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A Book In Every Home



  • Morse code in Ed's hat? "k" (key?), or if you turn it, it becomes "r" 3 dots..3 can also be a "c" (see)..
  • @Julli WOW!! Many thanxs Julli!
  • I second that...
    Thanks, it's nice to see for comparison. Love the pics.
  • @poughkeepsieblue Speaking of comparison...on the first page, have you noticed the white line? It goes through--> Now, whEN, Sixteen, IF, woulD, moNey, makinG, maKINg, aNy.. line is in both books. In this book it can be seen more clearly. If you find differences from the text, please let me know.
  • This is great. Thanks Julli.

    In this particular version there are no double periods on page 19.

    Can anybody make out the writing on the Sun door in the middle pic on the back cover? I have not seen that sign before.
  • @OROLO You can see the writing in poughkeepsieblue´s enigma video part3..19.42.
  • @OROLO
    It looks like 25 at first glance, or 23. The 2 looks like a Z, either Ancient Latin, or Egyptian Hieratic, still looking into it.
    I have also noticed in that same area if you turn the photo sideways there is AC written
    It would be amazing to find a book from when ED was alive

  • A pic for my friends.
    So you dont have to go searching through my vid...
  • Has anyone else used an enigma machine with ABIEH?
    Loads of information just on the front cover alone.
    EDM gives light, however there are several paths to take
  • I have followed the path edm shows in his 'hidden pages'... but they were not as lucrative as what I found in MC.
    In fact, they were not the same results that edm said I would get, which edm uses as clues where to look, but he stumped me.
    I have followed most of the enigma in edm's book, and even identified where 2 of the settings are hidden in plain view. But again, edm either didnt follow his notes (not likely) or he purposely fudged the book results with the actual results to show you something you are missing.
  • EDM talks about X and Y in the hidden pages.

    Look at the two pictures on the rear cover of ABIEH. In the top picture, just left of the stairs, is a dark X that is in the shape of a person. Just above the hand coming out of the large crescent it appears to say ON X.

    In the bottom picture on the rear cover, take a look in the middle of the picture just above the moon pond. There is a person whose body is in the shape of a Y. Now look at Ed's EZ chair, it appears to say ON Y just below Ed's left foot. Also, on the left edge of the EZ chair, the number 25 can be seen. Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet.

    There are 26 pages in ABIEH and 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • How many paths you have found? Some says there is 2paths some says 4..
  • I believe EDM had to fudge it, " they will come to you ", well " they " let him publish his little book.
    4 paths, the number 4 keeps showing up, 5 also, 16 is written twice. Several numbers
    In one of the photos I attached you see a little man sphinx?, facing east? 4 is incorporated in the image
    Coincidence in the other image? a smiley face?
    There are more.
  • Two pictures
    Comparison old and new
    Second picture is on the back of the front cover, 1950s version. Top photo, interesting shadows from Ed, and his camera, and the third?
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