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the moon and why its special



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    ED literally tells you whats in the box of that tri pod
    Pod definition
    a detachable or self-contained unit on an aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or vessel, having a particular function.
    a small herd or school of marine animals, especially whales.
    "a pod of 500 dolphins frolicking in the bay"

    herd and heard
    a whaler they live in a pool of magnets they're the most intell i gent animal on the planet

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    THE ANNU NAZI the Nu me ral A ma trix is A py ra mid 01 23456789
    the cal endar cal cu la tor gets changed tw ice by ceasar then gregori
    the Sumer ians calendar where ma th comes from..A circle is 360° not 365 thats trickery. 1ltr of water = 1kg not 1.5kgs...Its not ROCK et science its basic math not trickery drip drip drip all the other primary shapes come from inside that CIRCLE 360° and the "distributor points around it" ... you need to realize words some times have 2 meanings "Definitions"
    360°/24= 15° the Ear th rotates 15°every hour 2turns of the 12hr clock

    360°/12=30 12 month of 30 equal days every degree equals 1 day

    Aweek is
    360°/52=6.92307692308 x 4= 27.6923076923.......4.28571428571 x 7=30
    365/52=7.01923076923 x 4= 28.0769230769

    3600/12=300 "The 300"

    36 MOON NIN- khursag
    360 EAR TH enki
    3600 the sun enlil the des troy er
    36000 galaxy nummu
    360000 Universe "ANNU" NAZI god of all gods circles of all circles THE CUP the ACE that holds all the cards and a deck of cards doesnt have a 1????????
    if you want to shoot array somewhere you need to know when it all aligns

    ....................SUN the rotation comes from the EAST
    ................... E eys
    ear iN=====A===== Si ear the A or 0 is the Arc point the eveOadam make an atom
    ....................W mouth
    If i stand directly on the nO point Os i will not be moving?????i wonder why the nazi
    took control of the poles???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    the new born eds waiting for is the MOON
    36 MOON NIN- khursag if you look at the moon what do you see?
    I see a SUPERMAN AND A SUPERWOMAN 100% male and 100% female
    I also see a young lady with a smile that gets old and menopausal becomes sad then dies and then is reborn A VIRGIN BABY from the day the new moon arrives by day 16 or 17 she is as good as she will ever be.. STEP OUTSIDE THE KINGS MATRIX

    the EYE OF HORUS comes from A circle with other circle inside overlapping a center circle all other primary shapes come from that.. i loved graphics in school what could the 9 be or the 33? 9 on the table of periodic's is fluorine..

    The age of Aquarius the age intell igence we are all curious Note the NAZI on horses

    he is balanced then the wheel rolls and his legs go out and his arms go up THE STAR JUMP
    i think we are now in the age of retardness either that or im just a Genius that knows the book Geni Uses
    intell i gence """"In ear and a mouth OUT"""

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    I will pic this picture apart i think i can read this picture to an extent
    the EYE of HORUS comes from maths and graphics its anu the UNIVERSE circles of all circles with 12 or 24 distributor points and another circle center, then circles that overlay the center circle from each distributor point anything thats a circle with 12 or 24 points is time.
    to start with i believe they're rotating around on the SKULLS HEAD death and
    see sawing up and down and going ouch ouch ding dong...Its also rotating from the lower hand points Nth and Sth from the EAST the top of the mountain.... the 3 circle and the weird thing that looks like its blowing i would say rotates also
    The lines are male, female, male, female similar to eds wheel SOLO MONS Temple
    all those contact points everything but the center circles are invisible you dont see them Hence why they're The Good s
    Indians or ab originals the Australian people dancing around A FIRE A CORE A ARC
    The Ultimate line there I would say is ANU/Universe the 2 indiansGalaxy which holds the sun earth the moon it looks like MAYAN CALENDAR MAYAN CAL CU LATOR everything on the picture has to be counted the colors looked at they're opposites the one on the south has the freemason symbol of the compass and 5 medals/metals its male hes a warrior
    It looks like an A bong with the Gene coming out of it
    ROC KING and a ROL LING tells me the rocking comes from the Roc king and Rol ling comes from the Queen?
    i liked graphics and math to an extent the skull and line is a speaker

