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  • A-Z+0-9=36,count by seven every 10 degrees on a circle. AGNES Always Go North East South. Ezekiel 1:1, 3,4,5. Encompass the square. Make a four unit square then divide into sixteen squares. The length of four units from the center make a circle. Now connect the lines to the circle, two diagonally, you should have 24 points equally spaced like hours in a day.....A<>B,B<>C,C<>A, use only 1 to 9, if true A+B+C, should find sixty sum to six in three column's. First kings chapter 10,"the steps are unlike any man's kingdom"
  • Dante,
    Yeah, I wondered if the "grail curves" might be representative of some sort of wind.. as I noticed the earth/moon curve on the left seems to touch Southern Florida table near where Homestead would be. And the right curve reminds me of a sort of hurricane path you see on the weather channel. But I still don't get it.
    When I saw these 2 curves stradling Florida I thought of his stories about the rocking chairs and the possible currents of the Gulf and Atlantic.

    I have to really ponder G11's clues and Dante's now. Thanks.
  • Dante,
    I did some research on Dioscuri..where you had put "Disocuri" this time around... and found everywhere online people referencing this pic below. I saw the spears and just had to pull it into autocad and measure angle between spears. Turns out the angle is 22.5 degrees... which is 1/16th of a circle:

  • hmm.. found this on Google looking for "12.9 degrees ecliptic"

    It's a minor planet in our solar system.. that has a tilt angle of 12.9 degrees to our earth/sun ecliptic plane.
  • Thanks G11
    Coinage is important is what you're saying
  • Constitition

    Perhaps this might be involved

    Different columns show the beam helical structures, phase fronts, and corresponding intensity distributions.

    I was thinking about the spiro light, I can't say with clarity
  • I always speculated ed was silver collecting, as dimes and silver dollars and quarters in ed's time were made of 90% silver. Ed asked a dime at the gate, and a dollar for his writings. Either ed had a lot of change, or he was collecting silver. The AG make EZ, leads me to suspect ed thought silver was important. Why change though? It, at the time was a good source of silver without attracting too much attention by buying it. Also, 90% silver and 10% copper is the alloy used at the time, because the 10% copper gave the silver a slightly lower melting point. Ed may have been making silver wire, or using the silver as a solar collector. Silver has one of the best UV light absorbing qualities, and conducts with efficiency.
    So, if light is important, collecting it would also be important. In the enigma, ed draws attention to U as V and vice versa, also to S and the long F or f which is used as S in older english. He draws note of it by taking the 1611 bible into the mix, which has alternating V's and U's. He also uses the example of the epic poem, 'The Faerie Queen', which was also written in that same alternating style. Perhaps ed was calling attention to UV light. In that section of the enigma, it all appears alongside 'daylight', and 'youve the fst kj', 'noah', 'owr yom'. If you've seen my second enigma vid, which is the first explanation/proof video, it goes over that section up to Noah. Again, back to light. Again, back to the Bible and Genesis. Ed's constant themes. Genesis, light, and a ring/circle, sound, squares. Ok, lots of themes, too much, man was a genius.
    There's other reasons to assume silver was what he was after. I've never been to CC, but I always wondered if some of his bottles aren't wrapped in silver wire. Although they look old, they don't look rusty, like iron wire should look, they look like tarnished silver after all these years. From what I can tell from pictures. BUT, they could be coated magnet wire, and that could age differently... I really don't know, now I'm speculating.
    Personally, I think ed was collecting silver, and putting it to use in his work, either making wire, or collecting light. I always thought his bathtub could be used as an old solar collector, as he claimed it would warm in the sun, and is placed in the optimal location for sun. In some primitive solar collectors, copper plates can be used to collect voltage, and I had thought ed might have used the 2 steps in his tub for the 2 different materials, to be separated by the electrolyte, and still both metals would receive optimum light coverage. It could be used to charge batteries for instance. This is mostly all theory, but I lean toward silver being important, or just a good conductor.
  • edited November 2017
    Yes, I have seen the video twice now, I'm subscribed to your channel. If you're an ed researcher, good chance I subscribe. In general, I sponge up any and all facts or opinions I find on ed and CC. I don't argue it's a sound find, they line up well, especially if you line up the top line of both works. If you line up both 'by' and 'edward leedskalnin', they're almost a perfect match, but the top line makes them perfect. EDIT: makes the grail curves and pmh match, 4 points like you said. Curiously, the lines below his name don't line up as well, I wonder why he did it like that. I'd be interested to see what this electrical device is capable of.
    As a fellow codebreaker, I could offer you some advice about the poles though. I wholeheartedly believe you have east wrong. Ed likes to mirror things, and when he says, 'you look east' I believe he means west. I know you don't think the enigma machine is worth anything, but myself and others agree, it's real, and the first thing ed says, is W is E. West is east. Not only that, but he says in MC, the poles can be shifted, and he's not just saying that, he mirrors things. Another example he makes sure to draw attention to is on page 17 of ABIEH, 'in a looking glass' or a mirror, he repeats it, 3 more times, so you get the point. I would recommend that you consider it. It's mostly presumed ed says some things to throw off the average joe, but includes clues like that to get those paying attention to see what he really means.
    Another thing I thought when I lined up my transparencies, and I noticed the discrepancies in the name width, and the width on U.S.A., and I knew the borders were off as well, just slightly... was that perhaps, if you tweaked the sizes, so the borders lined up, or the name and USA lined up, it might make a slight difference in how it looks, and if it makes the schematic alignment better, it may be what ed intended. Somewhere, maybe in the printing process, it got stretched one way or the other. But this might be wrong, and perhaps ed wanted them off a slight bit. So that might be cheating.
  • And yes, I did consider mirroring is simply flipping over the PMH... physically. But in your research, it may prove useful to keep in mind about ed and what he says. He's not always honest methinks.
  • A-Z+0-9=36,count by seven every 10 degrees on a circle. AGNES Always Go North East South. Ezekiel 1:1, 3,4,5. Encompass the square. Make a four unit square then divide into sixteen squares. The length of four units from the center make a circle. Now connect the lines to the circle, two diagonally, you should have 24 points equally spaced like hours in a day.....A<>B,B<>C,C<>A, use only 1 to 9, if true A+B+C, should find sixty sum to six in three column's. First kings chapter 10,"the steps are unlike any man's kingdom"
    Man, I'm trying to figure this out. Anyone else had any luck following these "steps"? There is so many possibilities.. loopholes.. different ways to read the instructions.

