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A Book In Every Home



  • @Julli That's a good catch, what do you think of it? it looks like an arrow, 3 sets of number and letter combiations and then three letters Re, AC.. Ive noticed AC shows up in three of Eds photos
    I have been using a multitude of techniques, some promising..others not
    I would assume it needs to start with the book Ed is holding on the front cover, it is different and if we can start reading the cover of that book, then the rest may follow
    We keep seeing, reading EZ, easi?

    Ive attached a picture of the only photo Ed remade twice and published ( from the versions I have ) in abieh. It must have importance... I have been bouncing between the two, on and off
    Here is a test.. which photo does Ed look older in? the one marked in red or blue?

    I know he redid the picture where he points to his dates
    Are there more?
  • @dante I see fen..... and 2ec or rec. there are hundreds more, but the letters are really hard to see clearly.
  • @Julli
    I have been analyzing the entrance for a while now, do you find you are looking only in one direction? sometimes I find it easier to view it sideways or upside down
    In your book on the inside back cover where Ed is working, do you have the blur next to Ed?
    or can see writing on the top left starting with the greek letter upsilon

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    The item circled to the far left is the back of the statistical page, normally it is blank
    I haven't mastered it yet, but under certain light more can be seen.
    Top portion, more code
    Try zooming out looking for different symbols :)

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    @Julli, it was rec, that corner deals with " Eds 16 "
    rec, reverse atbash cipher gives the roman numerals for 16

    The opposite side deals with Mama or Wama? that corner is crammed with letters and numbers
    You were right, hundreds... ive counted over 240 letters and numbers on the front cover alone and im sure I haven't come close

    Do you have the " A " in the top left corner of your book? front cover
    and what seems to be a quotation next to it
    It appears the letters or numbers are layered also
    -zooming out will help clear it
    Before(rotate clockwise to show its original state) and after picture

    I should also note that " A " is also on another front cover, by itself or is it?

    God is Gracious
  • entrance:
    The doors appears to read something along the lines of "ring bell, wait a few minutes and an attendant will be here"
    But what I find interesting is that, with all those words, Ed must have at some point erased all but "ring bell" and then drawn the solstice 21. Or, is it there as well and just not visible?

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    ...was the path of the Earth painted on white or was the door left unpainted? What type of paint did he use to resist the elements as all is worn off but that diagram... Ed would have painted that at least a year after Telescope was erected. perhaps it is a whole new door and the other is used for something else? I will guess 44 or 45. good question Flem. If Ed brought the ADM sign it would have went... DROP BELOW (EnTrance)RING BELL BLOW HORN ROCK GATE Or B Low HORN ROCK (GATE)
  • Inner Ramblings -
    Going back to an old post from the beginning of this thread
    Copyright 1936
    Co 314 right ; corit 314 it was mentioned perhaps represented as Corinthians 314
    Ed references other works
    Keeping that in mind, would there be other references in Eds little book to Corinthians?

    Look for d r in the first photo

    Keeping in mind it is hard to see at first
    In the second photo I have circled the two letters. d is in black and the r is in white
    d = 4 ; r = 18 . Corinthians 4:18?

    Corinthians 4:18 = So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal

    Since the letters are in black and then white, I believe it is an instruction to make the photos black and white, the bible verse is telling us to look for what is unseen in Eds photos by changing black to white and vice versa, to find the hidden images/words/numbers

    EDM also mentions the word U N S E E N, and as silo616 pointed out.. the spacing between the letters are hidden numbers and in turn letters

    EDM also writes " Use it wise and true, because in a twinkling of an eye they may come to you "
    perhaps a reference to 15:52 in Corinthians, however this one can have several other connections to it

    We are looking for things we cannot see, changing from white to black and vice versa is instructed by EDL is one method

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    there was a book in almost every home ,
  • have you had success in translating? What made you think of using slaters telegraph codebook?
    will look into it further

    I thought Ed made a complex acroamatic cipher

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  • I've had more success with his photos
    The symbolism of the sphinxs, Ed holding the house portrayed in the book he is holding
    Slaters telegraph code can only take you so far?

    Seeing Ed would be an experience, perhaps tuning into a portal, viewing or even listening
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    @dante Oh , really?
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