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A Book In Every Home



  • One thing of interest to all here.. THE Cymatic frequency symbols repeat. (and are recorded as mystic symbols) The old tonophone, a tube with a drum head on it, a person "sung" into the open pipe and the symbols appeared on the drum head. I think this was the usage of the portal going into the bowels of the pyramid. Remember they said the acoustics were near perfect in the chamber there. I've read two reports that the ARK of the covenant was a drum head, thou the description I read in the bible was of a wood-metal sheet capacitor. Charging it up thou, acoustics possibly. Winning in battles? see the reactions of "some people to bagpipe music". Sheer horror.

    Another thing to note, at certain frequencies the human goes into a near coma, pick off a few hz above and below and they have entirely different effects. I am interested in the "healing" frequencies and a underwater speaker dispersing them into my body. Davoroc underwater speaker. I think this is about right for my clawfoot tub here.

    I am not alone in this thought, look up Integratron, a healing acoustic chamber. I can tell you under the right rhythm and tempo you can sleep like a baby. I've about used this old body up I was issued.
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    @Gardener Okay, I think I figure out what Ed was talking about. Ed probably had layers of meaning in his book but maybe it could also mean

  • @knowend9 Great post... thanx!
    I will for sure read those books.

    BTW, it helps significantly to listen to Ed's books instead of reading. I have them all as audio books, professionally narrated by @Magnetic_Universe (Matt) and so i can listen to them twice a day, while driving to/from work. For me, it's then somehow easier to read between the lines. I believe that subconsciousness does some ordering and sorting there... ;)
  • Of course ABIEH is a metaphor… but its so much more. Let me guide you to what you didn’t mention…

    Go to the statistics page, in the back. Look for the hyphenated words in the statistic boxes…
    Now look at just the part after the hyphen..
    More anagrams anyone?
    - c it
    - saint
    - aid
    Saint Agnes perhaps?
    And if you want to look at ed’s polaris telescope, and see the date, 1940
    1 = a
    9 = i
    4 = d

    Now go to the copyright page…
    COPYRIGHT 1936
    C O 3.14 RIGHT?
    What ed means is exactly what his polaris telescope is also saying.
    Look at the telescope again, it has crosshairs, dividing it into 4 parts, otherwise, the O is split into 4 parts. BUT, if you line up the little pyramid on the top of ed’s north wall with the ‘O’, you can only see ¾ of the ‘O’. Look on the cover of ABIEH, you can see that pyramid on the wall, the same one with the 4 printed on it.
    Now back to copyright…
    C the ‘O’, hmmm, isn’t that ’C’ ¾ of an ‘O’ again?
    What about PY?
    3.14? Nope… 314? Nope… 3 /4? Yes!!! You ‘C’ it? (U look east)

    Okay, how about the capitalized words in the last chapter of ABIEH, Political.
    -Mother Nature
    So the capital letters?
    MN IS S N
    Interpret as you will… but between M and N is the center of the alphabet, north one way, south the other…

    Did you find GAME on page 20 yet?

    Try page 4, on the left margin, second paragraph, below ‘development’
    -to work
    -to soil
    I think he’s talking about you Gardener, what do you think?

    Pages 3, 15, 17, look on the right hand margin, ed even signs his name where he wants you to look…backwards that is, de-

    You guys know ed was a Lewis Carroll fan, right?
    Ever heard of Slater’s telegraphic code? The queen is the supreme power in the land…
    Oh yes ABIEH is a trove of valuable info, never mind the enigma machine settings that start there too. Remember ed used 10 different machines… to code what he wanted to live on… so if you don’t find one, you might find another.
  • Here is what I know, the moon is represented by 108, and I think it has a frequency of 528. ED mentions that if the rocket people put magnet in front of rocket and point it at oposite pole of a planet (or moon) it will go faster/save fuel. Maybe he means magnetize your object and point the object pole to the moon or sun depending on time of day. If its night time all you do is take your frequency and "drop below" (528 to -528)? I'm not sure, I'm not good at math or a genius so this is just guesses. The sun also has a frequency, as ED said frequency/sound waves are magnetism. 16 might be associated with music notes, 16 bars??? The pic of last supper was said to have hidden music notes. I also think I read the tree of life has 16 energy points. Hope u math geniuses figures this out. North pole mag go up in south hemi and south mag go up in north hemi???
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    The Key is Balance
  • Hello, new to the forums, not so new to mr. L. Anyways, thanks to the original poster decoding the hidden message, "a book in every home", to actually mean the bible. Fascinating that at the time christianity was very prevalent and of course every house would in fact have a bible. Whats even more interesting is the writers of the bible hid messages throughout. Eb may have discovered these abilities by decoding a secret message in the bible. Each paragraph he writes may have a moral, paradox, ænigma, or some other clever disguise that correlates to a specific verse in the bible. By focusing on each paragraph, one could write the verse on the opposite page, because of course if you think he is wrong surely the bible was written better. Now a word about education, King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.

