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A Book In Every Home



  • In addition to the 4, I also found a 3 and a 10.
  • Nice! Surely somebody here has photo skills and can clean up the image and find anything else hidden...anyone?
  • I believe the purpose of Ed's photos are to be visual aids in discovering his clues. Little about them should be interpreted by the strict sense of the meaning of any language contained thereon. A possible exception to the words"A BOOK IN EVERY HOME" I believe refers to the visual of Ed holding the book with the typical attention given to his hands, hence "Hand Book" A quick Google of "Handbook" returns as the first hit CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics now in its 95th "ed." (the correct manner in which to abbreviate the word Edition is ed.) Ed knew to capitalize the first initial of his name and that a period need not come after it as he has shown there.

    In the Handbook which dates back to 1914 there are such prosaic subjects as; "Antidotes of Poisons", "Rules for Naming Organic Compounds", "Surface Tension of Fused Salts", "Percent Composition of Anti-Freeze Solutions", "Spark-gap Voltages", "Greek Alphabet", "Musical Scales", "Pigments and Dyes", "Comparison of Tons and Pounds", "Twist Drill and Steel Wire Gauges" and "Properties of the Earth's Atmosphere at Elevations up to 160 Kilometers". "Heat and Hygrometry / Sound / Electricity and Magnetism / Light" Basic Constants, Units, and Conversion Factors, Symbols, Terminology, Physical Constants of Organic Compounds, Properties of the Elements and Inorganic Compounds, Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, and Kinetics, Fluid Properties, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Later editions focus almost exclusively on Chemistry and Physics topics and eliminated much of the more "common" information.
  • I'm hoping to see if anyone else has found what I did in Eds pictures. If you had luck in finding these images and texts within Eds pictures, I'd like to collaborate

    Do you see it? Look beyond the obvious, see past it
    There are more, I've only had success in the older versions of ABIEH
    I haven't tried with newer versions

  • look at them in the darkest light you can tolerate as well
    ed talks so much about the welding 'rod'. besides being a bible reference, the rods in your eyes are built for black and white and peripheral vision, look at ed's pics, but really 'look east' and stare with your peripherals for a bit. ed understood how optical illusions look, also stare at the pics in bright light, then stare at a white sheet, do the same with a black sheet. Look through the pages into the sun (not directly, ouch) but through the pages, so 2 images become one. And dont be afraid to look at them in only moonlight, ed left 5 obvious 'moons' in rock gate, the 2 crescents, the moon in the hoist in eds genny pic, the moon fountain, and the moon dial.
    But yes, theres hundreds, I could trade pics of them all day, and the more you stare, the more will pop out. Lots of pareidolia,
  • That's exactly it! Phewf

    I noticed it about a month ago when I was experimenting with Eds photos, I wanted to convert his photos so I could view them with a Stereoscope. 3D
    Ive found about a dozen, most on the front cover

    I have a few other theories as to the text of ABIEH, time will tell.
    The book seems to have been written on three different types of paper over the years
  • I wanted to share this photo, the numbers below Eds feet, on the tree...and..everywhere else
    At a few glances the "symbol" to the left of Eds feet looks like the letter G, and compass
    The picture is on the inside portion of the back cover. 1 of 7 versions of ABIEH

  • Does anyone know about film development? I ask because, to be the naysayer, the devils advocate, or the hypocritical jackass, I have to wonder if the symbols are not written on the film to place or overlay parts of one image over another.

    I say that because this pic and the cover pic on ABIEH, clearly show objects out of place. So maybe they are rearranged in the dark room to showcase many objects in one pic. In your last pic Dante, the chair Ed is sitting in normally faces the opposite direction and the moon fountain in the background, is both facing the wrong direction and is in a different part of coral castle. Oh, it also only has one moon beside it.

