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  • g11,

    I did the numerological reduction but still trying to figure out how to convert a word to the ABC number. You hinted it has something to do with the circle that produces 5 columns of 7 numbers.

    I'm thinking you have to maybe plot in which row and sum:

    and put in the characters from words to this grid and accompanying value
    and sum where exist:

    So, in your sentence "The quick brown fox..".. take the word "The":

    I get the ABC are all unique and the number would be 258. If my hunch is right.. then all those 504 words in your link would have a unique 3 digit code that has no repetitive characters... using a formula similar to what I show with "THE". So, the cipher word can be converted to the plain text word.

    Is this anywhere in the right neighborhood?

  • ...but you said the root, 2X, 3X, and 4X root.. for the colors I have above. This then wold make the 20 really 4x20 = 80? Then the word would be 858 which isn't unique you'd ignore the word in cipher?.. it's not "prime" so-to-speak. We only look for words with unique ABC characters for a unique 3 digit code that does not repeat any character.

    But I also see another pattern similar to what you said..with the 2x, etc..and not sure if this is the reason you made the rule or if this is what you were actually referring to:

  • Root numbers are one to 9. 4*9=36.3*9=27,2*9=18...3+6=9,2+7=9,1+8=9....the last picture you posted you put the column count...6,6,12,18,24,30,42,48,48,48,42,30,24,18,12,6,6... The throne is the three 48's the armrests are the pair of 42's,,, the six steps up to the throne are 6,6,12,18,24,30. This is from the bible. The book of NUMBERS chapter 7 verse 14, from there count by six and that verse is repeated 12 times. As fractions 7/14 and 6/12 both equal 1/2. I accidentally discovered the six hundred three score six(this is how it should be written). Someone told me computers could not calculate what they were calculating... So I realized computers were not programmed to calculate root numbers. So using variables A,B,C I could calculate root numbers by adding A+B+C...if the sum of ABC is greater than ten yet less than one hundred, I could split the two digit return and add those two variables.the 504 is before I did that last step. So six is in three columns in the form of 6,15,24 the root of these three is six. 6+6+48=?? 3,6,9 all return 60 times. The 1,2,4,5,7,8 return 54 times...notice in the array no 36, yet the first 36 numbers sum to I am going to take a click see at your pictures. (I can't see details on this small screen.)
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    Circles and numbers work best...7,11,13,17,19...I used a repetitive 7...try again using 7,11,13,7,11,13. 31 is prime. See if it may have noticed the 36/0 in the bottom corner... I use these for vortex coils. The beginning is the end point. On a compass the 360 and 0 are they same place. If I was to write 36/7 where would you start and which direction would you step?

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
    "Has thou not counted my steps" book of job.

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    Years ago I realized he'd had left a side blank so when you face the rising sun, you can see through 2 pages. Page 1 doesn't match page 2. When you have the right pages together, you will find three characters that match, then read the words that haven't been obscured. Now look closer at his magnetic projects and maybe you will see a machine. my swinging hammer thing(if you see king machine). The tin can if you wrap it the right way, the coil stays at the end of the 10 inch spike. Wrap it the wrong way and it slides away from the magnet on the tripod leg. The end of the magnet wire starts on the end of the tin can. Most people I see doing his projects do not send the current through the iron to make the two coil connection. You want the current traveling the same direction as the magnets. Otherwise you get a pmh with four poles instead of two. At least that is what my compass said. Then change the direction of the coils and two poles.Edward did not reveal things because some are actually dangerous to tinker with.

    Finding switches that last has been my biggest issue.magnetic switches can be controlled by two magnet's.

    SN(switch)NS the switch is off, SN(switch)SN the switch is on. Take iron wire and make those S shape symbols and place a north(should break contact) magnet. South magnet they should attract. Unless you south of center line. Now the biggest issue is switches welding together. Do dimes weld to iron? Are they magnetic?

    Have you ever cut a rock using electrical current?
    Have you ever wondered why it leaves a white mark on the stone?
    What powers a sparkplug on a lawnmower?
    How much voltage does it take to jump the gap?
  • 08322936
  • I'm lost!
    For instance, I don't see how sum 1 to 9 is 1/2 of 10 to 18 sum. And how is it 1/3 of 19 to 27 sum? If you reduce them all with numerology.. they are all 45. You just randomly assign them the x2,x3,and x4 values if they fall in those squares of sets of 9?

