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A Book In Every Home



  • I've only seen a pic of the tower there. It is made with much smaller stone than the current. I'd really like to find this out because the objects on ABIEH cover are out of place and so are some in other pics Ed took.
  • Another theory would be he took pictures when he was located in Florida City, or at least a few pictures. ABIEH was written in 1936, Ed moved everything in 1939.
  • Yes Dante, that's exactly what I'm thinking. That explains the lounge chair facing North whereas today it faces south as well as the moon fountain in the background (with one moon), facing southeast rather than northeast.

    This is great to know!
  • I have been experimenting with UV light in Eds writing in ABIEH. I know there are other means to detect invisible ink. I was thinking if the books he was personally selling at the time contained invisible ink. I thought after he received copies from the printing press, he may have written inside each book. I didn't find anything in most versions, in one version I found scattered letters, but they appear randomly
  • Dante,

    In that pic at the top of this page where Ed is seated in the lounge chair, I am pretty sure I see 23= (Sideways) on the tree. It seems very clear. The G and compass I kinda see but have to ask if I'm seeing it or is it shadows or my eyes playing tricks.

    So that got me thinking, how will we know if we got everything hidden in the pics? I have to assume that together, the numbers, letters, objects will "add up" or have meaning however, what if we think something is something but it's not? A mistake like that could conceivably have us taking a completely wrong direction.

    I think we should ask if we can start individual categories on the forum solely devoted to individual study, in his case, pics from ABIEH. Of course that might not work because it would have to be heavily moderated to keep everyone on the subject.
  • I agree with your point of view at times.. I am seeing Eds numbers, hidden pictures, or the equation at the bottom of his chair.. and I think really????
    I cant deny the hidden images though, or the coincidences in his texts, especially in the first page of ABIEH. The hidden images I find using angled light, I look everywhere and then try to interpret its meaning.
    If we think something and its not.. that's where wit comes into play. Mistakes will happen, but it's a process. Some things could lead us astray true. I like facts, and yes straight to the point please would be ugh patience :)
    With Ed we are given clues... we are the investigators in trying to solve this mystery..
    How far can we take this?

    To keep it clean, concise and to the point yes.. individual categories.. in a forum it can be difficult to moderate..Ed clearly had several talents, true signs of an Operative Mason, we would need to create a hundred different categories, plausible yes

    The newest version of ABIEH has blurs around each printed text, it looks like backround smears, dashes, or marks. Does anyone else see this in their new copy?

  • Aside from the numbers and symbols found everywhere else in the picture, the music notes stand out the most to me. Music is one of the key components to an Operative Mason
  • @ Julli

    In your version, are the written(typed) pages glossy or non glossy?
  • @dante non glossy. in the picture, "A" and "H"? notes? H is same than B..Poughkeepsieblue told in his video: you can read b as h.
  • not so, read a t as a b, ok? drop the zero is where I have used it before
    EDM told me, I just like to pass that one along.
    H is also I, because you can rotate it.
    also 8, but thats obvious
    i presume you could get a y from h as well, again rotating it like ed's 9 ton gate

    T is so very important to ed. important yes
    going off topic of h, I'll elaborate more on Tt
    you can also look e as t
    which is interesting because as anyone with a digital clock knows that 2 and 5 are mirror images, of course I dont think ed had a digital clock, so I would presume e as t is mirroring morse code or mirroring - for . or e(.) as t(-)
    edm demonstrates this, but if you also look deeper, you'll see how when you read 'it' u look 'e as t'
    simply put, i is composed of a . and a -, and theres t again... kinda looks like a skeleton key, doesn't it?
    you could speculate more from there, if it is .-t, than .-t is ett, but if we read e as t, it reads tee
    so theres t again, if 'you' or 'u' get along the lines of mirroring letters, and u want you mirror u, than u becomes n, or do you rotate it? anyway and 'you read it you look east' becomes 'n read teen look . as -'
    TFFN IT can be found in the capital letters of the first word in every paragraph of page 3 of MC, take a look at the caps, you'll wonder how you missed it. TFFN is just TEEN missing 2 dashes (-)
    so about sweet sixteen... if TEEN IT... than 'sweet sixteen' is the teen he likely means
    so back to 'you read it you look east', if sixTEEN is IT, and you LOOK EAST of sixTEEN, than you have seventeen, or AG, and AG make EZ.
    I posted sengA's poems... you can always add one... like he says, and he also mentions 'sweet seventeen'
    And thats how ed thinks. It might look like over complication, but kinda like flem said, but backwards, less words mean more, because they beg for you to solve the puzzle, and hence you get a post like this. And if you understand any of it, than it should help.
  • it looks like magic to me, since english isnt my nativ language and that words and letters play is very difficult for me to cover it out.... but it all has sense to me :)
    It is very interssant and I wish I would be as talented on this matter as you :)

    You seeks the universal decoding method to decode the books? Am I wright? I thoght always, when i would like to code a message, than I would write first a book with codemethod ( Eds first book? Mineral, vegetable... ) than a coded message ( 2. book, ABIEH?) and the third book as the tip to the people who dont know how to bite it or even with the basic explained, but missing the key....

  • Here's a page of the KJV Companion Bible.
    Note that in the left column, there is the original text and in the right column are the explanations and real meanings of what's written on the left side.


    So ABIEH is also printed on the left pages, while he kept the right pages for us, "to see if we can do any better".

    Isn't it what he wants us to do with ABIEH as they did with the KJV companion?
  • That want he for sure, we must only find the way to do this... As i saw the fragment of ABIEH about a smile i thought Ed writes how to place the magnets in the flywheel, that the teethare not. to. much shown.... and in the political wiev about tje production and consumtion it seems to. me clear, that he writes about the magnets, how to achieve perpetual state....
  • edited April 2015
    IMHO in those passages he is describing how to "setup/tune/configure" the "machine/generator/equipment" as you said...
  • Good stuff!
    Kubeq_sq, your idea about how you would code three books is very interesting because Ed did say that the three books go together.

    Gardener, I have seen bibles like that but you know, I never thought of defining Ed's writing like that. I guess I was always held back by " if you think you can do better", as if it was something else entirely.
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