    On the otherhand, perhaps these objects and how they are placed, may signify their importance!
  • You can cut, layer, and watermark ( shades of black ) It was the only way Ed could add his hidden words and images. He could have changed the positions of the items in his photos, but I don't know why

    There are clues in a video.. in 1984 Leornard Nimoy Hosted a show called " In Search Of "
    ( Time Index starting at 18:44 ) there is footage of Ed showing some tourists Rock Gate. I believe you can see the chair as in Eds photos, the moon fountain you can see bits and pieces of, but I think you can place it better than I

    This video raises more questions... the supposed treasure map... I wish there was some reference of this map out there, I haven't seen it. I think it would show the blueprints of Rock Gate. The correct positions of each and every object.
  • Dante,

    This is the show that I saw about Ed when I was young... The kickstart! I Watched that section over and over and I think the actor playing Ed shows the use of the camera and then the next few images are stills that Ed took of himself. So the pic of him sitting in the chair is the same one in the video. And as before, the moon fountain is behind him and behind it is the Obolisk. The Obolisk is situated near the southeast corner of CC while the moon fountain is pretty close to the north east corner, not to mention, the moon fountain in the pic has only one moon and is facing almost 90 degrees opposite where it sits today.

    As for arranging things, for advertising, it could be to showcase CC like say, a single pic of Mickey mouse, space mountain, and cinderellas castle to showcase Disney world when all these objects are in different locations or clue-wise, perhaps things are shown because they go together or work together in some way.

    A map would be nice but a lot less fun! But it says in the video...start at the pump... What pump?

    Is it possible that someone else developed Ed's pics and if for the sake of argument he wanted several things relocated, maybe he numbered the objects so the developer could position them correctly. Or, the numerical and image clues correspond to the objects out of place.
  • I believe this pic was part of the book Julli scanned and put up. This is a cut out of he center of three pics from what I believe was the back cover

    Hopefully I'm not the only Ed enthusiast who sees quite a few problems with it (compared to how standing in this position today would look).

    1) Ed's living quarters looks like a plywood shack
    2) next to the large quarter moon (should be) a smaller moon
    3) the star (in place of smaller moon) is facing backwards (the inset star is not on the outside today)
    4) no nine ton gate
    5) the top edge of what appears to be a moon fountain moon should be to the right of the large quarter moon
    6) everything right of the large quarter moon is...just wrong
    7) the Obolisk just looks "funny"
    8) the piece of wall left of the Obolisk--never seen a section of wall like that

    Note: the configuration of the large quater moon with star next to it and the moon fountain moon appear to be in the same positions as those on the front cover of ABIEH. I'm going to venture a guess: this pic was taken early in the history of the homestead location and Ed moved things over time...anyone else?
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    @flem Here is a quote from "coral castle book", written by Col. Carrol A. Lake:
    “First, I’m going to build a house.” Ed laughed again, a long, hearty laugh. He turned and pointed to the simple wooden shack on stilts he had built under a clump of trees nearby. “I can’t go on living in a place like that, now can I?”
    The Mosers knew that little shack well. Day after day, they had watched the happy little man build his one-room house, erecting it on posts about two feet above ground. It was not an ordinary house, not even an ordinary shack. In many ways it was as unordinary as Ed was proving himself to be. In one corner of that room, he had his cot. Above that cot were two nails, so “each morning...”
    -That time ed started to build "eds place" and there was shack.

    Here is 2nd quote:
    "However, it was several days later before one of his closer friends, John Neafsey , had the time and the opportunity to drive to Ed’s new place. He saw that Ed had already cleared away the underbrush and giant weeds, and had erected a wooden shack, near the center of his ten acres.
    “Howdy, Ed,” he greeted him warmly. “I see you’ve already made some improvements.”
    “You mean the shack?” laughed Ed, pointing to his new house. “Yes, I’ve moved in. I’m keeping house now, so I can get back to work.."
    - so there was 2shacks.
  • @julli Sorry, i did some cosmetic edits to your post ;)

    Here's the above mentioned book.
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    Yes, I've read that book many times. So do you think this pic was taken at Ed's place? Is there anyway to know? I always pictured Ed's shacks as one story and clearly this one is two. perhaps this shack is on top of the tool room before adding a second story.
  • Thanks Gardener :)

    Flem, It is possible. I do not know what Ed 's place looked like. I agree that the wall is quite different ..
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