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Let's get in Ed's head

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My daughter and I have for a long time, felt that if Ed left clues at the coral castle, that those clues would begin...well, at the beginning. To us that meant the sign outside ADM 10 C DROP BELOW.

In order, we felt like the steel door held the next clue and noticed that the etching on the door was the same as on Ed's compass. The solstice...half an analemma or "lemma" as we like to call it. Also, we both felt pretty strongly, that the cent sign represented the earth titled on its axis.image

So, part of our latest visit to CC (two weeks ago), was to look into any connections to these ideas. Just inside the steel door is the 3 ton gate, which was used by past CC tour guide Ray Ramirez, to demonstrate how pointing it at a participant would somehow increase their strength. Since it is right inside the door (next clue), I took a compass reading with the 3 ton gate pointing at 60 degrees (the direction of the "lemma" line on Ed's compass before it turns). It pointed directly between the moons beside the moon fountain.

My daughter noticed that there is a purposely made cut on the rim of the moon fountain (the only cut, the rest is smooth). When laid on that line, my compass read 79 degrees E. That's the EXACT POINT WHERE THE EARTH AXIS LINE ENDS ON ED'S COMPASS!

Back home and contemplating, I decided to pursue a hunch. The star in the water of the moon fountain never seemed right and at the same time, I was considering that the star with the tiny pool in it in the 3 bears grotto might be a compass if one were to magnetize a needle and float it in the pool. Looking at this aerial pic from, I recognized that the star in the moon fountain pointed at the camera, not at or past the Polaris telescope... It wasn't pointing north as one might expect from Ed.


We went to figuring and realized that a cross or right angle from the 79 degree mark, pointed more or less in the direction of that star; somewhere around 350 degrees. We explored 16 point compasses ( because the jagged edge around the fountain contains 16 points and from this, reckoned that the star pointed at 351 BUT, when we worked with more degrees, using a 32 point compass, and lined everything up, we got 349 degrees. Now in compass speak, one doesn't say 349 degrees but rather 10 degrees NW because it's 10 degrees from 0 (easier to say) that equals 10 DROP BELOW!


Just a bit more. This all made perfect sense except for that dang ADM. We tried 144...nothing. We used anagram engines...nothing. Texting back and forth while I was at work, I told my daughter I was researching analemmas, hoping something would click. She took less than five minutes to send a wiki link telling me to read the history of them. In the first few sentences, there it was: Apparent Daily Movement!

Apparent Daily Movement- 10 (350 degrees)- DROP BELOW ( 349 degrees)

This doesn't solve the puzzle but it does get us in Ed's head. To understand how he leaves clues.

The moon fountain is a recreation of a compass but notice that there is a raised, comma like edge. Exploring compasses, we can find nothing like that but note, the back of that "comma" edge is directly in line from where I got the 60 degree reading, through the two moons and in case you are curious, it encompasses 5 points of the sixteen points within the fountain.

Oh, and this is how we started this search: by trying to place Ed's compass drawing over the coral castle, except the map is rectangular and the CC is square.



  • @flem very good findings! I personally believe, that's the right way...
  • Thanks Gardener! We were pretty shocked each time something fit the puzzle. Assuming it's right, any thoughts on the "comma"? We've gone deep in compass research and I consulted my son whose career requires intensive compass understanding, we've come up blank. It could certainly mark compass points but why the large raised edge...plenty of other ways to do that. We are leaning heavily toward the most obvious answer...and why it took so long to come up with who knows...a U shaped magnet.
  • If you'd look at the fountain as if it were the flywheel.
    Could that mark and raised part mark some positions of the flywheel?
  • Could it be something calendar or time related?
  • I was thinking about the flywheel and wondered if instead of a mark, maybe something that was removed from it since it has been said by many that parts are missing.
  • Do you mean, that Ed wanted to "encode"/hide the design of flywheel into his sculpting in CC, for the case that parts will be removed and missing?
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    Apparent Daily Movement- 10 (350 degrees)- DROP BELOW ( 349 degrees)
    This doesn't solve the puzzle but it does get us in Ed's head. To understand how he leaves clues.
    Did you try to "look east"? I mean can this compass be rotated so, that east is at the top?
    So at the top, u would have 90 degrees and you then drop 10, so you get 80.

