiter.
    I think we should consider that the belbellon the eds compass is the saturn and twice means jupiter. The jupiter has the strongest magnetic field in the sun system and him magnetic field expamds to the Saturn and they have redundant movement....
    when you look at the past saturn is very important. for example one of the days of the week is named Sathurnday! other Sunday! Mondday! and so one... I dont know how could ed hit the magnetic field from Saturn-Jupiter.... btw Jupiter is the second sun of our system, it needs nur a little bit more mass and could light up... other planets in other galaxies with such mass as jupiter are shinning! and the jupiter send more light as it becomes from the sun!
    maybe worth studying? he has moons, which are in conjuvtion with his magnetic field, so thst there is build some arc between them....
  • Kubeq_sq,

    I have felt for a long long time that the great pyramid came long before the ancient Egyptians and I think some where back in time they claimed it as theirs. When I learned about the erosion of the Sphinx and that the only time that could have happened was 10,000 years ago then I knew I was right.

    I did not know about Jupiter almost being a star. That's amazing because that would make it our "yin" star while the sun would be yang. There is nothing I have known about that doesn't have the interplay of yin/yang and while I do not know a lot about astronomy, I always felt like there must be a dark star somewhere out there to provide balance.

    I wish that I had enough time to return to coral castle to see what that 32 degree line points at. Estimating from photos, it appears to be he king stone but what if it were the planets on the east wall!

    Also, when my daughter and I first came up with his idea, we were trying to put Ed's solstice image from the door over the coral castle. The problem though, was that 1) we didn't know where it should be laid. We thought of the sundial as the center, since the center of the image on the door is the sun but then we ran into problem 2) which is the coral castle map is a rectangle and the real coral castle is square. In any case, this is how we started and as you can see, the overlay of the solstice line points at the planets!
  • bogtrottter, I for one, actually have always believed in ed's photo skills, and I basically support your findings 100% I have had just as much luck with ed pictures, and there are hundred of images just centered around ed's hands and eyes
    and yes, they overlay each other too
    I am shocked that you snub your nose at the apparent maths in EVERYTHING ed did... but I can look past that.
    Yes yes bellows yes, but you don't seem to be thinking beyond the forge.
    Of course ed had a magical magnetic wand to melt stone, it was an oxyhydrogen torch.
    heres one that combines your bellows with HHO, it's easily found on wikipedia,
    and considering ed HAD a generator on site, and you are firm about bellows, and HHO burns upwards of 6000 degrees F, much hotter than a forge, and was invented 100 years before ed built CC, I figured you knew this.
    So yeah, with a generator, ed used MAGNETS for his magic stone cutting wand, and water, egyptians could have easily done the same, and made the power with sunlight, if you dont think ed used his generator to generate electricity, perhaps you would consider that his 2 step tub is perfect for 2 large semiconductor sheets to collect sunlight for solar power, again, with water, and a little salt, or even better, lye.
    Yea, ed used basic means, but ed was a chemist, and a scientist.
    You forgot about the purple horseshoes, theres one on the cover of MVAL.
  • Poughkeepsieblue,

    I'm curious, have you ever or have you seen stone cut in such a manner? It seems like it would leave marks of some kind. I was recently reading a Nova article that stated that cutting hard stone with a clean edge was very easily done by drilling along a line and then inserting wedges progressively which makes it split clean. This article also stated that with limestone the process is similar but instead of the stone remaining flat on the ground it was better to hang it. That said, the moon, Mars, Saturn, and other things with heavy curves...may be impractical like that, I'm not sure.

    Also, you said to bogtrotter that you've had a lot of luck with the pictures. Have you found anything that makes a connection to something else? For example, the 101 in bogtrotters picture is very apparent but i dont understand that number as related to Ed's work. I mean, I think it seems like I or you or anybody could look at practically any picture in that way and find "something" but if it connects with something concrete well, that's another story!
  • flem, my understanding is that on ed's walls you can see the 'lines' where ed drove the wedges on one side to break the stone loose. Why only these marks on one side? How did he get the other sides to look so smooth and melted?
    Orval Irwin says ed broke his first obelisk trying to drive the wedges under it, so he had to carve another. I presume if ed was torching the stone, he wasn't about to put his arm up under the rocks to get the torch in deeper, cause eventually it's gonna break loose, and you dont want your arm there when it does. As of now, oxyhydrogen seems the logical choice for a man with welding experience. I entertain the possibility of ed using some other adapted type of welder, specifically a TIG or WIG style welder, which normally use gas to shield the weld like slag does on other welds. But i wonder if in a tig welder with a hot plasma arc, if HHO was used as the gas, could you produce HeH acid under the plasma, and melt that stone even faster. It seems with the right amount of heavy water or deuterium 2H maybe tritium 3H, also made with electrolysis, in a plasma arc could produce helium hydride. Again, I entertain the possibility that ed was as good a chemist as he was a wizard.
    I havent found anything concrete in the photos. What I find mostly resemble classic artwork, and egyptian references. Such as tut's death mask, vetruvian man, and more.
    101 is just another number with more meanings than 1.
    1's and 0's are binary, and binary has been used since about ed's time.
    101 in letters sent by code is AXA, and that pronounces the same as 'Aqsa' or Al-Aqsa, the name of the mosque that sits on the temple mount, the site of the first temple, and the current site of the dome of the rock. It's a famous spot. Very famous, and extremely more meaningful to a mason.
    Now this is interesting... 101 in gematria is 'michael' meaning "Who is like God?" (literally, "Who is like El?). You see that shit! 'who is like E. L.' this guy was a damn genius. I guess when you spend 40 years on a project, you do it right, don't you ed...
    101 is the 26th prime number, and I could go on about primes, primes are the base numbers of everything, 26 is the letters of the alphabet, and half the weeks of the year, and twice 13, another prime, and of course, starting with 13, 101 is the sum of 5 consecutive primes 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, the 6th - 10th primes
    101 is a twin prime, with 103, and interesting MC and MVAL are twins, also the fact that twin primes appear in the consecutive sums, 17 and 19, and 13 is part of a twin prime with 11 as well.
    So what was the question? And did I answer all of them? I'm trying to cover it from all angles as I see it. There is no straight answer, question everything.
    Ed (ucation) 101... interesting, like I said, ed is a teacher.
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