    The next states 25 years ago and 25 years from now, old testament chapter 25 verse 25, i was scared, so i hid . Well im sure you all get the point. It is a much simpler route, yet very difficult as well. I beleive the answers you seek lie within the bible scattered shrouded in secrecy and our good freind eb has laid out the pattern.
  • hello all, i've been trying to get to this forum for a while as i am restricted due to time.
    i will be happy to share my findings in regards to ed here and i hope this helps out researchers.

    i realize that there is a lot of MISinformation in regards tto Ed's work. i have tried to back up all my theories with cross reference and the truth is if it wasnt for posting the pictures that are present in the CC museum i would never have been able to confirm my second discovery regarding Ed's work.

    so, as this is the thread for ABIEH, i believe that the correct anagram for this is IRON ABOVE HOME KEY.
    the following info is how i justify this. here is the first pic that got me thinking... notice that SMACK in the middle of the picthure there is an obstruction, i.e. the branches! we know that ed was a scrounger and did not waste ANYTHING. why would he leave this branch here to mess up the beautiful pic of his work area which he would later have to PAY to develop the film???? in true Mason heritage, he is only showing us half the information...

    the second oddity i noticed was this....
    this is an old aerial view of CC,
    now look at these...
    LOOK AT THE ROOF!!! LOOK AT THE IRON ABOVE ED'S HOME!!!! it has since been removed and covered up by concrete shown in code144's aerial shots!! the iron is the same color as Ed's door. so it MUST be metallic rust.

    need more proof?
    check these out (and these were the TRULY remarkable discoveries!)
    check out our hero Ed here :)))
    and check out this beautiful lady here!

    now, LOOK WHATS ON TOP OF THE CASTLE!!!! an IRON antenna!!

    at 10 minute mark...

    add all this up to the HUGE amount of iron located inside the workshop with the poles going up through the roof, and i think it's clear (at least to me!) what's going on here!!

    so in regard to the pic of the tripod that ed took, i would say that the branch was PURPOSELY left there to hide the antenna.

    if i am correct, then all of ed's work, and ONLY ED's work should be closely looked at again because there seems to be information hiding in plain site
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    hi logos,
    how about the second - smaller tripod on the roof?

  • it's not on the roof. it's setup behind the tower. you can see this in other CC pics.
  • it's actually the largest of three tripods btw :)
  • hi logos,
    Could you please point me to some other pictures, where can i see that tripod?
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    In the first post, JRC had an interesting idea that the key was in the bible. I didn't think of that. But if it is referring to that particular passage, this is the pattern I read from it: Out seven, under two, back eleven. (Could that mean to count seven letters out or to the right, two letters down and then backwards eleven?) At the same time, many things could be derived from sixteen, even if "new one" means New Testament. For example, it could be the sixteenth book, 2nd Timothy,

    I also like the Grimm's Fairy Tale hypothesis. I wonder what the sixteenth chapter or page of the newest version of his time says.

    Poughkipsieblue: when you said "C O 3.14 RIGHT?" the first thing that came to mind was first Corinthians 3:14, "If any man's work which he has built on it remains, he will receive a reward." Probably doesn't mean anything but thought I would point it out. I'm not even sure where you got C O 3.14 but 3.14 is also the number of pi. Maybe that is what you were implying. Personally, I don't think anagrams are the answer, but the more simple "counting and skipping letters in a certain order to arrive at a hidden sentence" is more on the line. Probably copying, in mirror image, the text letter by letter and then using the simple string of numbers to count off letters.

    In the end though, Sweet Sixteen is probably referring to the principle of magnetism symbolized by the sixteen pointed star.

    I should mention that I am really new to this subject and just stumbled upon the discovery of Ed's existence and of the Coral Castle, though my mom tells me I was in her womb when she went and toured it. And the topic is extremely intriguing to me, along with Saturn, sacred geometry and frequency so if I mention anything that is obvious, well known or proven to be wrong, please forgive me. I've been on this topic for only a weekend or so.
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    Not sure if anyone has tried this approach or not. ABIEH may not be as metaphorical or esoteric as has been previously considered. Seems Ed had a sense of duality and a concept like this could be as simple as it looks. A mirror placed above or below, and at angles to various writings provide something entirely different. For instance: a mirror over the word "YOU ( WILL BE SEEING...") yields the number 100 with no effort or tricks whatsoever. I saw by doing this a great many obvious words that absent a mirror are not so obvious. I'll attach a few. Another things is to read the mirror reflection (and I am almost positive every one has done this) but also turn it upside down. Some letters turn to others. Just as I am uncertain even if a word or a phrase would jump out at me; I might not even know its significance because I have not read all of Ed's work to learn what is puzzling. Perhaps some of you more familiar might have the Holy Grail jump out at you when trying this method. Equations maybe?? Arrows for direction??

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    Cool, the second image looks like russian or greek alphabet...
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