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Let's get in Ed's head



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    flem ... sorry to butt in .... I've checked your posts and their'e look pretty good to me . .... so I don't understand the reason of your hesitation ....whatever....just my opinion
  • The more thoughts and opinions the better on this site. Everyone has a unique way at approaching a situation or decoding Eds works. Perception is important, and adapting that perception tweaks our own if we find value to it
  • sounds great let's move on.

    Has anyone run into a pic of Eds flywheel taken from directly overhead? I've looked but can only find ones that show the inner workings not the whole set up.

    This is what I'm thinking: near the start of this thread, I stated (and still firmly believe) Ed was leaving clues to a "universal truth" not just a way to moves huge rocks or reverse gravity or what have you. Gardener asked if these clues could also apply to the I have thought about that for a while. I no longer live in Florida so I cannot return to CC now btw.

    In the below pic of the moon fountain, I circled the mark on the edge my daughter found.

    It looks possible in the following pic that the object the arrow is pointing at (possibly a ground) is positioned at 79 degrees, the same position as the moon fountain mark

    Does anyone have any idea what this object is? It appears to be metal and attached by large screws possibly. Its length seems to suggest that from one end of it to the other, it may encompass five points of the magnets...the same number of points that the raised, comma-like edge encompasses on the moon fountain and, it is in the same position respectively

    It's also interesting to note here that many theories abound that water may have been placed inside the flywheel and of course, there's water in the moon fountain

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    ...don't know what that piece is , it doesn't seem to be bolted down . Someone could of just placed it there for the pick ....

  • Thanks Charlie. I think you're right because it's not there in the pic of Ed with the flywheel.
  • Since I have never found anything to fit what that "comma" in the fountain could be I speculated that perhaps it's a space to "work" from or something like that. Well, Ed is standing on that side in the pic of him turning the wheel... May still be on track.

  • ....don't mention it Flem , You know those tourist , just as I do ,,,, :)

    ...on the other hand , it is great that your daughter is interested and has good eye for detail, ... I didn't notice that mark until now,

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    "Since I have never found anything to fit what that "comma" in the fountain "

    .... it will fit in somehow ..... Ed did all kind of things , so there is enough for everyone interested

    here is a pic of the " moon dial " on the top of the rock

  • Charlie I don't know how that became known as the moon dial but I climbed up there and confirmed the it is a small sundial. I have pics I'll put back up
  • Easier to make out in person (though still heavily worn), you can see the analemma carved in just like the sundial. Also, when I was there, I checked it against the current time on my phone and on Eds regular sundial and it was spot on.

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    Oh, forgot to say, yeah my daughter is very interested. She found that mark as well as the small, smoothed areas dispersed throughout CC. That's an interesting topic in earthly idea what they are for. We've thought maybe Leyden jar placements.

    Here's an example of one (there are many)in case you don't know what I'm talking about.we found them scattered all over...near the entrance, the well, on one of the moons next to the fountain, near Eds cooker, three bears grotto, and more. I have them marked on a pic on another device if you're interested. My daughter was scolded by the staff when she was climbing on a wall so there may be others. There definitely looks like there's one near "Mars" in the corner but it's not definitive from aerial pics
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    Man , You sure have good pictures !

    I don't know about "Leyden jar placements" , since Ed had way better stuff ,imo.

    The " moon dial" was probably was named by one of the new owners , who had no idea of Ed's intention , just like they've renamed "Rock Gate Park" to "Coral Castle".

    About the " smoothed areas " .... You can tell difference what was done by Ed and what is a sorry arse patch work by the local handyman.

    Ed smoothed his signs and anything that holds water (or fire) with a fine mixture of "white cement" , what was probably his own formula too . It is superb work , smooth as a baby's butt.

    Now look at the "patch work " ( in your pic ) what was done after Ed was gone ,especially the primitive grout job on the living quarter .... a child could of done better than that , with his/her fingers.

    The stones Ed moved from Florida City are different , bluish grainy stones and needs less maintenance , since the vegetation can't penetrate it as good.

    The local stones are full of holes,..... and the roots and the rain can crack off pieces of it .Not talking about the "improvements" to make it a tourist's attraction .

    The speakers , pulling in electricity , all kinds of lights , concrete walks etc.. that is a lots of digging and drilling and damage in general .....well this is what I think.
  • It is a 'moon dial' for telling the time, in the moonlight, like a 'sundial', but not using sunlight, using moonlight. Ed worked at night, he knew the moon better than most people in history, he made a clock for reading the time at night. It works, my friend Dave confirmed it, at night, when the old management was there, who were cool, and didn't mind people measuring things and taking video. He had an arrangement with them, he got to go down the well, and see the moondial work.
    It's called a 'moon dial' because that is it's function.
  • thats interesting since it accurately gave the daylight time as I stood there looking at it and exactly matched the "sundial's" position.

    The odds that there is a device that measures both the moon and sun simultaneously is astronomical...even for Ed
  • I find your lack of faith, in ed, disturbing.
    Hey, I could be wrong, my trusted friend could have just been lying. I suppose a man who was notorious for erecting multi ton monoliths in the night, wouldn't have a need to know what time it is when the sun was down. And I guess It would be easier to make the same sundial twice, rather than challenge himself to make one for the sun, and one for the moon. Not like ed ever really did anything we could consider challenging, let alone odd defying or astronomical.
    I agree.
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