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the moon and why its special



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  • Really. Why does a ball roll on water? Where's the magnets? Spin the rock north to south or south to north, and the unbalanced ball will tilt as the sun and moon passes over head, why?
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  • As described on Eds door(front as one used to enter Eds Rock Gate Park , now removed)
    Also on the side next to the Kings stone
    Take in small bites
    Logic to g11 experiments
    I think vinny, in his recent video..understands it now
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  • Maybe lay off the crack @antigravity ? Not even going to tell why the rock ball spins on a column of water? Try a floating magnetic compass near the spinning wheel. Why does it act that way? Or did you not try that experiment? Ever see what happens when you turn that big wheel at 9 to 1 of a electric drill? For every turn of the drill the wheel turns nine times. If Ed had magnets from seven cars, where are the other parts? What's happens if you connect the input of one transmission to the output of a second transmission, now turn the output end how much torque can be applied at the input of two transmission's. Add a long lever on the output end, I bet you could drag tonnage across the ground, granted your transmission's are well anchored. For some reason I see Ed working like a Swiss watch
    As the WiFi @dante I found some of these experiments to cause harmful interference. Like try transmitting a megawatt signal from a 6 inch base AN10NA, now try transmitting that megawatt signal from a 60 foot antenna. Radio's don't broadcast at a megawatt of power. Above Ed's flywheel looks like a very crude topload for a Tesla coil. I know my wine glass spark gap was only making a small spark at the top because I had a very small topload. Well the core was full of black iron oxide and both ends sealed with fiberglass resin. At 210 feet below the surface or 70 meters, women stop ovulating. Most women fall under one of the four phases of the moon. Knowing which phase your wife starts to ovulate can be useful if you want or do not want children. Does the moon reflect the signal from the sun, causing some type of interference? I know chemicals can mess with the natural balance of things. When I was younger my first job was walking the corn. At first I didn't understand why we didn't touch rows 1-8, then we walked rows 9-24, rows 25-32 we left alone, we walked 33-48. You should see the 8,16,8,16 all the way across the field. 8's were type "A" corn, 16's were type "B". We would remove the pollinator's of the 16's while not disturbing the 8's. Later they had these lawnmowers on stilts each had small blades to hit every pollinator on rows 1-8 each pass. Which pollinates 1-16. When they harvest, three combines will pick 8 rows each, two dump in one truck and the other dumps in a different truck.couldn't tell you the different chemicals they sprayed the seed/plant with. When it was going to rain I remember how the corn would feel like walking through razor wire. Every blade would become stiff. Really not sure how the corn knew the rain was coming. I just knew every time those blades started cutting it was going to rain soon.

