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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • We know hardly anything about the magnetic fields which permeate our universe. So when I see it is a magnetic universe in which magnetodynamics take the forefront its cause that is to say but then Lemic magnetic field creates the electric fields which we utilise extensively in our Physics descriptions. The electromagnetic spectrum is 99.9% magnetohydrodynamics.

  • One of the most basic statements that Ed made was that magnetism was the cosmic force. I was attracted to this forum because Yehovah allowed me to complete a desire I had ever since entering into university, and that was to explain magnetism and everything else in terms of magnetism. I can’t say that I understood what I was aiming to do but I can say I have a notebook in which I placed my initial ideas of a magnetron based on the simple bar magnet. Of course I have had to modify those initial ideas but it was not until Ed that I had any idea in which direction to go. now I am blind but very happy to see the magnetic universe and fold ♥️♥️

  • The magnetic universe is the fundamental and undeniable basis for physics of reality. It provides a continuous substrate in which regions are defined by frequency and complex materiality is defined in terms of complex combinations of frequencies. The best model of these dynamics are based on trochoidal Dynamics which may be devolved into translations and rotations

  • This video is mainly interesting because of the explanation of residence. It has taken me Many years of trying to find a simple model of the behaviour of a bar magnet to winkle out the false assumption that complicates it all. The Doppler effect crystallised it for me When I realised that the magnetic field is the substrate which is isolated and three principal modes: longitudinally, transversely, and rotationally. A bar magnet is immersed in this field and concentrate the field within itself. A bar magnet is not the source of the field but it is the source of the disturbance in the field. That is why rotating the bar magnet literally makes no difference to the behaviours which we observe A concentrating medium introduces a direction to these waves emissions, however the wave emissions result in bulk displacement in the magnetic field, And the interaction of these displacements are represented by constructive and destructive Superposition. When the interaction is destructive then the concentrating object is forced together by the surrounding magnetic field So that it acts in the most efficient way as one concentrating object in the field. We see this happening in terms of residents behaviour as well as attractive/pushed together behaviour. Rule of thumb is the opposite cancel well the same add to one another. Very mathematical And therefore now easy to model mathematically. ♥️♥️

  • The magnetic universe as far as we know it, but all the measurements made under the restrictions of the dusty clouds In the plasma universe. Yehovah in the tanach describes this region above a thin film called an expanse, which film is called something watery as water above this thin film that is watery. It cannot be escaped in the Hebrew that the vast expanse of out of space is described as an ocean and that is a thin watery film like that of a bubble separates us from this great ocean water. Today we call this ocean plasma and term at the fourth state of matter, but essentially what we are finding evidence of is the cosmic Magnetic field of which and in which all that week or material consists, And in fact our concept of materiality may very well mislead us from that which is called in Hebrew are rushing wind

  • When we leave the illusion of a particle or an atom and move o faradays concept of a boscovich Atom. Such an atom is not a particle but the region of force behaviour. So his assertion that electric multiples exist is indeed a bit of slight of hand! The variation of an underlying magnetic substrate is the fundamental cause of all so-called electric behaviour Because that variation can be longitudinal, transversal, and finally rotational will always get a dipole two ways which the variation can be said to move.
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