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the moon and why its special

The earth and the moons magnetic relationship
the earth has magnetic tracks/currents traveling north to south south to north horizontally across the earth
but when the moon/nin-khursag lady of earth lady of life nin-mah/nin-ki the battery in the sky is reborn a virgin after being shielded by the earth from the suns magnetic particles and starts to be impregnated and smiles the magnetic tracks/currents that were running horizontally also start to run vertically...
as she changes her appearance so do the magnetic tracks/currents..
if only one could make a magnetic hook to hook onto the natural flow of these tracks they would be leapin and a hopin from a moonshadow on a peace train or harry potters train as it condenses anecdotes and kicks into overdrive

earth is acting the same as the mamma experimental station and shielding/protecting virgin female magnetic particles from the suns male magnetic particles
also if the magnetic particle is smaller than the light particle and the magnetic particles wrap themselves around the light particle "Alice through the looking glass" one would have to believe that if a telescope is capturing the light from a far away distance they are also capturing the magnetic particles that have wrapped themselves around the light
a magnifying glass ,masonry jar , honey and 2 different types of crosses the male cross and the female cross with loop up top
the magnetar pit trap trap



  • Annunaki family tree but the Sumerians originally practiced a polytheistic religion, with anthropomorphic deities representing cosmic and terrestrial forces in their world.

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    cat stevens on his 50th anniversary tour 50000 static cats in the attic
    cat condenses his anecdotes and kicks into overdrive

  • @antigravity

    Big Fan?
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    All girls below sixteen should be brand new. If a girl below sixteen cannot be called brand new any more, it is not the girl's fault; the mamma "earth" is to blame! It is the mamma's"earth" duty to supervise the girl"moon" to keep those fresh boys"sun" away.
    In case the girl's mamma "earth" thinks that there is a boy somewhere who needs experience, then she, herself, could pose as an experimental station for that fresh boy to practice on and so save the girl. Nothing can hurt her any more. She has already gone through all the experience that can be gone through and so in her case, it would be all right.
  • Sweet 16 after the new moon by day 16 or17 she is as good as she will ever be
    We are either MALE/female or FEMALE/male
    no one is superman or superwoman
    100% MALE or 100% FEMALE are they NOT the Annunaki micheal tellinger and Zachariah sitchen speak of...
    36 Nin- Khursag lady of earth lady of life
    i can see super100%man and super100%woman
    i can can also see a YOUNG LADY with a SMILE then she gets OLD and MENOPAUSAL and becomes SAD tic toc ding dong ping pong .
    sad lisa

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    i should go down in Hi story written by kings inside the KINGS MATRIX
    Rocking and a Rolling ate past eat present tea future
    the sun goes up (sum mer) and down(win ter) up and down
    the ear th spins around and around
    The ROCKING chair sits upon that
    turn on summer from a slot machine

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    You are what you 😁eat😬 or ATEN thats why you should eat your minerals vegetables and meat and stay away from temptation so sweet O SWEET BEE you make HONEY for me SUGAR MAMMA you shall BEE....ate past, eat present, tea future
    The w ate r in plants catches the running sunlight that is coming from the sun and the North and South pole magnets wrap themselves around the caught particles of sunlight and as soon as the particles of sunlight which are wrapped around by the North and South pole magnets are coming in the suitable part of the plant then they join the plant and become a part of it.(Ed leedskalnin) Rock Gate
    then you eat it and your stomach acid takes the vegetation matter in parts and the process repeats itself you recharge and grow..
    same thing happens when i smoke the green GENE out of a bottle that looks like a bong a vacuum .. i use fire to take the vegetation matter in parts and my lungs trap and absorb them and get charged
    con struct ion and de struct ion
    all words are magnetic, what are you doing when you're thinking???
    most people are suppressed and keep their thoughts to themselves others seeking the truth stand outside on top of the fort py ra mid and THINK OUT LOUD like the bright star i am
    are the GOLD tips not missing off the great py ra mids
    Gold is the earths sweet honey and can make you money
    Its the Con duc tor
    whats the train conductor do on the cosmic t rain ride?
    whats the music conductor do in the theater?
    hey diddle diddles
    the cat and fiddle R the cow jumped over the moon leaping and a hoping an a moonshadow
    listen to the wind to the wind of your soul............⭐ a candy brain

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    Mill ions and Bill ions worship it and dont even know it
    Red Baby Girl Woman Queen Eve MERRY mas CHRIST Adom King man boy baby Blue
    The bright star i am I shall never go down in hi story written by kings in the
    kings matrix of TIME..... A MIRROR IMAGE Restraint tic toc ding dong tell me im wrong

  • The bright star i am I shall never go down in hi story written by kings in the
    kings matrix

    I am a Genius that knows the book of Geni uses
    ego isnt a dirty word
    you may think im crazy but im the STAR your inside the
    kings ma trix.
    i will not be suppressed i will "THINK OUT LOUD"
    the kings scribe will never describe me the scribe is the
    Secret ary that takes dictation
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    Bub ble bub ble bubble
    😶😐😊😃😮😶 con tract ion
    Their lies are in some trouble out comes another
    😶bub ble😶
    pup ple
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    Showing my teeth they make me angry GR i got to eat

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    Gr come here and im going to eat you

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    should i share "whats in the box" theres a jack in the box

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    The Kings Ma trix... anyone going up, next level 33

  • EDS Solo mon temple is A MATRIX A set of laws...if your laws are wrong you will never re pro duce what ED did electricity is a smid gen of Eds bo oks it will be good for your electricity as well im looking down the well its a 2=1second ary thought
    You will EAT YOUR WORDS ONE DAY every word is magnetic
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