    Does it then make any more sense?
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    Perhaps, but the star in the water is situated just like this one and the 79 degree mark on the fountain top "forces" the star to be positioned like this. What I'm interested in at the moment is that gray line that marks the 79 degree, bisects the star exactly between two points. In fact, when we were at the CC, I remember being excited at the discovery of that line and moments later; disappointment because one of the star's points wasn't pointing at the line ( this may be better).

    I have a lot of first hand information about yin yang, taosist practices, and tai chi Chuan in particular as I taught tai chi for many years. Because of the following, I'm almost certain this is right and I think it refers to utilizing new magnets from the sun (sorry it's so long!)

    Ed showed via his experiments with magnets, that what he termed "the individual North and South Pole magnets were the "cosmic force". He showed how they moved alone in the universe, how they behaved with various inanimate objects, and how they impact the human body. As it turns out, the ancient Taoists of China have a similar theory which they termed CHI and also referred to it as cosmic or life force. Like American Medicine versus Chinese Medicine, Ed and the Taoists have used two different approaches in studying and understanding the same phenomenon. Ed however, seems to have reached a higher level in that, unlike the Taosists whose primary concern was health and longevity and merely viewing the effects of the cosmic force when it does not directly impact the person, Ed HARNESSED the force and made it a perpetually useful source of energy.

    In the study of unarguably the most famous of the many Taoist martial arts Tai Chi Chuan, much emphasis is placed upon the development of chi energy. This energy is cultivated in several ways including but not limited to, a sound lifestyle said to promote higher chi levels (correct diet, sexual restraint, adequate rest, and specific exercises or physical movements). Through meditative methods, these artists like the Yogis of India, were able to detect the presence of this energy working within and began to work with it and in essence, increased both their martial skill level as well as their physical and mental vitality. During the development of Tai Chi, acupuncture also developed in China and while both have and use the same understanding of the energy channels within the body, neither to date, has pinpointed exactly what chi is.

    The famous Chinese martial arts master and thinker Dr. Yang Zwing Ming wrote that " one can think of chi as electricity going to a light bulb". If the wire is good the light will be bright, damaged and it will be dim, and if broken; no light (dead). Nearly all Chinese martial artists, health practitioners, and Dr. Yang himself, hypothesize that chi is a minute electrical current and that deep within our bodies there are many, many small batteries creating life-force.

    It's amazing that Ed, working alone, seems to have done what 4,000 years of a multitude of Taoist practitioners could not do; find chi. But perhaps, since Taosists are the original casual, "go with the flow" people, they didn't really want to know. In any case there are some interesting observations about chi, Tai Chi practices, and Ed's individual North and South magnets and his observations that share a common thread.

    For best results, one is encouraged to practice Tai Chi exercise at or before sunrise, facing east, southeast. Tai Chi practitioners believe that better sleep is achieved by sleeping with the head towards the north. The Tai Chi practitioner's body is thought of in terms of a magnet, where one pole is at the top of the head and the other at the perineum and, standing meditation is thought to be superior to seated meditation as this extends the space between the poles.

    The Yin Yang symbol that Ed used has long been attributed to the Taoists but they DO NOT claim to have created it but instead, they say that they have merely been studying it since ancient times and that it originated "before history" Most people consider the symbol to simply imply opposites but to the Taoists the meaning is much deeper. For one, I purposely did not write yin AND yang because the two are inseparable. While it is true that one side is so called masculine and the other feminine, or light and dark, good and bad, etc, etc, the symbol indicates that some of one is in the other (white and black dots, men have some estrogen, females have some testosterone, etc) but perhaps most important, is the idea of constant flux, of movement between the two, always changing, ceasing and becoming..."when a person dies, all the magnets come out, and become something else"EDL.
  • I think you guys are onto something!
    Ed says in ABIEH, "I don't mean a sixteen year old girl, I mean a brand new one."
    Then in MC, he mentions the "new ones" coming from the sun.
  • Ohh, and he also said that all of his books are meant to go together, right? Oh shit. Poughkeepsieblue told me that the ADM 10 C sign was left in Florida City and that the second owners (?) brought it over PLUS, Ed told someone, I think the guy who wrote Mr. Can't Is Dead ( not certain who) that he left his sweet 16 back in Florida City.

