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  • ZERO-nothing yet something. In numbers a place holder seven tens zero ones or 70.

    This is the 612 file on paper.

    [Key#XxX] X=last three, x=middle 3, and X=first three.
    About two years to print out using my fifty free pages at the library each week. Three chapters per week, 504 chapters.13 pages per chapter. These were printed with extra data for delimiting proposes. "= second 999999999=45" . this was to verify 123456789="45" first 9 says A was not B to I. Second 9 says B was not equal to C to I. Seventy two statements must be true. Trust me it was great fun watching a computer for six weeks just waiting for it to say done. Writing it to excel took less time. It is hard to explain the patterns in the numbers.

    I tinker with stuff like this..

    Yes 7kv can stop your heart. The wine glass has a single wire wrapped from base to apex of the top. A second coil sits on a glass marble inside the wine glass. The second coil is funnel shaped. If I am lucky I can coil a wine glass in four hours. Finding the right shape is a issue as well. Had many explode for some reason doing different experiments. Pyrex exploding was pretty interesting as well. Destruction phase came to mind.

  • This is the section of the English bible I am speaking. ^first kings

    Second chronicles. Off by only one for some reason?
    12 on each side.line's or lion's?
    The third reference is

    The number of beast(lions¿?)only man mentioned is Solomon. Chapter 14 goes on about 12 by 12 like the lions. Cell phones have two marks. One goes in the hand, the other is carrier brand in top left of screen. Years ago a scroll could be wrapped around two rods and the message is revealed as line two connects to 92. Why the verses (lines of the scroll) were left. All codes are mathematical in logic.

    For me after reading Ed's written records. I found myself able to tell what time it was +/-5 minutes just by looking at Shadow's. I used to live in a neighborhood with a lot of masonic symbols if you knew what you were looking for. 22/7 have any meaning to you?
  • I've been looking at the 7 and 13 pattern and the primes and ones that match in white dot:

  • forgot 29 on 13's

    Would you do me a favor? Would you look at the post I just made on this discussion:
    NOT "In the beginning" BUT "Creation Duplicates Creation"?

    I'd like your input into it. Your way of doing these primes and index numbers with a rotational count and spacing.. has me thinking of various ways I might get something similar with this base math. You see EDL's clues in his writings and in his South Wall altar pattern.

    Can you say that these first 9 letters of the Torah are coincidentally the poles and center of the 2 EDENS? And you duplicate the YOD 10 to KAF 11 or 20... just as EDL shows at the beginning of his 2nd writing. And notice how Magnetic Base starts on line 14 and the sum of 1 to 14 is 105.. and that ends that section. Next line is Sound Base section. Similar things go with the ACID: and Magnetic Current. 16 or the sum of 1 to 16.. 136 is indeed the gematria for qowl or voice in the Torah that creates the items in Genesis. The feminine voice is 135.

    You think you and I could develop this into something mathematically amazing? By bouncing ideas and borrowing from EDL's clues?

  • I honestly thought it was a joke. Till I realized I wrote every possible SS#.
    Xxx-xx-xxxx I'm in the 369 book. Did you notice the group numbers? Multiples of eight.8,16,24,48.
    One thing I did wrong was use a 5 by 7 grid instead of 6 by 6. For some reason FLRX40 are all in the same places on 6,12,18,24,30. Not sure if you caught the six zero's.

    Not sure where these are in relationship to the prime sequence. With 7 every time around the circle I start a new row. Leaving you starting at zero or ending at 36. 0 to 35 is the same as 1 to 36.ABC using zero's returns a strange hump in the array. 000 to 999 or columns 0 to 27. A computer can calculate it in a few seconds.all 1000 numbers sorted by sum.
    This is the four digit program running.

  • This is the numbers fed into a frequency generator. Try listening at high volume on a decent stereo. :)
  • That's really cool.. the sounds. But also the idea you had to convert the numbers to frequency of sound is even cooler! You have a great mind. The middle there gets to sound a lot like a dog whistle it's so high.
  • I was using a program called "auto-it" it can automate many tasks on a computer. Create files, write to files, delete files. Does all sorts of things. Just have to know how to program. When I see sin tax in the bible I think syntax. Like if I had a digital copy of the book I could tell IT to delimit by say "Now" or "break" and IT could tell me how many were in the file. Even the space between " " words could be quickly bible if you do word frequency man=3220 and woman is 0223. The number mirrors itself. Thought that was strange. 38 times "steps" are mentioned but you only "step" twice. When I was looking for a "compass" I found "compass" ion. I also found encompasses the city(town square). The 16 had multiple meanings to me. A compass has 16 point's. And the four by four was 16. Which made 24 points around a circle, maybe not prefect but most would never notice the slight error. Like multiplying a number that goes on forever. You'll never have a exact number. 3.14blah blah to infinity and beyond. The 2 by 2 square makes hexagrams.

    6 north 6 south 12 gaps. Notice the light flashing at 6 cycles per rotation messes with the camera. Light is connected to switch inline with the coils. Switch is made from two magnets sitting side by side one north up and one south up. Wheel is 12 magnets 6 north up and 6 south up. The switch is just far enough away to teeter totter up and down. This makes and breaks contact to a carbon rod. Carbon and iron don't weld but they do burn up after a while. you get a deposit of carbon/iron dust. The iron sticks to the magnets and the carbon just leaves black dust.

