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the moon and why its special



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    I've spent some time reflecting on Ed's cosmology. Relevant elements that can guide you to an understanding are:
    - The bell and the iron door
    - The chair/throne on top of sundial
    - The Oahspe book of cosmogony
    - Observation of the sky & knowledge of Astronomy
    - Magnetohydrodynamics

    First off, look at the video below. At some point if you look closely you'll see the very tip of the liquid (metal) flowing between the plates with a left-right-left movement.

    Now consider this. If you stand outside on 25th December at sunrise and you take a photo of the sky on top of the horizon looking East, and you do this for an entire year (from, say, 25 Dec 2017 to 25 Dec 2018), you will see the Sun initially rising at a point towards East/SouthEast (in December) on the horizon, and then proceed to rise every morning always a little further towards NorthEast (reaching the furthest North-Eastern point in June) and then move back to East/SouthEast (reaching the furthest E/SE point in December 2018). At the same time, during the year, Ursa Major will complete a full rotation around Polaris, and if you're at Coral Castle you'll see Polaris moving in and out of each quadrant of the Polaris Telescope.
    Note: if you take the same picture of the Sun for a year, not at Sunrise but at, say, 9:30am the result will be an Analemma.

    In other words if observed every day at sunrise for a year, the Sun (that is the head of the Great Serpent in the Oahspe cosmogony) which is running around the ecliptic - or the ring of the Zodiac - can be seen from Earth apparently oscillating between NE and E/SE. Making an analogy with the magnetohydrodynamics example above, it is as if one pole (North) is in the center of the ring where Polaris is, and the other pole (South) is on the outside of the ring.

    Here there's a clear analogy with the bell (at whose very tip inside the cone would be Polaris) and the Iron Door. The swinging movement of the clapper (the Sun) is exactly what's described by the drawing etched on Iron Door, but with a twist: in the drawing it's not the Sun moving but the Earth that's swinging across the Sun describing half of an Analemma until it reaches "21 Earth".
    The same Analemma-like shape can be seen described by the Sun on the Sundial at Coral Castle during the day, every hour. Furthermore, The Moon, also expresses or describes a sort of swinging movement with its Libration, and since Ed mentions in MC that the Moon is magnetically locked it is indeed a key to understanding of the Magnetic Current behaves.

    In conclusion, it seems that for Ed the Cosmos is a closed system (like the Ptolemaic model?) akin to a cone or a bell, a pendulum system, a cosmic capacitor or circuit, or a tuning fork of some sort, in which the Magnetic Current (natural A/C, light, etc.) is started by the vibration induced by a "first rocker", and is propagating in a fractal manner through Analemma-like shapes described by the apparent movements of the Sun & Earth.
    These apparent movements (possibly with the movement of other planets) could describe how Magnetic Current flows in the wire too. Also, since Ed seems to assert that in the wire (or in the PMH) a pole reversal (or rather, a polarity inversion) happens whenever the two swirling streams of individual magnets meet each other, it's easy to assume that in the Solar System this happens every year in June at the point when the Sun inverts its course in the Analemma; that is, when Sun enters the sign of Cancer whose ancient symbol was probably - or rather obviously - chosen to be opposite Crab's claws in order to allude to this inversion.

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    I have a theory and I'm gonna write here a few of my findings:
    • The whole ensemble at Ed's castle is laid out according to the Book of Revelation: there is the Throne of god, and the four artifacts that are located at the corners around the Sundial are the four animals that accompany the vision of St. John, which are also the "fixed signs" of the Zodiac: the moon fountain is Taurus (Revelation's bull), the love table is Leo (Revelation's lion), the grotto is Scorpio, the florida table Aquarius (the Angel) - as I pointed out multiple times on this forum. Fixed signs in Astrology are the ones where the Sun is at its higher or lower peak in a season, and possibly they represent (a few of) the "doors" through which the Sun passes as described by Enoch (see below on a hypothesis of the Flywheel represents). As per the Avesta, there seems to be a link between Taurus and the Moon but I can't understand it yet.

    • In the Bible the Exodus Book alone contains the instructions on how to liberate the magnetic power out of the flywheel (all the magnets squashed together). To read the Bible from the correct perspective it's enough to know that the individual N/S magnets are therein referred to as the "children of israel" or "sons of israel" (I'll prove this in a later post). Electricity is instead defined as "angels", like the angels in Jacob's ladder. All in all it seems that the Revelation is a manual that describes, in code, the inner workings of the universe as conceived by Ptolemy or later variations of that model.

