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Every time I see the logo for this website, I get a gnawing pain of mixed emotions that I want to get off my chest here once and for all. I will share one of the secrets I found behind this "BOWTIE" picture of Edward Leedskalnin's Copyright image of "A Book in Every Home" that inspired the logo for this website.

Here is the exact image in Autocad with lines I used to circumspect:

We basically have 3 squares here. Two triangles connecting the midpoints to the opposite vertexes and a circle inscribed in the middle square. There is some deviation in the circle .. a pinching of the circle to an ellipse or ellipsoid like the Earth at it's north and south poles. But why the spacing is what it is? Why not wider between the 3 squares? Why not tighter? Was it random choice? Perhaps. But I like to think this is a strong possibility that makes sense. What is the most basic relationship in nature? The diameter of a circle with it's outer perimeter. This is what we know today as PI or 3.14159. Well.. we see we have 1+space+1+space+1. I then continue the inner spaces to the outer.. and base off PI.. and thus subtract 3 from 3.1416 and divide by 4. Here is the result graphically:

There is something else very special about these two triangles as well. If you did the old school geometry lessons with constructions of geometric problems with nothing but a compass and/or straight edge.. you may recognize the sacred geometry construction to divide a line so it's largest part to whole is the same ratio as smallest part to largest part:
Here is the steps of constructing a golden ratio and/or rectangle:

Bisect a square:

Draw the half-diagonal and sweep a circle:

Extend the inner side of the square out to intersect with the circle:

You have now constructed "PHI", "phi", "GOLDEN MEAN", "DIVINE PROPORTION", and many other names such as "THETA".
Now.. if you have a geometric perspective.. then this logo means something to you. It represents the Greek letters PI and PHI..

But it's also related to the duality of the yin/yang. For those unaware, the yin/yang was founded by the Ancient Chinese by marking the lengths of shadows cast on the ground from a stick throughout the year. This is very much akin to EDL's sundial... except he cast his shadow onto a spherical or semi-spherical surface rather than a plane. Instead of a stick, he used a gnomon of a square "L" .

This is some thoughts on the logo for this site. There is more to things in plain sight than meets the eye of you learn and learn to appeciate geometry.



  • Here is the alignment:

    Notice that if you made the complete frame with spaces on top and bottom you'd have height of 1.07079... which is reminiscent of the sqrt2/2 or 1/sqrt2.
    1/sqrt2 = 0.70710678
  • This circle is seemingly the same width as the space between the squares as well.. which I speculate is (PI - 3)/4. Notice here how the outside of the yin/yang becomes the inside like this:

  • Yes, the curve matches a dime exactly. So do the grail curves, they make perfect vesica pisces with the corners of the triangles, and the dots on the grail curves, as edges and centers.

  • I found this because of page 105 in edm.
    Dimes fit perfectly.
    I spent hours checking myself on it. the measurements and the math worked.
  • I think it's pretty cool. It makes me see those curves in a whole new way.. it's basically taking poles of a sphere.. if they move from n/s to e/w... and connecting them. However, there is something that would have to be explained to me.. as to why the bottoms aren't touching the north poles at -90 degrees.. but are off some degrees. Can you think of a reason why? I will think on it. I do know there is a precedence in EDL's works of having the sun dial gnomon center not 90degrees due south of the Polaris Telescope Eyepiece. But why? He did say it's "a little northeast".. his poles.
  • PK,
    That is what I get quick and dirt.. somewhere between 12.5 and 13 degrees tilt angle of the "Pole":

  • Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see if angles were similar:

    That is 180 degrees due north and south according to Google Earth from center of Polaris Telescope towards the eyepiece. Now.. from center of Sun Dial Gnomon to that spot on eyepiece:

  • Hmm.. I think you jogged some interesting find.
    You know how Freemasonry pillars Joachin and Boaz show the Sun on top of one and Moon on top the other? Check these "grail curves" out in relationship to the Moondial and Sundial:

    There is a lot there.. 4 poles.. moon/earth, sun, celestial north, and whatever the reading chairs represent..but doesn't seem to be centered on round part of reading chairs but the back of the east one.
  • Yeah, I've already seen many new things by sharing..and getting things back from you and Dante.