    SP ACE BALL anyone, the sol ar System the chinese fan, A home run its the shape of many things Thou sands
    In the In field 4 fielders... inside the asteroid belt is 4 planets 4 outside but from what i can tell,the game has 3 out fielders in the out field im an Aussie so i dont know baseball
    if you want to shoot array somewhere you need to know when it all aligns
    also dont stop in the middle? of a straight edge before i bend it... riddle riddle?

    dont forget the other main tools in GRAPHICS the T square and the PLANE

  • i found this picture interesting

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    Apex definition
    a system of reduced fares for scheduled airline flights and railway journeys which must be booked and paid for before a certain period in advance of departure.

    he highest point in a plane or solid figure, relative to a base line or plane.
    the growing point of a shoot.

    the highest point of achievement; a climax.

    turn (a corner) very close to the edge of the track.
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    common senses
    Given a certain definition of sense, there are nine human senses: vision (sight), audition (hearing), gustation (taste), olfaction (smell), tactition (touch), thermoception (heat, cold), nociception (pain), equilibrioception (balance, gravity), proprioception (body awareness).

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    EVEN ING ALL EVEN STEVENS its really MOURNING here but anyway understand how BIG THIS IS..LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE elec tri city
    A smid gen of what ed leedskalnin did if thats even a NAME Cat named Frankenstein
    perpetual motion holder ITS ALIVE its art ificial intell igence turn my pc on its alive turn it off its dead
    01 turn it off and on turn it on and off 10
    A sound base is exactly that a sound bass harmony harmonic dancing on a speaker
    waht does sound do it can be pleasing or it can hurt
    they like to twist to con fuse
    man woman woman and man male and female female and male??whos who who whos
    who are you who am i what am i what are you?m ark
    Fe man IRON MAN the man of steel
    Listen to w hole thing and watch read it. let it click into place every word i speak is magnetic
    my work lead me to Cat ste V ens a few years ago
    MajiKat tour 1976 set the stage i love banapple gas?

    I can READ PICTURES to take a picture a can a pin hole a flap and film is needed
    see the stadium what is it?

    my drawing is in the picture above and doesnt belong there? the pictures but 1 were for me that stage is set like that for me to read..

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    Cri Key Fair Dink um the sweet spot where is the SWEET SPOT
    tell pointers
    tele port at ion creates a copy of the original just like motion film
    are certain buildings even there are they just a copy of the original?
    im off to watch telly and my thongs dont stink my thoughts will not stop running
    when people tell me Bull shit it goes in one ear and out the other
    i cant look at a push bike without seeing a magnetical device
    even a chicken coop looks magnetic
    cant look at a stadium without seeing it lets kick a ball through a massive tuning forks at either end with lines that go across the field and its called Grid Iron and not hear and see it????????????
    looks like a big ear tuning into something????
    can you not see that???????????????
    i cant look at names with out seeing it
    Cat ste v ens Ed leed skal nin i do believe that a skal in the pict ure above..
    NIN the moon, lady of earth, lady of life NIN khursag leed a lead ed
    edl if i watch ATEo2 i see what edl is
    i also see cat fur and a rubber rod makes the rubber rod magnetic
    silk and glass makes the glass rod magnetic
    just the very start of back to the future is en lightening
    1 thing ill point out is a robotic arm grabs a can of shit and pours it onto Einstein..
    funny shit
    Hows this for a tri ping thought
    88mph delorean stage/sta dium picture above
    8 =3!3 flip join =8 a flip33!33 & fold from the exclamation point !
    A mirror

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    ding dong the mouse house is gone

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    BEAT gravity the SKAL is the center point of the
    Deck of cards doesnt have 1

    ................................... IGNITION
    .................................. ARC POINT
    ...................................BLAST OFF
    ..................................... ^
    On 10X, >>!>>! >>!>> ,1 O 1,<<!<<!<<!<< ,X1O

    C O PY
    On 10X, >>!>>! >>!>> ,1 O 1,<<!<<!<<!<< ,X1O

    A CIRCLE 360° has 3 points Av----o----^B Bend it into A CIRCLE
    Makes a A CROWN A DIAMOND RING thats what it sounds like ringing in your head
    the Alpha bet makes the ultimate shape ae iou con nects all words therefore that's an arc point po >0< int
    when the rings are broke a hearts broken

    The Annu Nazi's let us have these ( i n/u ve>0< nt i ons)...
    but they have a 2nd use
    they have us slaving to collect and assemble many things?