    I need to go back and read but right now....thinking something is different ten miles from Florida City.
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    Just some nice old image. Almost like being there :)
    Click on it, to make it bigger...

  • Gardener, that's a great pic. No guard rails and look at all those trees in the background! Not like that today sadly.

    Hey, I missed your post and happened to catch it looking back at what you said about shifting the compass.

    You asked about hiding the design of the flywheel. Maybe. But also, and this is hard to describe, I think that the principles behind the flywheel work without it. In other words, I think whatever Ed did, it works, maybe on a different scale- like when he says in MC about using a bunch of magnets "then you'd be producing all kinds of energy". I have a hunch that he was working on a smaller scale, perhaps using multiple PMH's or leyden jars, or just his own body at Florida City.

    I recently read that over 28 years he built in Florida City and then moved 200 tons of blocks/furniture. Then in just two years (and at age 50-52), did the rest, which is approximately 900 tons.

    I've actually always thought the flywheel was a whole separate study of his but it would certainly explain this massive increase of work volume in such a comparatively short time.
  • The symbol, especially the one carved on the stone, is an 'integral' symbol.
    It's used in publishing, but mostly it's used in Math, calculus.
    It's best seen in Faraday's law of induction, right before the part of the equation that says E.dl
    this page explains it best in the first paragraph, that it's used in the equations that pretty much explain all of physics,
    I believe also, but im paraphrasing, that it's used to denote the integration point in a closed loop.
    If you guys want to see the code, you have to see the numbers. They are everywhere.
    Page 11 of ABIEH, ed says "count" what does he want you to count?? EVERYTHING
    In another thread, someone said that ed doesn't talk about numbers... just that the magnets need to be 'in great numbers'.... are you kidding me? Numbers are everywhere in ed's works, I could go over them all, but I can't write all day. I love how people still think ed's 'immigration numbers' don't mean anything, or aren't related to the egyptian and english inch and the pyramids. Or that 7129 isn't clearly the 914th prime number. How about in ABIEH, ed says 'one hundred per cent', he also asks for a 'dollar' in his Advert. which is 'one hundred cents'
    Ed also says in his advertisement, that if you send him a dollar, you will receive an 8000 word booklet... have you ever counted up the words in ed's booklet, to see why he says 8000 words? Ed means MC, but MC isn't 8000 words... is it?
    What else does ed want you to count? Well, how about the lines in MC... lets talk about 'lined up'
    ever count the lines in ed's MC book? Well let me count for you. The picture I posted above of the integral symbol on page 11 of MC, just happens to also be the dead center mark of MC, if you count the lines of text. That's the equator of ed's book. Start at the North pole of MC, and you'll get 395 at the equator line. Start at the south pole and you'll get 395 again at the equator... like ed said the magnets run in through each end, and have to run one against the other. 395 is the number of heaven, but you'll look that up if you want to proceed. Of course, add them up and you get 790. 790 is interesting because ed says the earth is a great big magnet, and like MC, which has 790 lines of text from pole to pole, the earth has 7900 miles from pole to pole.
    Oh, and about that 'one hundred per cent', the equator line has exactly 50 characters in it, denoting the 'fifty per cent' mark.
    So, ed's ADM sign says 10 cents, MC has 790 lines of text and the earth has 7900 miles from pole to pole, that in itself is how to spot the math.
    The numbers are there, you dont have to 'play with them to make them whatever you want' you just have to realize ed did EVERYTHING for a reason, down to the word count in his books.
    The integral symbol is to make you see that the numbers and the math are there, you just have to know where to look. Most people would miss the enigma machine settings at ed's door, but thats ok, ed put those there for those who would see it, like he put other things for other people I don't see.
    Hope this helps.
  • The numbers are there, you don't have to 'play with them to make them whatever you want' you just have to realize ed did EVERYTHING for a reason, down to the word count in his books.
    i agree... :)

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