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Let's get in Ed's head



  • Also, anybody have any ideas about that comma shaped object on the rim of the fountain? It's driving me CRAZY because except for a horseshoe magnet I've got nothing
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    We discovered a new line on Ed's compass
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    Flem, thank you very much. I will read the list tomorrow. yesterday I have read the teory about the life and energies from one of our topics and i found it out why the anvient civilizations and church were obsessed with other planets in sum system and wathed them very carefully. they draw very coplicated orbits and so one.... i think the the ancient knew, that the planets run on the circle orbits, but it was totally not important, since it gave them no iformation about the influence on the earth... could this line on the eds compass be an orbit on the sky of any planet? maybe saturn? what do you think about that?
  • That's an interesting idea but could it be a straight line? I'm not well versed in astronomy, so I have no idea.
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    here is a straight line....

    and here too...
  • Great, more to think about!
  • Perhaps. I have come to believe that the visual images Ed left in respect to his photos are intended to be just that. Visual information or clues. Not clues that can be seen and taken to some other variable place for least not yet. I think his clues in his images are able to be seen VISUALLY as if you knew nothing else about the man or his property. For instance, I saw an image of ABIEH with sophisticated computations about every aspect. While I must give an A for effort, I must give and "F" for vision. The maker of this is missing the point (copy attached).

    Your attention should first go where Ed intended it to go. Your eyes should first go to him standing holding a book. You might then notice the peculiar way he is holding the book. His hand is in an awkward position indicating an alignment with the base of the book. That must have meaning. It is not random. You do you need a protractor and an algebra book to see this. That along with many other references relating to duplicating his work and mirroring it is a constant denominator in his work. So do it. Make a copy of the image and then flip it to a mirror image where the bottom of the original is now in adjacent contact with the bottom of the duplicate. This is a beginning point of many..,.if not all of his images.

    The second image should illustrate this process which goes all the way back to the Egyptians. It is the mnemonic device derived from "As Above so below" and is the primary key (and it true meaning) to unlocking some of history's most perplexing mysteries. Its just as easy as Ed tells you.

    So now that you have duplicated his image and then mirrored it as shown in the iconic example, take the next logical step and do in photoshop what Ed did with film negatives which is to (select a blending mode which will show detail from the bottom image as well as the overlay) slide it up to where his hand indicates. So why is this process significant and what evidence can I show that this is what is intended? Well, for one I have began with other images of his and the results are beyond coincidence. With the top image mirrored and now moved up to his hand you can see that the word "BOOK" from the mirrored image "above" is aligned perfectly with the same image "below". Take note that this only works for the word "book" even if you were not constrained by the placement Ed indicates with his hand. A third image is shown too illustrate this. It is just the first indicator that you are on the right track!

    Now doesn't the first image and its indications look silly when you should be using your "eye" to "see" (you do notice a large (and high) "C" don't you?

    I am not convinced that what can be taken from the third image contains all intended from that image as there are other movements which rotate in the direction pointed by the smaller leg of the deliberate "Right Angle" area in nearly all of his images and rotating on a point or a circle you will "Be seeing"

    The degree in which an overlay should merge from the bottom up; or in other cases a mirrored right side image slid to a point where ed indicates...Usually by his hands. You can pretty much throw out all other claimed solutions unless they involve some form of this method. You don't need his history, or anything about math, harmonics, physics, etc.Just the eyes of what ant 5 year old child could recognize. Try it. Erase your doubts.
  • @bogtrottter

    Spot on, I played with Eds pictures and still am. I didn't take it as far as you did to make that picture. I believe also that the ancients followed " As above, So below ". I've found several astronomical references with Eds work, but didn't think to use it in his photos

    I believe Ed used several methods, this method is definitely a big piece to his puzzle
    Thanks for pointing it out
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    About 'As above, as below' i will write something interesting.
    1. That is a Davids star, very old symbol, found in church too and pagan cultur
    2. The David star is draw on a hexagon
    3. Every Hirricane or other storm has a hexagonal or pentagonal eye inside
    4. The storm on the pole on Saturn is made by 2 hexagons.
    5. Bees build their honeycombs on hexagons
    6. Hexagons can be found in flower of life
    7. The rutheniumkristal has hexagonal base and he absorbt photons
    8. Snowflake is hexagonal
    and and and....
    If you ask me i would say, that the hexagon is very important and someone wanted it to be cursed when he said, that it is symbol of evil and so one... because they wanted us not to use hexagons.
    We need more research about it, but Ed was obsessed with symmetry, geometry and so one, so i think the geometric forms are very important.
  • @dante You mention Egyptian's and the phrase "As above so below" I think that is some for of shortcut to remind those who have been entrusted with secrets as to how to decode various writings. I am not sure of the sequence because my mind has allowed for the experimentation to possible no correct end...but that's how we learn. I regard it as a combination lock; first here, then there, then here. In this current game I am nearly certain (given eds blatant suggestion to use a mirror image by showing a photo and then the inverted negative of the same) that a mirror image is the first step. There seems to be much with respect to a right angle as to which way to turn an overlay and also use of round objects indicating to align and then rotate.

