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A Book In Every Home



  • I believe in the first picture there is an obelisk, shadow, can anyone else see it?
    I made four copies of the front cover of ABIEH from the 1950s version, since todays version is either missing elements or just blurred from replicating over time.

    Third picture is one of my favorites, in the far bottom left corner in the 1950s version or 40s version you can see a piece of a medallion or disk? If you mirror and replicate his cover and put the four medallion pieces together you get an interesting image. Zooming out and in, you will see some interesting things.

    I think you poughkeepsieblue had a good idea, to spin it
  • I made this picture a little bigger because this group of picture is very interesting. I wish they didn't remove any of Eds pictures from the recently made books. Look at the size of Ed standing next to the obelisk stone in the bottom picture. image
  • dante, actually, spinning it wasn't MY idea. I got the idea from Matt a while back, and just happen to own an antique phonograph from ed's time. If you look at ed's generator pic, and look at his hoist, you'll notice it looks funny, also someone told me it looks like another old phonograph, called the 'Pixie Grippa'image
    The pixie grippa just happens to be a portable phonograph/perophone which when closed resembles the portable enigma machine. Ed's flywheel spins, so I just thought it made sense.
    I'm pretty sure I can thank Matt for pointing this out to me, I just looked closer into it for myself.
    I like the 4 pics put together like that though, pretty cool pattern it makes, wonder if it'll fit on my ol' Victrola...
  • Some interesting comparisons of ed's writings, and the 1894 publication of 'The Egyptian Book of The Dead'. Although at first glance, they may not appear so similar, the font, the preface, the copyright, and even the ratio of print on page to white space in page is the same. Being a fairly available translation of the French translation of the Book of the Dead, including 99 pages of facsimile of the Louvre Papyrus and the Turin Papyrus, if ed wanted to read a translation in English, this was likely the available copy he would have had access to.
    My friend published this on his blog a while back, which has been reprinted on several other websites. But for the sake of keeping information together on the subject of ABIEH, here it is imageimageimageimage
    How do the ratios hold up on the older 'original' versions... if the book sizes are different
  • In old and new abieh cover pictures are with same ratios.
  • It does make sense, interesting indeed. I will look into the Pixie Grippa, thanks pough. Ive been trying to find the Egyptian Book of the Dead ( First Edition ) very hard to find. Thank you for sharing
  • The newest version of abieh is shaved down in the front cover, at the top where the leaves are, and the bottom portion
  • Empty chair, can you see them, more can be done with it
  • Has anyone else attempted to translate the wording on EDLs forehead on the cover of ABIEH
    An important clue
    I haven't been able to translate or fully understand what's written on his forehead in the other photo(newest version) there is more writing above his head in that same photo
    More Greek!
    Why isn't this in EDMs book? Why not give the reader riddles like sengA has?
    Poughkeepsieblue mentioned before about the freemason hand gesturing

    Crescent of the East in the Statistics Page, some people say crescent moon, others say Venus. Wouldn't EDL be specific in naming each of his pieces.

    The Book of the Dead, is important, not exactly sure to what degree yet. I have an old version and a new one, some of the translations are different. There are several similarities with the bible and the book of the dead. The commandments are present in the book of the dead, references to "bread" in the bible and " cake " in the book of the dead, astrological references in the bible, similar stories.

    If there is one thing that is certain, EDL wants you to read, lots and lots of it :)
  • In one version of abieh, there is numbers 481 in edl's forehead.
  • Is there something else written beside or near 481? I've been trying to use different forms of Gematria.
  • I found number 481 many years ago from cover of abieh which I found from internet .. in the original (?) Abieh, I can see only number 4. There is watermark-like writings in EDL 's pictures, I can´t see what it tells...
  • It is hard to see what is written on his forehead. He didn't want to make it easy that's for sure!
  • edited March 2015
    The writing on Ed's head is intriguing! Here are three things we found:
    1) the picture on the book Ed is holding is not the one on the book but appears to be a house

    2) there is clearly a 4 on the star embedded in the wall

    3) the moon fountain is definitely facing a different direction than it is now, as the raised, comma shaped edge on the rim of the fountain clearly faces (using the center of the bend as a "pointer") faces roughly north west in the book image whereas, today it points towards the main entrance or southwest. It is also out of place compared to today. Today it is roughly positioned directly behind where Ed is standing in the books pic
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