    ^shift 6
    The ∧ is a capital Greek Lambda. The small ^ or “car et” car rot
    i was always told carrot were good for my eyes i
    re vision the Skal is chomping at the line while the Roc king the Rol ling are dancing around.
    The distributor points rotate through the shals eye and disappears and comes out the other side
    skal definition
    Early 17th century (a Scots use): from Danish and Norwegian skaal, Swedish skål, from Old Norse skál ‘bowl’; perhaps introduced through the visit of James VI to Denmark in 1589.
    Used to express friendly feelings towards one's companions before drinking.
    ‘‘Skol!’ And he raised his glass’

    from LOW pitch sound to HIGH sound peaks

    This was on national TV the other day in Australia man disappears truck blows up
    the word THE RESULT

    Cri key he went flying... my names in it, how tripy..
    i live down the road from cri key at the glass house...when you drive towards it you see what looks like a massive statue of a Gorilla and pyramids, the skyhooks lead singer also came from here t and died t here.
    sta rt of back to the future
    i typed this before i watch ed the movie again
    tell pointers
    tele port at ion creates a copy of the original just like motion film
    are certain buildings even there are they just a copy of the original?
    the lightening hits the building and stops its clock reverse lightening

    thors hammer represents gravity T 2square looks like you hang it on a hook?M ark
    Ive seen it in eds bOOk when i flipped the page and had a lOOk

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    i have evidence to back it up the math the shapes the
    under standing the sound base of everything
    Is any one going to try and dispute debate the fact?
    money doesnt drive me i have no interest in it
    i am a true genius a Gesus

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    Hello is there any body out there
    ticktock flipflop dripdrop like sands through the hour glass so are the days of our lives

  • Hello antigravity, I'm listening to you.

    Where did you see gravity/Thor's hammer in Ed's books? Also why do you capitalize the o's in bOOk and lOOk?

  • edited December 2018
    Ed makes it out of wood i think if i remember, its a balancing Act, thors hammer is the ... the eye is also the pendulum below a clock.. look at its a bed a foundation with 4 poles going through it...

    elec tric it comes about by trickery ed explains that at same time he tells another story thats inside that story...just like ancient tablets those pieces/particles of paper of EDs Books are tablets. when the books closed its a w hole when i open the book its no longer a w hole its been split
    marriage 2 rings get connected pull them apart it breaks a he art
    it breaks the earth
    the ear th
    also under stand there's a great speaker and speaks through you and all living things in someway roosters when the sun comes up they cocka doodle dos ,whalers make a noise,lions Roars.mice disappear through a U lol and wolfs h owl OO
    this site is called magnetic universe not elec tric universe

    that other pic ture with the SKAL i O eats 4&20 pies i smoke weed at 420 i catch bull at 420

    here is another thought.i dont believe you can do this without making the magnets
    and the the batteries
    normal metal isnt super its normal. now if cut the magnet in half and liberate it in acid
    im now separating boys from the girls and boys wear blue.. And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, Little boy blue blow the man on the moon

    ants + acid = ant man
    mag gots+ acid maggot man
    bird+acid = Bird man
    same with plants the most intelligent plant Cannabis and Marijuana Geni in acid but you can just burn that and its female with big tippys lol

    10 ,9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 >O< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ,01 when i read 1 i read the other it folds
    together, I slam the book together., otherwise i would be repeating my self...
    it spins its reversible its how a light bulb works.

    when i read eds book i read the RIGHT page and flip it East UP its how cartoons work. its all written right,
    every living thing has to work to work... working is surviving, living, the food chain we all eat,drink, see ,hear, speak in someway ,breath, shit...

    everything has an Arc A fus ion point the A center of gravity A balancing point

    A car has 2 eyes why?

    A car engine is a living thing it must breath,drink ,exhaust, be in timing balanced, ,distributor,coil the ALTER NATOR it sounds super lol and a engine needs food refilling..A car Battery only starts the car

    the rabbit hole .An A wholeO makes a holeo
    Engine Indian injun
    watching back to the future i real ized if i get up and walk away and come back ive missed it and im out timing with it but if i pause it and walk away and come back im still in time with it so did i just time travel?a.....b5minb......a??? everything was how i left it

    a...................a Ska line
    solo mon

    ANU universities

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