    I also just remembered that with all the work I did over the years scaling the Florida table to the actual size of the state.. I usually determined the Sundial gnomon to be at 12.5 degrees north latitude near the island of Curacao. Odd that this is also the angle difference of the poles. Thanks for that jog of ideas. So, from the center of the earth.. then Curacao is 12.5 degrees off of the equator "pole" as you depicted.
  • Jason,
    I took a look at page 105 of EDM and yeah.. one pole is Earth and the other seems to be Neptune. So, that means the reading chair area somehow represents Neptune it seems. Then the mirroring over to the other side goes to Polaris/SUN.
    What would be so important about those 4 objects? Neptune has never even been on my radar these years that I can remember. I did notice a similar thing with its orbit like I said about the Copyright logo.. where the circle goes from inside to outside..but other than that I'm drawing a blank. Anyone have any ideas how the north celestial pole, sun, earth, and neptune are related?
  • You know the significance of 105 mathematically? It's the sum of 1 to 14. This, in the Hebrew directions puts it on the dividing line of West and North. If you count lines in Magnetic Base Sound base the Magnetic Base sections ends at line 105. Line 106 is the line "SOUND BASE". And line 136.. sum of 1 to 16. .. sweet 16.. is the HEBREW word for voice or sound.. is center of "ECHAD"s and single line paragraphs.
  • Yeah, sweet sixteen, ring twice, right. Wow, I'm glad you could make those connections I missed. I know that's the symbol for neptune, but if you turn the page it looks a lot like the symbol for the euro currency. Perhaps edm used the euro, opposing edl who used the us coinage.
    SOUND BASE is 106, but edm says on page 19, don't overlook the double lines, so if you count those, it's the line edm points out on that page, with the gamma and the omega in it. and 19 is the kinda spin of 16. In fact there's 3 19's right there on the bottom of the page, triple tau...
    Speaking of snakes again, and the symbol on MC, anyone ever notice this is similar...

    Common Cobra or Indian Cobra. Just a thought.
  • I guess the main question I ask myself.. and have for many years.. is why isn't it at due north .. the eyepiece and sundial gnomon and telescope. Must be a reason.. as harder not to make them align than to make them align. What in the magnetics.. or geometry.. or whatever is at play here making the curves connect from the 90 degree point of one circle and 12.5 to 13 degrees off of pole position on the corresponding circle.

    I thought last night another fact is 12.75 degrees is half of Coral Castle's latitude. Could that have something to do with placement of Coral Castle based on this unknown relationship of circle poles of the vesica pisces?
  • In fact, I always wondered why he connected those 2 U's in the advertisement, edm on page 19 again I mean. That's a NW line, and you said 105 falls between north and west.
    And I agree, talking with you again, and dante, is really kindling some new thoughts. Like old times... where's the Jackyl?
    You know, spam block sucks when you realize you just had another thought to add...

    Good thing though, cause I just looked at page 18, and it always confused me, BUT... we are speaking of dsound now, and holy crap, page 18 is a song, it's notes...
    OK, I'll explain...
    EDM says "let us not forget the comma of course. Does it mean anything?"
    yes, comma is a music thing.
    now look at the list at the top
    aaaAa 5
    b 5
    d 5
    eeeee 5
    etc etc

    but if you convert those numbers to letters

    aaaAa 5 =E
    b 1= A or the note B
    d 1 = A or note D
    eeeee 5 =E
    f 1 =A or F
    g 1 = A or G

    so on so on
    I had my musician friend look at it as
    and it sounded like the wedding march from Richard Wagner's Lohengrin
    or it sounded like the intro from the flying Dutchman, also by Wagner
    I didn't have him look at it as
    so I haven't compared it...
    but if all goes together, it reasons 18 and 19 are about sound, and 18 is a tune. At the bottom of 18 he even mentions "g" as in G clef perhaps.
  • Pertaining to 105
    -Anyone have any ideas how the north celestial pole, sun, earth, and neptune are related?

    In Greek mythology Poseidon rewards the brotherly love of Disocuri by giving them power over winds and waves

    Ed practicing celestial farming

    Here is a picture of Poseidon (Neptune)

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