    • If the iron pole next to the flywheel is obviously the earth, then the flywheel is possibly a model of the sphere of the firmament (as often seen in Masonic illustrations).

    • The space between the outer sphere and earth is made of 2 concentric squares offset by 90 degrees which describes (on the outside) an Octagon. Each 90 degree angle hosts a pair of magnets squashed together (which are possibly the "doors" through which the Sun moves which Enoch talks about). Earth seems to be located at the base of a cone-shaped or bell-shaped magnetic field created by these magnets.

    • The upper rim of the flywheel, that is the clover-like shaped rim, represents the path followed by the Sun during the year (in and out of the doors). Curiously Mars' orbit from a geocentric perspective has the same shape (in the Royal Arch iconography Mars is located at the top of the "Royal Arch of Heaven" exactly where the Sun is). Coincidentally, a clover-shape inscribed in an Octagon is also the shape of all the ancient baptismal fonts, and coincidentally there seems to be a link in ancient history between temples dedicated to Mars and baptismal fonts.

    • Obviously, the flywheel is meant to be filled with water. Perhaps to be charged. The water is also meant to be released from it at some point.

    • Ed used bottles to grow flowers hydroponically: he filled the bottles with water and tried to run different "types" of magnetic current into the coils around the bottles, to see whether the flowers would bloom (dat rosa mel apibus & all that jazz - all alchemy boils down to the use of magnetic resonance as Fulcanelli says). Ed mentions the lilies and water in one of his books, saying that it's water that conveys the energy. So, from what I understand, during Spring it happens that the energy of the Sun is "modulated" in such a way that it softens the effect of gravity in vegetable and animal life. However, the fact that vegetable and animal life are susceptible to this energy is only determined by the geometry of the (organs of the) receiving organism and the presence of water: in animals it's the triangle constituted by the adrenal glands (as suggested by Botticelli's painting) and the thyroid which is the receiving end of this energy (and accelerates the metabolism in Spring), etc.

    All the above has come from alchemy books, astrology books, ancient medical books & modern medical papers, religious books, meditation, prayer, dreams (few) and otherwise lots & lots of caffeine and research.

    Any thoughts?

  • Do you really want my thoughts on subjects you covered in the last post?

    The plants growing in bottles with coils does have strange effects on how it affects the growth... Pay close attention to two equal plants, one the coil spirals clockwise down, and the other counterclockwise. Ground both bottoms of coils in soil. Now connect the other end of the wire to the light bulb(s). Now your light provides light and magnetism. Notice which one grows faster. A diode from a microwave can handle the current of a light bulb. Speaking of squashing poles. The coil spins the growth of the plant. Instead of pairs of sprouts you get a single growth every 120 degrees. Years ago I showed someone how the coil on the wine glass would spin the surface tension of the water in the glass. No arc from the high voltage source to the water. Just one wire connected to the base of the glass and the other high voltage connection floated a few inches above the water in the glass. The spin is always in the direction of the coil.
    Look at the spring on the battery compartment of a remote control. It's round yet from the right perspective it looks like a triangle if solid. I used to bounce the wire when I used a piece of soft copper wire in the gap with that shape of battery springs. One set of direction's and they push away from each other and coil them another way they pull towards each other. I found you want them pushing away from each other useful. The wire gets hot then goes limp. Looses it's spring.
  • Both EDM and EDL refer to their books as " this little book " which you can find in revelations, sweet to taste, bitter for digestion
    I can see hints of biblical references to Revelations

