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A Book In Every Home



  • Kubeq_sq, yes, I am basically seeking a 'code key' to get to what ed really wrote. I have found so much ed has said without saying it, of course with help from my friends. Ed used an enigma machine too, which is where I think the message I will find will be at for me.
    But there is so so much more.
    It helps to have english as your first language for some, but not all. Ed uses plenty of greek, hebrew, and morse code. Which are internationally known.
    Since I keep going on about morse, and gardener is talking about ABIEH, I'll throw out 2 things ed is pointing at in ABIEH as references.
    Oh thank god for David, that man is a fucking genius.
    compare this from ABIEH to a page from Slater's telegraphic code book
    and gardener, I agree about the KJV, ed wants us to use that space wisely
    heres another
    looking glass. looking glass, in a looking glass
    Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson was a math genius, a wordplay master, and developed several cipher codes in his career, including the alphabet cipher.
    Ed loves to say three things with one phrase, and yes I believe ed is telling how to tune his machine as well. I just seem to understand the wordplay and numbers better than the tech stuff, I dont have an electrical background, and I think a little electric, chemistry and physics would all help. Ed wants you to learn, everything, science, history, manners, math, language. Theres no one key to getting at ed, there's a key ring and a series of locked doors, one after the next.
    The best tool to bring is patience.
  • @poughkeepsieblue PKB, i see that you have some "other" scan of the ABIEH... would you mind to post it for the sake of having all of us more versions available, please?
  • @poughkeepsieblue:
    ...Slater's telegraphic code book...
    We've used something very similar, when i was (radio operator) in the army...
  • Does anyone have a "clear" picture of the book is holding? The picture on it is obviously not the one on the book itself and there are claims (linked to on the first page of this website for example) that there are symbols that quite frankly, I cannot see. I have to wonder if they are assumed or if there is a clearer image available.

    BTW, I originally thought it was a picture of a house but then as I was falling asleep last night, I was watching a show about mysterious places and I fell asleep thinking Ed's picture was an image from the ancient city of Petra. So today, i checked that out and it looks like a no-go however, after seeing that, it makes Ed's pic look a lot less like the house I thought I was seeing.

  • I have compressed a series of pictures from different versions of abieh into this file
    I hope it helps, some are better, and a few are inverted to see shapes better
    photoshop could help
    The image with Ed standing holding the book is located on the inside back cover of one of the versions of abieh

  • Gardener, sure.
    My copies are from CC. I ordered them appx 3 years ago, and scanned them immediately upon receiving them. So they are authentic from CC and fairly recent.
    The second one is scanned after I pulled the staples, and scanned each page individually.
    hopefully all posts well, if not, we will try again
  • @dante @poughkeepsieblue
    Fantastic! Many thanxs!

    I have also ordered the books from the CC shop and paid for them, but they never arrived to me, because that post was supposedly stolen. Then Matt sent me a set of his books. Many thanxs @MagneticUniverse.

    And finally I gave my ABIEH to my best friend, which is why i cannot scan mine.
  • Great thanks guys.

    Dante, I'm sure there are other things that can be done to manipulate the textures and colors but something should be visible from these and yet, there is nothing clear in the house. So how is it I have read clears of there being symbols or images within the house?

    In fact, I can "assume" it's a gabled house and also assume windows but as blurry as it is, that's all it would be; an assumption. Surely, someone must have a clearer image but I'm not sure from where, I own the book and at least on the computer I can manipulate shades and textures while with the book in hand, there is nothing visible...un assumed that is.
  • I try and not use photoshop, I made negatives using it but nothing else. I've been learning techniques that Ed would've used
    I'm debating if there were two displays of the book he is holding
    Using my magnifying glass I can see a crescent moon to the right of the triangular shape
    In watermark to the right of the word IN, I can see Greek, and what seems to either a tower with radiant beams coming from it or a shining star on a tower.
    Most things aren't really visible, like the mini man sphinx on the bottom of abieh, located underneath the word IN :)
  • All seeing eye, with a partial circle surrounding it, oval shape
    -shadow of the crescent? or to represent Saturn? I can see more of the crescent
  • I used two different filters in an attempt to zoom in and clear a shot
    Im open to criticism, zoom in until you see the symbols or the phrases behind? on 52.It is very blurry
    Do you see something? or nothing at all? :)
    Im hoping to have a light table soon
  • edited July 2015
    These images are from an older version of ABIEH
    There was more written on the door and I tried to enhance the image before it became distorted
  • @dante In the older version the pictures are full of writings.
  • edited July 2015
    Hi Julli, they certainly are, what are you thoughts on it? riddles?
    Ive been zooming in and trying to break apart the book Ed is holding on the front cover of abieh(old version)
    There are numbers or letters, on the cover itself, top left 10R, or IOR(your)
    At the bottom left in the book he is holding more writing or symbols, at the moment cant make heads or tails
    The two pillars appear to be columns with writing on it
  • @dante I hope to find a clue where to look or how to read.
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