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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Anyone restored a Model T? Just bought a 1926 touring and was thinking of converting it to a flywheel powered vehicle.
  • Get into Ed's Head

    It is almost safe to assume Ed was a Mason. It is no secret that the first three steps or degrees of Masonry are rich with symbolism pertaining to one's journey into the mind. Place of Golgotha. This can lead an individual to enlightenment, or unfold mentioned of self. This is one aspect of Masonry
    It is in my opinion that Ed didn't learn and take everything from Masonry, he contributed to it.
    Latvia is rich with history and culture, especially in poetry
    If you are fortunate to come across the works of Janis Rainis(poet), you will see many parallels as to the way Ed organizes his mind and thought (IMHO)
    Rainis - Wikipedia › wiki › Rainis
    Here are some quotes from his various works....
    "When an object disintegrates through decay for instance, it becomes part of something else, and, thus, it becomes useful again " taken from his poem " Imperishability"

    " We do not have hereditary masters, we elect for ourselves judges in peace, leaders in war, but none is above another. That is out strength " taken from Fire and Night
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