    Taurus and the moon, sacred relationship regarding amritam/amrita, ambrosia (greek)
    The food for the gods, which provides immortality
    The moon captures the soma juice of Aries, and when in Taurus, it is preserved/not required. I assume since there are sweet influences in Pleiades.
  • I thought the scroll sweet as honey but makes your stomach bitter was Ezekiel?
  • Both, I forgot to mention Ezekiel
    From what I remember the older versions refer it as a scroll. I will have to look at the Hebrew/ Syriac versions and their roots.
  • Why I don't like bibles but have a bunch cause one says one thing while another says something else. "Marshmallows" is in job 6:6 in one. Rest say egg whites or something close. "Plumblines" is used in Amos 7:7-8. Some books use other words like "plummets". When you set the grade on concrete forms you use four plumblines. I was into word frequency for a while. Some books man is used 2330 time and woman 0332 times. First paired together on Genesis 2:22. If you ever ask who created god, just open man's book and start reading " in the beginning, god created". This is when god was created. Man didn't know about this, and man didn't know about that. So man created something to explain why things are the way they are. How I miss my friends skills with the lexicon. I had no idea a diadems and diamonds were different words. That's. How my dyslexia works. Diamonds is in four verse's. Exodus 18,28, Jeremiah 17, and Ezekiel in the garden of eden. Exodus say's the second row, Jeremiah talks about a phonograph, not sure the point in Ezekiel, other than found in the garden.
    The meaning I get from the message of the scroll being conSUMed, is the message at first sounds like a good thing, then later you see that it wasn't a good message. Some things I'm not sure if it is literal or figuratively speaking.
    Revelations 13:18 the number being a mans name, didn't make sense. Then I realized men are named (first,middle,last). Like "A"," B","C" except replace with one thru nine. And three columns of six appear when you add first+middle+last=sum. 1+2+3,4+5+6,7+8+9. 6,15(1+5),24(2+4). First kings and second chronicles chapter 10&9. You soon see the steps unlike any mans kingdom. You can't walk on these steps. When you calculate 0+0+0 to 9+9+9, omitting paired numbers and zeros you will see the six steps and the throne. 12 on each side. 1,2 and 10,9 and 13,14. I think the 666 is verse 13,14 or 14,13. Now I have to look in that book. It's OK cause the only book marks are those two in it. Trying to read both chapters at the same time to see the difference in the two as there isn't much almost word for word the same text. How I know a code is embedded there. Always thought sin tax was syntax misspelled. Shields made of gold to block the radiance made sense....14,13 I looked. +1,-1,-1...once again seeing a one to two ratio. Book number,chapter number, verse number. Makes me wonder if it is a pole and a scroll encryption. When you wrap the scroll around to different objects. Like the earth and moon, the diameter of the two is different. Shifting the lines slightly so verse 1 ends at the beginning of book 3 verse 7. Can't remember the name of that type of encryption. I just call it "a pole and a scroll" for lack of knowledge of what it is called. The numbers on the verse lines is to make the scrolls unneeded. Just need to know the skip count. Like every 39th verse. Becomes a problem when verses got omitted. Or verse was added. +1,-1.
    That last part make any sense?
  • @g11 I didn't understand what you mean with: Instead of pairs of sprouts you get a single growth every 120 degrees. Can you elaborate?

    @dante I have the background to easily understand what you mean with those quotes/allegories, but that's not what I'm looking for.

    Just for the record: there are flowers which open only in Spring but I guess that Ed didn't have sufficient knowledge of alchemy to make use of what he had understood, or perhaps he didn't have time.

    Anyway, is there a reason why you keep looking for numeric codes? Consti/LostSoul seemed to be pretty obsessed with that so I wonder: is there anything that suggests the presence of numeric codes & ciphers in Ed's work? Mind you, I didn't (and I don't intend to) read the Marlinski book(s).

    Also, has anyone tried to contact Ed's spirit through occult practices?
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    What specifically are you looking for relating to the moon/taurus? I need your perspective on it
    The codes I talked about were validating other people's efforts. When seeking truth it is often a solo path, obtaining new perspective helps advance ideas. It is required for people to work together or form a small network that can use knowledge for positive advancement. Otherwise we struggle with our efforts, and often with age people "give up " or have too many externals to worry about.

    Marlinski only lightly touches topics and shows a possible path to take.

    I know with Hebrew, Magnetic Current starts with n, then he(letter), nun(letter). This shows the shape of n could be interpreted as he or sound starting nun. This can be interpreted as a code

    Do you believe you can contact Eds spirit in the present or commune with his spirit over time while he was on earth?
  • @dante

    About networking for advancement: with all due respect, it's funny to hear this from you. If you're bound by oaths, how are you ever going to be free to progress? Clearly, the oath is gonna make you jealous of your knowledge. Plus, sharing knowledge outside the club is dangerous for you (...and sharing knowledge inside the club is equally dangerous, or more even, lol).

    About the Moon & Taurus: I dislike speaking in code but it's objectively difficult talk about alchemy. We're not just talking about understanding gravity or magnetism here. We're talking about stuff that mankind was never supposed to know since the time of the 'garden' of Eden. Talk about danger.

    About the Biblical reference in Ed's work: I was hoping that after pointing out about the vision of St. John's (and the Zodiac, etc.) any of you 'brothers' would come forward to develop the discussion and take it to another level. I don't believe I'm the first one to have figured that out. And yet, it seems that rather than taking seriously on the Bible, you guys prefer the gematria pastime. How's that?

