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  • .. guess it would be asking too much to ask a photo of these words?
    and maybe an older one that proves someone else didn't carve them after EDL died?

    .. on the "Mars stone" and the Admission Star.
    ..and .... why do we ignore ED's tour story for what these stones represent and go with the "STORY ACCORDING TO RL POOLE"? What back story relationship would EDL's tour have meant to have you really associate the "MARS" stone with "SPICA"?
  • OH FUCK NO!! I am no disciple of him! he's here to pick on me and attempt to rub his shit in my face. Essentially he only came here to promote himself. I only gave him the benefit of the doubt, as this is not my site, to not bring out our bullshit here. I called him out on his inaccuracies on his youtube, and he attacked my enigma videos out of spite. He's not responding, cause he's basically on our turf so to say, and he can't hang with REAL ed codebreakers and researchers. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
    Dave, the only person I've ever discipled under is you. Or ever will. Otherwise, I don't need discipleship by anyone else. If you haven't noticed, I have an excellent codebreaking relationship with ed. I get it, and I'm always getting closer.
    He's not gonna answer, unless you want to donate to his kickstarter.
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    The circle constitution posted is close, forgot the four lines of the big square. The triple 6, wasn't about metal. 1+2+3=6,4+5+6=15(1+5=6), 7+8+9=24(2+4=6). From 111 to 999 there is 504 numbers that are true to A<>B,B<>C,C<>A. "<>" is "not equal". The 24 point circle cut in half is 12 points like a clock, the 36 point circle is for codes. Six by six square place every letter and 0 through 9, or just do 1 to 36. If the top row is 1,10,2,11,3,12...2nd 19,28,20,29,21, should see a pattern. If you fold the six by six so only 3/4's of them are showing. This is another type of coded message.
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    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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    The number of man, man has a first middle and last name. It wasn't until I took the array all the way to A<>I, that the file became to big so I broke it down to 504 files named by the first number, middle number, and last number. Good for suduko puzzles. Something like 383,484 combination's of 1 to 9. So random nine numbers 528469317 would be found in file567, section [15/19/11]. Only took a computer six weeks to complete. The 504 a computer can calculate in seconds. Use nested loops of A,B,C. For A=1 to 9,For B=1 to 9, For C=1 to 9,.............. next,next,next. Should return 18 columns of data. The root number 6 is the only number in three columns. The 6,15,24 sums return a total of sixty. You'll find every multiple of six up to 10*6 except 6*6. Which the first 36 numbers summed together equals 666.this is what the bible was saying. Frequency words, like three times only does a bible speak about 666. 1 kings 10 verse 19. 1+0 equal 1 ,1+9=(10)1+0=1. Then compare second chronicles chapter 9 with first kings chapter ten. They are slightly different for a reason. Unfortunately the contents have been changed in newer versions. So the coded message isn't there any more.
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    this is the ABC array. I guess it helps to turn java on.
  • Things I learned from Ed's writings.

    I'm sure with a bigger tripod I could build a bigger hammer. The 12 volt system powers the driver and the wheel. The capacitor's store the high voltage bemf. The rock gets hit with the high voltage spike. Why he says to ring twice. Two coils connecting SN-NS will repel each other. Equal but opposite of each other. Peddling a bike to turn the alternator to charge the battery is cheaper than using gas to turn the wheel. Once the wheel is up to speed it doesn't use enough power to illuminate a bulb. Lights will light up from the magnets. Like I show people how one wire connection to the iron of a pmh will power a speaker or LED lights. According to my volt meter there is no voltage present. So what is it?

  • Like the army...left,left,left,right,left..
    You should find yourself going in circles.

  • G11,
    Give me a couple days to mull this stuff over. Right off the bat, I can tell we think about similar things.. in similar ways..but also different ways as well. Which is very towb. I appreciate the comments immensely..especially if they go somewhere. lol
  • Years ago, Matt Emery sent me a copy of a book in every home. Another guy found the same message I did except we had done it different ways. "For the protection of human life" was the reason for not revealing how he did things. When I was told how to make gold, one of the warnings I was given, is if you over cook it, it becomes radioactive. May be the reason so much gold was in the tomb's.
  • g11,
    I've been working on your stuff and trying to make heads or tails of what you're getting at. I did find a pattern of blue, red, yellow, green squares with 9 each.. in that order. And I see you fold it into a cube somehow..which I'm going to try and figure out now.

    I also see the 6x6 square doesn't seem to be magic.. at least yet. I just started.. so give me some time to figure this out. I know I've done similar exercises in my past.
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    Try groups of to bottom center columns 2,11. Should sum 222. Center going across left to right should sum 222. Both diagonals should sum 222. Blue is root is root times two.yellow is root times 3 and green is root times four.

  • Hard to tell the paper is folded into a 3d shape
  • I find it odd that your 504 words.. has only 491
    13 missing...which is ECHAD or ONE in Hebrew.

    Since you didn't answer my question .. i will put my toe in the water to test the temperature. I see how you could do a cipher mapping plaintext that is really ciphertext..that reduces to a cipher number.. a 3 digit code...that then relates to that 504 words in that list. So, last part would be something akin to Slater's Telegraphic Code Book that has 25000 words in a dictionary numbered 1 to 25,000. Still foggy as to exactly how it could be done, but there is many ways I can think of in general.

    By the way, not sure if you know that there is exactly 504 inches between the sundial and moondial gnomon centers. Measured it myself several times.
  • Try groups of to bottom center columns 2,11. Should sum 222. Center going across left to right should sum 222. Both diagonals should sum 222.I see.. so in 6x6 magic square .. each line is 111.. but here you fold the square into a 3-sided "tetrahedron"??.....and each face sums to 222. The parts that are folded in half..I'll have to see if you have to cut them in half..when adding the front to the back piece that fold underneath of it. Wow.. you think of this playing around or get it somewhere else?
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