    One thing I did notice is the 2nd verse of Ezekiel is missing.. so it follows 1,3,4,5 like EDL's stones on the West wall by the Visitor's Center.. 1, missing 2, 3,4,5.
  • This is 24 divisions I think.. following one sort of set of instructions..but don't get how relates to the circle divided into 36 rather than 24:

  • This is one way I see the first part.. but don't get how it ties in with other parts:

  • I guess this is what he meant by the circle and square.. and "equal" parts.. but this shows they aren't equal. I wonder if a circle/square relationship could ever produce these as equal. I will experiment a bit on that.
    It seems the description of extending the lines of a 4x4 unit square out to a circle and it dividiing into 24 "equal" parts is impossible.. unless maybe it's an ellipse. The above image shows the 15 degree spacing that has to be met and the intersecting points.

  • RL Poole,
    I've been contemplating your videos a few days now. And I'm ready to give you a chance to respond before I call bullshit on what you present as Ed's.

    You claim EDL uses 5 point stars to represent a star and 6 point stars for Galaxies:

    1. What galaxy is the 6 pointed star stone residing next to the earth stone and beneath the moondial?

    2. What galaxy is the 6 pointed star stone that is a bird bath in the "Grotto of the 3 Bears?"

    3. Why do you consider the "Spica" stone as you call it.. a 5 pointed star rather than 6? Why do you ignore the point of the main focus..the tube where you drop the money? The geometry is much more a hexagram than a 5 pointed star.

    4. Why do you call the moon fountain the sombrero galaxy when if you mirror the whole thing in a pool of water on the ground, you'd have the constellation symbol for Pisces?

    5. Why do you consider the top of what you call the "taurus" stone.. what most call the "saturn obelisk" a 5 pointed star.. when it too resembles the geometry the same as what you call the "spica" stone. Did you climb to the top of the obelisk and get the geometry?

    6. You mention Como Berenices.. which I've thought of for a great many years myself.. but you seemed to have left out of your videos where it is in the sky at your exact, hour, minute, and second...and how does it align to the King's Stone crown at that second? You say it's upside-down.. but don't mention the "archaeoastronomic alignments of the ancient megalithic structures" that you say are so important.

    7. Regarding that exact hour, minute, second on that auspicious day of Sept 10, 1923, where are the other galaxies of stone in your alignment.. as mentioned above. Either you have a complete story or part of one. Either it's ED's or it's yours.

    8. What other evidence do you have that we are to take a 5 pointed star as a star...and a 6 pointed star as a galaxy...other than your word for it? Is there any precedence in Secret Societies? Any precedence in other ancient megalithic structures that you claim to understand? Do they willy-nilly assign points to their structures as you've done with ED's? Does EDL code anything in his works that tells you to do this? Or did you just put 2 and 2 together and get ....what you wanted to get?

    I have more but will leave it at that for now. If you're going to go on Coast to Coast Radio and magazine articles and youtube and pat yourself on the back.. you should easily field these simple questions. If not answered satisfactorily.. I'll make up my mind as such. I have a clue how you will not respond.. as you already have ignored my questions and picked PK as an easier disciple.
  • How to read his carvings...

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