    About the cipher craze: I don't understand if these are just decoys or serious attempts to extract knowledge? The ancients have always and only used symbols & allegories to encode information, since the beginning of time (like you mentioned, the greek myth etc.). The search for numbers is not leading anywhere - even if it yields anything it will be impossible to evaluate it. That's how J. Stride got sidetracked, imho.

    About calling up Ed's spirit: why not?

  • @royalblue

    I think you misunderstand
    didn't take any oaths, not to what you're alluding to. I respect Ed, and I've taken an oath to him to understand what he is saying. Like you said, this knowledge could be dangerous, an oath to discretion.

    I study/read about everything, including Gematria. I'm not an expert, but continue to learn and keep an open mind. Some people pursue numbers because they can provide indisputable evidence. Dealing in ancient times they had sacred measures also, which included unique numbers. ALHIM ( English pronounces a spelled version of elohim) when placed in a 5x5 square, and numerically spelled out reveals the numbers for pi. The directional movement is right and down. East and South
    When it comes to biblical numbers, they should have a relationship to sacred number, and produce a pattern.

    Yes symbols and allegory. I will try and find a link to a book I found interesting. One must study the movements of heaven, and then apply geometry to understand its connections. The Iliad is an allegory and from what I remember is a story regarding the movements of the stars.

    Do you pursue Eds spirit in present or commune with it over the distance of time?

    Remember that image you posted from a Maya text? It looked similar to wires, a flywheel, with two individuals positioned on either side and with a head positioned underneath. Which text was it from?

  • @dante
    I thought you were a freemason? Speaking of that, it seems that there are many lurkers in this forum? Where's everyone??

    About finding what we don't know: I believe one should make an epistemological reflection first. For example take @Jeovajah 's work. As much as I like to read it, I also wonder: what's the point to bother with tensor algebra or the physics of superconductive metals when ED was barely literate in physics as we intend it today? (correct me if I'm wrong)
    Quite similarly I ask you what's the point of dealing with Gematria or Hebrew? Did ED write anything in Hebrew or use Gematria? You found Pi, okay. So?
    Without getting into Kabbalah here, Gematria will obviously only reveal something that you already know (kinda like the I-Ching) and if you ever come across something new you won't even be able to recognize it. Why? Because you don't know what you're looking for.
    Imho that's what happened to J. Stride who got lost between prime numbers and speculations over Egyptian pyramids and Christian Orthodox artifacts. Whatever...

    About contacting Ed: I've never contacted him but I've received insights directly from the great spirit after altered states of consciousness. I was asking if anyone tried (through more conventional occult practices).

    About the flywheel : The image was from here. It doesn't resemble a flywheel, it _IS_ a flywheel. This wheel existed since the beginning of time in many cultures: China, Persia, Latin america, Europe, etc. The crypto-gay magicians in the Vatican still celebrate it by having their own court called "Sacra Rota" (the sacred wheel), while in Alchemy it's just referred to as the "Rota" and celebrated in many arcane texts. Actually there's a minor alchemical text that very explicitly says that alchemy is all about two things: 1) opening flowers, 2) turning stones into magnets. Can it get any clearer than this??

    The point about the flywheel is to understand where it came from, what it represents, and how it works. And the only way to do that is to build one and experiment (with it and flowers, snails, crystals, water, etc.) while reading the fucking Bible and correctly interpreting the masonic myth.

    I've told you briefly the conclusions I've come to.

  • Watch a plant sprout from the ground. Notice a pair of leaf's first emerge. We used cloned plants so all the branches started paired. Like one north one south, then one east one west, repeating as it grows. The 90° offset.when I asked other growers if they had seen a single sprout every 120°. I was told spinning overhead lights have caused this same effect on plants. I was doing it with coils around the base of the plant, the light was stationary. I had seen the coil twisting the surface tension of water so I wondered if any of you have tried similar experiment's. I know the light uses 120 volts AC current, L.E.D. lights flash at 50 to 60 hertz. So if you connect the coil inline with the lights that plant is pushed to twist.
  • @g11 I'm only proceeding like ED did. Or rather, according to what I believe he did, with magnetism only (and water). No light bulbs involved.
    Light fools everyone.
  • @royalblue I like many of your ideas in the posts above, but didn’t want to comment here for a longer time, because since like 3 years ago, my world views and the whole cosmology changed completely and i didn’t wanna make too much noise with my bullshit.
    However i see many intersection between what you wrote and what i think.

    I especially like the “Light fools everyone” part :)
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