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the moon and why its special



  • I would hang a ball from the center of the room. Color one half red and the other half blue. Now stand on one side of the room then the other. Should be easy to see that way.
    Airplane nose/tail is a good example as well.

    Sit and wait.....
    What to fill 5 minutes of time with...
    Fade to black by metal lickers works.
    I bet I have listened to that song 5000 times.
    There is six minutes.
  • I was kinda hoping someone would post a picture like this:

    That's the explanation, and I guess we're all on the same page with respect to this, right?
  • @royalblue So how does it differ from the explanations above?
  • @Gardener there is no difference of course, in fact they're the same thing.

    But I have another question now.
    Have you ever observed solar & lunar Analemmas? Take the solar analemma for example. It has that typical 8 shape with one ring slightly smaller than the other and it is such that:
    - if you look at it from Scotland, it's completely vertical over the horizon
    - if from Scotland you move to the North Pole the analemma loses the 8-shape (it loses one ring) and appears as an egg-shaped ring of light.
    - if you move South from Scotland as you approach the equator the analemma will start to gradually rotate until it reaches a position completely parallel with the horizon.
    - if you change hemisphere, always near the equator the horizontal 8 shape will be flipped (the shorter ring which was on the right will be on the left)
    - if you move towards the South Pole the analemma will start rotating again to be perpendicular to the horizon.
    - at the South Pole it has yet another different shape, sort of circular shape.

    Keeping in mind the explanation that you guys gave about the Moon, can you explain how that's possible?
  • @royalblue Yeah.. i'd also like to know how globe science explains it. Especially if we are talking about supposedly two exactly equal hemispheres.

  • I just know at the right times you can get cool pictures.
    My guess is one pole is moving more than the other when the earth wobbles. Kinda like a top the bottom point travels in small circles while the top of the shaft makes bigger circles
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