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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Lol, yep I think you got 'em all. No wait, I'm interested to know what extreme heat would do to the rock-Ed's Rock of course but really any. Would there be burn marks, or melting/fusing,...something we would see?
  • If you watch HHO torches on youtube, they leave visible burns and oxidize the hell out of stone, but I think ed would have cleaned it with a manageable acid (ed used 3 types) if that was the case, and why I think he used acid before he used flame, to avoid that burn. In MBSB ed goes on and on about acid. He wants you think about acid, not just on a battery level. When ed is going on and on about the magnets being ripped from the zinc by the acid, he's talking about atomic chemical reactions, although ed talks about the non existing electrons, I tend to believe he was messing with us, as modern chemistry can pretty much explain most reactions with protons and electrons. I don't know how to stand on that yet, I presume ed knew more about the structure and nature of protons and electrons/north and south pole magnets, at least enough to be confident in his statement.
    His brilliance is telling you what you need to know, but still giving the illusion that he had a 4th grade education.
  • @flem 101 is the only significant image which appears. One is a positive image, one is a negative, one is a positive. We are being told to connect the three. That is how you will find the third is smaller. You can not tell by looking at the trio on this website. That is the only way I knew I should try that. How unbelievable can that be? Dont you think there is some significance in two photos that appear ...identical yet are not. That is what 101 is about.
  • bogtrottter!

    Okay, I see now that you are explaining something that I don't understand. Or perhaps I missed a post. Please backtrack a bit because I don't understand "trio" and your use of "positive" and "negative". I guess I don't understand where these images come from. Also, and I suppose answering those will clarify but you say one cannot see this on the website, so this is from the book?
  • I wanted to post this a while ago which I find interesting
    In the "book" Mr Can't is Dead, Ed is quoted to have said " Much of nature is related to six figures, such as the six sided snowflakes and color blends "
  • @flem wow flem nice work
  • @Kubeq_sq I learned some credible things from Carl Munch which he applied successfully to each and every ancient site. That "C" with the line through it may mean 4/12 or 12/4 (.333333333)

  • Consider this .

  • Consider this .
    I don't think so. Well, i agree, that he could partially used conventional methods, but there's something more to it, than just that...
  • I find it odd most of the videos on YouTube regarding Ed deals with strictly anti-gravity, and the flywheel. In the end it's the individual that decides.. "I have an answer, move on " we are conditioned that way from the start
    The interference pattern alone that is in most of Eds photos should be one of the higher Leedskalnin topics discussed on YouTube
  • edited March 2016
    Ed was small but he is winning !
  • Hey @flem
    We are missing you here. Everything is OK by you?
  • Still here Gardener, thanks for asking! Just don't to have anything to contribute at this time. Bruce Lee said about martial arts "if there is a secret, it is missed by looking" and that applies to many things as well as here. So, instead of looking, I've been thinking, and at times, trying to forget...with the idea that when you try to remember something you know, a lot of times it comes back when you stop trying to remember it.

    For some time I viewed some posters ideas as "chasing shadows". To be specific, Dante and his photo analysis and Bogtrotter and his numbers. I thought both to be similar to finding shapes and figures in clouds. In other words, I felt like you could find anything and everything depending on how you looked, your preconceived notions, and basically make what you see fit. I realized I was wrong.

    Bruce Lee also said that "you cannot see a street fight in its totality viewing it from the perspective of a karate man, Kung fu man etc but that you can only see it in its totality when you see it as it is" preconceived notions (I haven't read this quote for decades so it's close but not perfect).

    I really feel there's a sound direction in my ideas but like others, there's something missing and I hope, with this renewed perspective, I can assimilate others ideas and perhaps they will allow mine to move forward.
  • @flem Good to hear that everything is ok by you.
    You are right, i cannot agree more, that it's good to take break and let things settle in your mind. They'll eventually even connect...

    Seeing things in the clouds... There was somebody on youtube with that and he was using photoshop to lighten/darken parts of clouds and claiming there are images in them.
    Well i told him that it's no problem to create an elephant in that way or anything else i wish...
    How/why did you realize, that you were wrong?
  • I think I just realized it's wrong to assume I'm right. Our subject has so many potential directions and all we have to work with are objects as we (hope) are the same as the original. I thought and still do I guess, think that because of this, our findings need to tie in to other things.

    Plus, I've always loved the Aerosmith lyrics "learn from fools and from sages"... I don't mean to say others are fools, I say that because no one's opinion should be disregarded due to preconceived notions
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