    ~~~just read great mind post~~~
    I can show you how to relay multiple messages in the same midi file :)
    A forth, a fifth, a minor fall, a major lift.
  • By the way, I have all of EDL's works in all sorts of formats if you like I can share.
    I have text file, excel by word, excel by character, with spaces, without spaces, jpg at 300dpi and 600dpi. I also have created databases in past and coded routines to sort through as you mentioned. I also have EDM's book in pdf I use for analysis in Photoshop and Autocad.
  • The frequency generator was being fed two numbers ABC and (ABC)3 or something like that.

    °^^ surprised that was still there after looking at other posts.
  • °^^ surprised that was still there after looking at other posts. don't follow
  • In regards to your wine glass. I watched the video before your paragraph description so at first I was like.. "is a little explanation asking too much for an idiot like me!?".. but then once I saw your explanation it helped a bit. But I don't understand what the tall object your touching is. .. you mention secondary coil. I don't understand why you touch it.. are you putting in your energy into the circuit. I don't understand what the purpose of the experiment is. .. to see sparks like Tesla used to do? I see radial sparks which is interesting to me.. I can see some potential if you could get parts of the circle to spark at different times.. as in perpetual motion perhaps.. though I really know nothing of I speak here.

    When it comes to these types of videos on youtube, etc.. I get frustrated because I want to learn.. but most "magnet heads" either A. Assume you know what they are doing.. or B. Don't want any non-magnet heads to know. LOL I can't determine which. As you see from my style.. I bend over backwards to describe as much and illustrate as much as I can in what I'm trying to share to save others confusion. Seems since I started studying EDL.. people love the mystery and to shroud their experiments in very least semi-secrecy. For instance, back in 2005 I built Jon De'Pew's "Equilibrius Grid" device.. long before all people later do it today. What led to our falling he shared.. I built.. he suggested I create a website.. I did.. and asked him everything ok to post and not. .then unfortunately accused me of stealing his stuff. Then today I see WAY more on youtube with his stuff from others than I ever imagined doing.. LOL. ironic. Sort of turned me off to the whole thing.. so stuck to the math and codes.
  • G11,
    I'm just getting to lots of your posts. Sorry.. busy with work from home.

    About the verses in Kings and Chronicles.. that is pretty amazing. I will look closer at the differences. Must mean something for sure.

    About this:
    22/7 have any meaning to you?
    I know it from several different angles.. obviously it's Ancient PI.. and worked into the Pyramid design. Also know 7 hands is the Royal Egyptian Cubit rather than the standard 6 hand cubit. I've done lots of experimenation with it. I love doing exercises in Excel over the years like the one I showed you for Cicada primes to quickly find every possible combination of a list compared to itself.. sums, products, differences, etc. One of my favorite hobbies is what I think many ancients did is to let's say divide every number from 1 to 10,000 by every other number 1 to 10,000 and have a grid of all combinations. Then I search for my favorite irrational numbers.. like Pi, PHI, squaring the circle constant, etc. I then look for patterns in the whole number ratios and compare to others. I learned a great deal this way. I've done it with primes and index as well.

    So, 22/7 also instantly has one of my favorite topics come to mind:.. squaring the circle constant of sqrt(1/pi)... or 0.564x.. So, when I see 22/7 now I think of 22/39 or 39/22.

    I also get a lot out of it involving EDL.. and that might be what you're alluding to.. but mysteriously elusive if an answer to a question I gave you about Tetrahedrons. Stack cannon balls in a tetrahedral pattern of triangles stacked on top of each other.. 1,1+2,1+2+3.... all the way to 22 triangle. Then EDL's works are amazingly similar. 2024 cannonballs in a 22 layered stacked tetrahedron. Top 15 layers are 680 cannonballs. This leaves the bottom 7 layers with 1344 cannonballs. ED's first work of A Book in Every Home is 681 lines of text including page numbers.. the 681st being "world.". The next 4 works have 1343 lines of text. So, we see a +1, -1 centered on the word "world."..the second thing Elohim created in Gen 1:1.

    I have briefly contemplated the fact that the 15/7 relationship of the layers is also the 22/7 of ancient pi.

    I also have gone very deep into another thing that I consider "Dimensional Gateways" of numbers. For instance, I look at comparing a sphere and cube in various dimensions:

    2*pi*r = 4 ....circumference/perimeter squaring the circle

    pi*r^2 = 1.... area squaring the circle

    4*pi*r^2 = 6 ... surface area cube and sphere

    (4*pi*r^3)/3 = 1... volume cube and sphere

    What amazes me right off the bat is the pattern moving through the dimensions. For example, the first one is in the squaring the circle relationship with the 2nd one:

    0.63661977 = r = 2/pi
    0.56410256 = r = sqrt(1/pi)

    0.63661977 / 0.56410256 = 1.128553 = 2 * 0.56410256

    So, it's a long answer to your question.. but you asked. LOL
    You see that if you substitute 22/7 in the equations above.. you can see where 22/7 and 22/39 come into play.

  • One way of looking at it:

    sqrt (7 / 22) = 22 / 39
  • The wine glass video, I have two. One shows the coiled wine glass(I'll find it). My shroud of secretcy is because some of these devices have deadly consequences. I was using the wine glass as my gap. It was connected to the 12 guage wire coil at the base of the 18" coil.then a 7kv transformer on a dimmer switch. I got told to remove a lot of videos because I put no,
    WARNING will Robinson
    2013 I was going through some bad times and some guy named Carlos got his hands on most of my projects, then next thing I know I have people saying they are hearing my ideas, but not hearing my name being mentioned. So for a few years I stopped posting ideas so others could take credit.

    Most just see sand moving around.
    Some notice.
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