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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Bogtrotter,

    The information in that link is incredible! I don't have enough time right now to study it but my first impression was that since homestead is pancake flat, you're not going to find visual areas as shown on the web page but it talked about using a compass and of course there's Ed's well and his dowsing! I can't wait to get off work and dig into this. If you've studied this, does 32 degrees many anything to you?
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    Grreat Idea! When I saw the melting place in CC, which is told to be Ed's cooking place... but it isn't logic, because in the hause Ed had a cooking place.... then There were two cases of Ford Model T differential and it looks like two bells.
    I mean this place:

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    Above is a "Bell Hole" otherwise "Bellow"

    32 is the last degree before 33 in Freemasonary.. I can guarantee you Ed was a Freemason.

    That fountain star is a floating rock.

    You will be seeing some odds and ends; er, I mean unusual accomplishment at the "Five and Dime"
    ( the

    "bellows are quite efficient.
    It creates enough
    air to make a fire that is
    hot enough to melt steel.
    It maintains air in a
    reservoir so that the
    operator must pump the
    handle only once every
    5-10 seconds."

    Strike is flat, dip is tilt.

    If you get some things cold enough or hot enough they become "superconductive"
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  • Bogthrotter, from this compass i understand, that the position to ring the bell twice is when the other, uknown planet is on the other side of the sun....
    but what means 1,2,3 and by the earth 21?
  • Awesome bogtrotter, glad you shared your genius! This is all coming together. Listen, I'm not sure if I posted the pic on this thread or another (I'm on phone and navigating is a pain) but I'm certain we found a dim line on Ed's compass pointing at 32degrees.

    One thing: if he's got that much heat going, I wonder what lines the "bowl" area below his cooker -could it take that heat-cuz I'm thinking the porous coral on top would explode from rain water settling in the coral.
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    He overlaid Ed's compass on top of the old aircraft compass I found. Not sure what/if 1,2,3 would mean but earth 21 is Ed tracking the sun; the solstice. That's the earth in its orbit on top and below.

    Also, I'm not discounting the high heat because Ed certainly could have hidden the true purpose of the cooker but he was said to use it to pressure cook hot dogs for kids and Ed was well known to never let anyone go into his living quarters.
  • Sure seems like he was using bellows to heat something to high heat. Involves a pipe below fire to force air/oxygen to bottom of fire.

    "Wind Pipe"
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    This doesn't say "RING TWICE" it says RI4G Twire. Dont know what the RI part is but in line with a theme of extreme heat, 4G would be pronounced "Forge"

    Twire is "Tuyere" ( homophone) Tuyere is a tube, nozzle or pipe through which air is blown into a furnace or hearth. Air or oxygen is injected into a hearth under pressure from bellows or a blowing engine or other devices.

    Getting hotter
  • Two words: Occams Razor
  • Bogtrotter, you know that pic with blow horn is the three ton gate, right? Pretty sure you do but just in case, the single hole has a piece of glass bottle down inside, my understanding is that it was used for applying lube to the gears below to keep the stone turning. And the other two holes once had a Model T horn mounted there BUT...

    At his cooker, I vaguely (think) I remember LOL, some type of opening in the side which I took as a way to feed the fire (regular fire) and to clean out ash. I didn't take pics because I wasn't really focused on the area but I'm gonna go find it online.

    In the mean time, what if any, would water have to do with this theory? My daughter and I considered very seriously, slipping down into Ed's well, but my better half would have frowned on it. For all we know, there could be a network of tunnels under there. And even if not, he could have tapped into the water at the cooker for quick cooling.
  • Man, I wish I had time to take another trip. This pic was all I could find (not my kid). This appears to be on the eastern side of it, can't find any on the south. The other sides I found and don't appear to have any holes. Sure would like to know what that pipe at the kid's feet is doing- where it's goingimage
  • Flem, at the bottom of the well is a cold storage/root cellar ed used to keep as a fridge. I know, my friend was down there, the old manager let him down there and he saw it firsthand.
    Rumor has it, when the FIB's 'cleansed' the place after ed passed, there were items of interest down there that they 'borrowed' and never returned.
    Bogtrottter, ever consider that ed was using a modified TIG welder, or something similar? Perhaps ed was generating helium hydride under the plasma arc to melt the stone away. Just food for thought.

    Anyway, the kingstone is all about sacred geometry. All credit goes to my friend David for showing me this, but what I remember is that the distance from the top of the kingstone to the top of the crown is '1', 1 is the reference point of the whole geometry. from the top of the kingstone to centerhole is .618 of the distance from the top of the kingstone to the top of the crown. So half of the kingstone, is 'little phi' of '1', the golden ratio. the kingstone itself is then 2 x .618. From the top of the kingstone to the top of the block the crown is on, is .5641 of 1 and .5641 is the squaring the circle constant. The width of the flanking stones is little phi of the width of the kingstone, or 2 x little phi x little phi. The flanking stones are also golden rectangles. There are concentric circles that also go with it, referenced from the center point, but i don't remember anymore than that right now.
    What gives away the geometry is the obvious golden rectangles of the flanking stones, the center point marked, center is also marked on the ADM sign, err I mean cent er. And also the circle that's faintly etched on the kingstone, see it?
    Eh, heres a picture anyway.
  • PKB,
    That's awesome info about the king stone. Glad to learn there's more to it than meets the eye because that faint line on Ed's compass (32 degrees) appears to point at the king stone (according to my configuration of the star in the fountain. Of course it's difficult to be sure without being on site. In all the years I've stared at these stones, I can't believe I never noticed that faint circle. That must be what The Punisher was talking about on another thread. Thanks.
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