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  • ..and of course the 22 / 6 to me is the Earth / Moon relationship.

  • Notice the odd even pattern?

    The ying-yang thing.0-13 notice that top row is the diagonal on 0-17 13,26,03,16,29.

    So needless to say something's just baffles me.
    You noticed repeating sequences as well between 7&13. This is where I miss having a Autobot. For A=0 to 36, step(x), if A=36, then A=0,if A>36 then A-36, print A, next...that has a error but close to the right syntax. I would use a counter like X=X+1,if X=37, exit loop. A=36 should be the exit statement. I forgot to declare A="0".
  • About your "sand".. saw many unexplainable things. It all made me think of EDL's mention of how land builds up mountains and valleys with Magnetic Current. I also saw the "sand" looking much like Iron Filings. I also noticed half the light was different or inverted, but not understanding why.. if by cause or effect. Also noticed someone went to the trouble of building scaled city buildings and/or mountain. Presumably in a coastal town to study the tidal effects on the beaches I'm assuming. I noticed the interesting sand bars etc. But I don't know what's happening behind the scenes in changes to the current.
  • About the 13 and 17 squares on a 36 counter. That is very interesting the line and diagonal. I've always had a close fondness for those 2 numbers because of prime indexing.. the sum of the first 6 primes is 2+3+5+7+11+13 = 41.. ending in 13.
    The 6th prime is 13 and the 13th prime is 41.
    3 layers of indexing there. I think of it as "the seed".
    Echad or ONE in Hebrew is 13...thus explaining lots of occult symbolism such as found on one dollar bill and also in EDL's works.

    17 is similar.. first 7 primes:
    2+3+5+7+11+13+17 = 58
    the 7th prime is 17 and 17th is 59
    We are off by 1 here..whereas 13 is perfect prime indexing

    So, I understand in part why you chose those two numbers.
    Also ties in with the 6 and 7 days of Creation in Torah.

    I had an idea about sound and the numbers 14 and 17. Remember, I told you 58 is 1 off of perfection for 3-layer prime indexing in 7,17,59. Well.. if you tag it onto the 13 you get 14. So, the 4 Hebrew directions

    South = 1 to 10
    West = 11 to 14
    North = 15 to 21 to 18
    East = 17 to 1

    So, you see that Between 14/15 and 18/17 there is a sort of interference pattern. EDL in his Magnetic Base Sound Base marks the first line as "Magnetic Current" and encapsulates 13 lines. The 14th line is "Magnetic BASE". Then the sum of 1 to 14 or 105 is the end of Magnetic Base chapter. Then the last section of "Sound Base" is the 106th line. So, SOUND exists between the sum of 1 to 14...105.. and 153 which is the sum of 1 to 17. Then the first line of the next work is "MAGNETIC CURRENT" again. So, I see other reasons you could be experimenting with that 13,17 pattern...with a switch of 0/ could achieve mathematically a prime perfection in 3 layer prime indexing. EDL seems to link it also to magnets and sound.

    BTW, on your pic of the U with "mason line" .. I see your pipes like a pipe organ hanging.. which look like golf club handles. I see you're experimenting with dispersing the sound in the "tuning fork" of sorts a distance through your tubular "speakers" I guess.
  • I call it sand not iron filings, because it is beach sand I took the trouble of sorting. At one time I had over 60 pounds of black magnetic sand. Notice the direction of the wheel. Notice the direction of the sand. :) a storm removed all the light sand leaving the heavy black sand behind. You bury treasure on a beach, that treasure will move over time :)
  • The symbol means pi. 3.14 look at the image where Ed puts in his book a photo of the bench is that how you build a bench that's not how I would build a bench
  • One piece of string holds all 20+ pipes. Bees wax on mason line, black sand,more bees wax, more black sand. It will cut rocks :)

    White marks are from the hammer thing. Cuts are from mason line. Limestone from Michigan.
  • Is that "IRAN" or "TRAN"?
  • A friend named randy sent me the limestone. To conduct tests on. Things like the flywheels high voltage back spike. I wrote on rocks doing that to. Why I mention lawn mowers. The flywheel is the source of the spark. Funny how a little rust can cause a lawnmower to stop running. Three things you check. Does it have AIR, does it have FUEL, does it have FIRE?
    So "RAN"-dy.
  • equal yet opposite.
  • I noticed that the slant of the side King's stones is about 4 to 5 inches narrower at top than at bottom. I measured them personally on several occasions with a measuring tape. I found that if you take what I found in the geometry of the Copyright Logo of ABIEH and apply it to the 3 King's stones you get following:

    The equation ((pi -3) / 4)*124" = 4.38 inches.
    This would be the 4 gaps framing the 3 squares of 124 inches. Notice that the King's side stones create golden rectangles and each half of each triangle is also the golden ratio of the squares.
  • And this shows when the inner circle collapses so the outer triangles are aligned to the outer edges of the stones:

    Notice the inner circle radius went from 62 inches to 14.63621461 inches.
    This is a ratio of sqrt(5) + 2. Obviously the (sqrt(5)+-1)/2 is PHI or the golden ratio.
  • And this shows keeping the inner spaces as well as the outer.. we are left with a circle of diameter 20.5 inches. The number of inches in an Egyptian Royal Cubit is 20.62 inches. Six Royal Cubits is 123.72 inches which is each of these squares...rounded to 124 inches.

    So, we basically collapsed the original center circle in EDL's copyright from 6 to 1 or 1/6th.
  • The original copyright logo overall length including 4 framing gaps is PI or 3.14 if each stone square is 1 unit. When the inner circle collapses from 6 Royal Cubits to 1 Royal Cubit.. then the overall length becomes the SQRT(5) rather than PI. This shows a mathematical connection between two important constants PI and PHI. Does ANYONE else have ANY other explanation for why EDL's King's side stones slant or slope in dimension to be narrower at top than bottom? Is it a pure coincidence that I calculated the slope difference between 4 and 5 inches and we see if we follow the geometry laid out in his Copyright LOGO that we get 4.38 inch framing gaps?
  • Googlebot was here at page three. All my images are stored. How often does the spider crawl this site?
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