    I'll never forget how that switch would act strange when people came around. Let me know the FCC was trying to triangulate my location. Spooked me pretty good having three men walk out of the woods headed right for me till I rushed back inside unplugged things and went back out and watched where the wondered off to. Later I walked around my neighborhood with a AM radio and realized how large a area my signal was traveling. I know those digital power meters tend to glitch out around my wheel for some reason. I don't leave it running for long periods anymore. Told my neighbor's if they notice their electronics's acting strange, just let me know. My one neighbor says it sounds like I am running a water pump. And I think about the oil my father had and the land my mother got in the divorce. Then I think how I could have had both and just built a solar farm and asked the power company if they wanted to drop a line and tap my farm. Back in the late 70's they wanted $800 to drop a line across the road. That one armed bandit just sat there and never moved but was connected to the power line. My father said he had it sucked dry and used the money to pay every dime of child support till age 18. Like that jerry reed song, except he got the oil and she got the land. Land rights and mineral rights are two different things. I turned down the land because I had not the means to pay the tax on the land. Funny Texas and taxes are anagrams. Nobody told me the tax was dirt cheap. My father offered me the house the 5 cars and whatever money was left. As long as I didn't throw my step mother out in the street. I told people the first thing I would have done is accidentally burn the house down. Accidentally turn on the heat tape and start a roof fire. Funny how flat roofs can't handle the weight of snow on them. Hot summer day, all that tar gets hot and flame on. Not sure why he converted that funeral home into a house. People always ask, "was there ghost's in the place?". I would just say " it was a funeral home, what do you think?" If I didn't like you I would invite you over for a bar-b-que. Place had a big brick bar-b-que in the back. You could smell the dead in the house, that odor lingers for some reason. Like when women menstrate, that kind of odor. There is "common sense" like smell. And "common cents" like like stations $0.009 common to see nine tenths of a cent. Buy ten gallons said the man from Texas and save on taxes. It is seriously funny to watch a salesperson get out a calculator to calculate the cost of ten gallons at the price in big numbers. Move the decimal point one to the right. People buy $10 all the time. Most cars won't even hold ten gallons. And for years in America you had the choice of 76 or 66 when it came to fill ups. Most couldn't tell the difference in density. The thief in the night. As the bible puts it. A drop in 10 degree's is how much density change in gasoline? Ever see oil boil? Ever see corn flour explode? Try heating the fuel line with the coolant system and see if your miles per gallon doesn't increase. They(government) doesn't want you turning corn sugar into alcohol. First they limit the amount, then they tax the crap out of it. Grew up around bootleggers. So I knew all about changing the metering jets on the carbs. Most can't believe how much faster that engine runs with alcohol. Mixed with gasoline it makes a mess. That's OK they tax the repairs on that car. Tax the parts. And that is a threat to national security. Funny if you vaporize water going into the intake, it expands when the alcohol burns, and cools the motor. Heat the alcohol with the exhaust pipe. Watch the flames get bigger. Remember the old diesel Pyle driver's? Flammable verse's combustible. Gasoline is flammable, diesel is combustible. Diesel uses a glow plug, gasoline uses a spark plug.
    Pop pop motors use heated water. Thinking of your geyser remark. Haven't investigated them much yet. Keep thinking how Mr. Coffee worked. Or how coybows around a fire got the coffee made.funnel the heat to the center pipe.
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    i come to another conclusion... i would have to say ED is a low life pedo, more than likely like you lot....
    did you get ya little baby PEDO........
    only greedy people wanting to make a dollar keep shit to themselve... like you putrid lot.....gutter scum
  • Simmer down @antigravity I was just starting to figure out some of what you've ben syaing. Ed wasn't a pedo, but he may have understood how you might've gotten that impression when he clarifies what he meant by his sweet sixteen: Now, I am going to tell you what I mean when I say "Ed's Sweet Sixteen". I don't mean a sixteen year old girl, I mean a brand new one. If it had meant a sixteen year old girl, it would have meant at the same time, that I made money for the sweet sixteen while she was making love with a fresh boy.

    Women threw themselves at his feet yet he was not tempted. He said, I want one hundred per cent good or none. That is why I was so successful in resisting the natural urge for love making.
  • And so @antigravity got banned... are these people on some drugs or such?? Unbelievable shit man!
  • He said somewhere he was smoking something. I was guessing crack cocaine. People put crack on marijuana. Makes it more addictive. Then they don't eat and get cranky.
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    Some of the last communication exchange with this dude:

    *deleted profanity for violation of the spirit of this community.
  • Can't undstand normal thinking. What I think every time I see that word.
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    Leedskalnin knew about pole shifts and talked about it more in terms of when as opposed to if.

    Here is a page highlighting his take on the matter:

    Prior to 2012 I included this little speculative blurb (The page was then titled Leedskalnin 2012):

    Leedskalnin does not mention the Maya nor 2012 specifically, but he is adamant there will be a pole reversal and that the moon will come down during this process. Leedskalnin's magnetic universe is cyclical, and despite all the varying speculative fervor about the infamous date, the notion of a pole reversal during this time remains considerable. If pole reversals are cyclical then they are predictable, especially by a mathematically and astronomically savvy group of humans like the Maya -- failing to mention any potential galactic evidence. One might then speculate that the moon has been down many times before. Leedskalnin sums this all up, along with some insights into anti-gravity or how to diminish the effects of gravity, in one paragraph on the last page of Magnetic Current.
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