    Also, I'm not very electrically / mechanically inclined and don't follow all of your videos much. I've seen other videos online with the magnet piston pushing on the rock.. not sure if that was your original idea or if you're working off of those videos. And the two coils hanging in the air with the two steel poles between them.. I don't get the point at all.. unless they are magnets holding the weight of the permanent magnets..even though you don't have them plugged in? Perpetual motion does the lifting is the point?
  • i guess you just mean 9x1,9x2,9x3,9x4 but don't get how that works in the cipher
  • Man.. I ask 3 questions.. you give me 1 answer but with it comes 10 more questions and comments. LOL. Tempted to do as most and just write it off.. but something inside of me keeps persevering.

    Here is 1 question.. can you just please give me one simple answer?

    The throne is the three 48's the armrests are the pair of 42's,,, the six steps up to the throne are 6,6,12,18,24,30. This is from the bible. The book of NUMBERS chapter 7 verse 14, from there count by six and that verse is repeated 12 times.

    Ok.. what I get is you are somehow taking your 36 character cipher and applying it to the very least the Torah/Bible in the book of Numbers. Now, are you doing this with English or Hebrew? Because I'm at a loss how you get 36 from the 22+5 letter Hebrew Alphabet. .. it has the number characters built in. So, you're still 9 characters short. Is that your 3/4 of 36 comment before?.. ok.. 2 questions.
  • See if it may have noticed the 36/0 in the bottom corner... I use these for vortex coils. The beginning is the end point. On a compass the 360 and 0 are they same place.
    Another question applied to one comment. Are you referring to the ENNEAD pattern of Mark Rodin's coils? Is that where this whole idea is coming from?
    ok.. two in one .
  • I noticed that before you went out of your way to stick to 1 to 9. .so I assumed you must be using 0's to divide words.. and if you take the additional "7" or "G" then you have basically 2 characters per letter in your cipher.

    36 x 2 = 72
    + 7 = 79
    + 9 zeros = 88 = 11 x 8

    So, perhaps it's as simple as a map grid of 9x9.. like 1 over.. 4 down..etc.
  • hmm.. if it was 2 character per letter.. then all counts between the zeros would be even:

  • This is what it looks like when you subtract the 13 pattern with the seven pattern. -6/6 depending which way your going. 13-7...7-13. 0,6,12,18,24,30 were in the exact same place.

    This is the high voltage at work.

    The spike would hit just hard enough turn the can slightly. The line is where it sparks.the can was between a rock and a hard place. Every once in a while it would hit and weld. Or would recoil and miss the ground rod. to fast of a swing the coil on the spike over heats. With rocks you can hear a ringing sound when at the right distance.
    ~~~~~~^^^^~~~~~written early this morning.
    To answer the first question you asked this afternoon. I did forget to mention different languages have different alphabet's.

    Second yes. Rodin type on torus(doughnut shape). Ten coils on one form. Five clockwise, five counterclockwise. 1 starts at 360 and 2 starts at 181, 3@72,4@109,5@144,6@37,7@216,8@325,9@288,10@253

    For some reason your not seeing the connection in the 9 key. Think how T9 tech works. 9=a,99(or 18(1+8)=b,999(2+7=9)=c,9999(3+6=9)=d....that make sense?
  • Ok,,, now that's more like it.. I can follow all of that. LOL
    I'm still working on the numbers related to "the quick brown fox.."
  • The bible has its own codes. I didn't put them there. The Revelation's 13:18, I stumbled upon that.people for years said it was things like bar codes and that repetitive 101xxxxx101xxxx101 or some had 101xxxxxxx101. Which the numbers are divided by four. 0000 to 1111 are your numbers. If I add 6 or 9 to the string this either returns odd or even. If even -6, if odd -9 then divide by four.
    Someone mentioned the six hundred three score six. I was simply writing the program to sum ones+tens+hundreds. So 123 sums to 6. I still sing that Jackson song "it's easy as ABC 123"

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