    To me this sounds more like the way a secret to eventually be known would be disguised. Once decoded it would then apply to all others of the same type. Some people have gone to extreme lengths to show and support prime quadruplets as some method. Mathematical decoding may be a universal language but only to those who speak it. Prime Quadruplets are a good place for a secret to burred for all of eternity. My gut feeling tells me Eds clues will hit you like a ton of brick. No infinite math equations or "Latitude of some ancient ruin on the third full moon multiplied by Pi times the number of magnets in eds flywheel" Probably laughing to how complicated people get.

    On the other hand, his written descriptions are a form of being very literal with you. So when he says "when you see it then look to the east" He is not referring to some other earlier mentioned object...HE IS REFERRING TO THE WORD------ "IT" That and when he is awkwardly telling crazy stories about girlfriends he is allegorically referring to the shape of a symbol or letter in a mathematical equation. If you just write what he says and take his usage of words literally many would have better luck. For example, if he says " then I close my two eyes" he may be speaking a of the symbol for Pi in parenthesis. Its like that. I wish I had more time to devote. I can probably nail the code methods but the time to prove that the sequences are in correct order are out of my time league.

    BTW on Egyptian hieroglyphs...the kind one could place paper over and trace the indentations since they didn't have photoshop...the kind that would get you the exact match underneath and then use as a decoder. That left foot forward one sees so often....It means "this is the first step"
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    At the end of my original post everything pointed towards the moon fountain representing a compass or compass rose to be specific. Here are a few things I'd like to add.

    It has recently come up that the pics associated with ABIEH were most likely taken in Florida City. I have been trying to figure out why the moon fountain in the background of this pic was positioned in a different place and especially, why it had just one moon

    Now that I realize it is not where it's positioned in modern times I can push forward: defining what the comma shaped raised edge mean and two moons. I am getting close.

    Since Ed was certainly concerned with the effects of gravity (whether he used that term or not), I believe the two moons represent two quarter moons or in ocean-speak the position of Neap Tide. The moon at 90 degrees from the sun is referred to as a Neap Tide and it is when the sun and moon share the gravitational pull on earth. During this time, earth's "bulge" is perpendicular to the sun. The opposite, a spring tide, is when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned and the pull on earth is greatestimage

    As for the comma, on some gauges there are limiters to preset a level of toleranceimage

    In addition, I found this pic of a
    "centesimal scale" used on an old aircraft compass in place of a traditional card to compensate for magnetic deviation (not declination) which was important for vessels with steel or oher parts that would throw off a compass.

    I believe the comma sets a tolerance range either working with the moon positions across from it, the setting sun behind, or else to offset magnetic anomolies (which he did speak of in MC)
  • Yes, some of the pictures from ABIEH are from Ed's place in Florida City. Orval Irwin mentions in his book, that he was a printer's devil, and ABIEH was printed before ed's decision to relocate.
    Some are from Rock Gate, as it's evident ed updated a few pics in the later and current versions.
    Otherwise, yes, Orval Irwin basically confirms it.
  • I don't mean to sound pretentious; mostly because I have only read small portions of Eds writings. Everybody here overthinks to the point where if some hiding clues thought the same way,,,NO ONE would ever figure it out. I pop in here every now and then and the clues start getting easier and easier. The stone is oolitic limestone. Some layers in that strata are devoid of calcification and are therfore like a layer of empty or water filled ping pong balls. If you want to quarry oolitic limestone...cut it on that plane. How do you know where the plane is? There is apparent dip and true dip. a/k/a "Strike and Dip" as in "Ring Bell and drop below" That is solved. Don't be complicating matters. He is cutting the rock on its true dip which were laid horizontal. He is either using high water pressure to fracture the rock as they do currently in oil and gas operations... or high heat with large "BELLOWS" . That thing he is standing by that says "AT WORK" is the pump handle. If blacksmiths can melt steel...Ed can certainly melt calcium carbonate CaCo2. I have told how to use Eds photos as mirror images and then manipulate them as overlays to the point of where his hands are..sometimes feet...sometimes that first then rotate until line up round object or in after "ED followed by a period. Maybe with the attached photo some of you might recognize something in that process...but whether my notations are correct...that is what you are suppose to be looking at. In the last week or so I have established excellent support and consistency but everyone here wants to go about making it ridiculously difficult. He was smart enough to make it too easy...dont be stupid enough to make it too hard! Over Out and gone. Geez!
  • Bogtrotter,

    One of my favorite pass times is exploring the ideas of Ed and so, I love reading and contributing to this forum. Since I like it so much and because I think posts like yours detracts from it, I have a few things to say in response to your post.

    You start off by saying "I don't mean to sound pretentious" and then everything thereafter is. I'm truly am glad that you "pop in every now and then" to astonish us all with your genius but I think, in the spirit of discovery, that everyone contributing to these forums should present their ideas as just that; ideas.

    I'm not a moderator here and I am certainly not trying to tell you what to do. I'm just saying that there are lots of posts here (on this thread and others) that hold merit but (and speaking for myself), it would be a lot easier to consider your ideas without the pretentiousness.

    Your idea about Ed's tool in the AT WORK pic is interesting for example, and is a theory I have never heard but since you present it as the end-all answer it's hard to consider. All I want to do is is shoot you down and tell you it's a pry tool to leverage or pop out the blocks and the marks from its use can be seen all over the walls as for example, in this pic:


    What I hope (which is a crazy thing on an online forum I guess), is that contributors here will work as a team, share ideas and insights, and discuss them in a way that brings understanding of the subject without detracting from other's findings and/or thoughts.

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