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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • The Stern Gerlack experiment is a magnetic diffraction experiment. However light diffraction is usually explained using a sine oscillation and angle of path length of propagation . It is not explained that the consequential interaction occurs at the slit or sharp edge,and merely projects or propagates to the screen of observation. . Instead of using path length to determine angle we should point out the phase of the interacting light determines the interaction result. . That phase is propagated radially and so the interference pattern is projected radially. . The question of dispersion now becomes clear. How does a specific phase interaction become visible only at a specific angle from the slit, edge or collimator?

    We reimburse extigate refrCtion, in which certain frequencies are spread or dispersed, not by path le goth but by frequency . Newton surmised a md Hank al attraction that was the cause of refraction at a boundary , an attraction that varied with frequency or corpuscle “kind”. Fresnel simply showed that wavelength and path length accounted for the angle precisely. . Later models related slit spacing to maxima and minima of diffracted intensities precisely.. thesingle split interference pattern therefore became a mystery..

    Understand that if we start with an interference pattern as a fundamental primitive, then interference patterns will interact to give : another interference pattern!

    So let us realise that the single split or sharp edge is a fundamental normal behaviour for any motion near a sharp boundary or between 2 boundaries forming a slit. This behaviour may be viewed mechanically as scattering or as force interactions on dynamic behaviour.
    So let’s u deerstalker dsilver is diamagnetic. It therefore has to be ionised according to current electron theory to become magnetic. It is ionized and a large cation of silver is accelerated through an electric field and the scattered io s are collimated into a beam. Those ions are assumed to be little magnets. They are assumed to be paramagnetic. But silver is diamagnetic so it would be better to see the results of the experiment.

    The results show that silver becomes paramagnetic and diamagnetic in2 species. . These came to be called spin up and spin down. This makes perfect sense. The ion goes one way or the other depending on its magnetic orientTion when it enters the deflector. Also it goes one way or the other dependent on its diamagnetic orientation.

    We know diamagnetic forces are usually weak so we might expect a diamagnetic particle to pass through only slightly deflected..

    Did the experimenters look for the diamagnetic response?

    In any case they looked for the paramagnetic response and were surprised to see the beam split.

    We can explain the results easily assuming parMagnetism, and the experiment shows silver becomes a magnetic dipole when ionized and accelerated . The orientation of the dipole is called its spin, but that is confused with a charge spin supposedly creating, generating magnetic polarity. We do not need this level of explanation if we do not introduce an electron concept into what can well be described Ed as a magnetic behaviour and phenomenon.

    In this explanation she misses out diamagnetism and the field alignment torque The alignment occurs on the fempto second scale at this size but any imbalance paramagnetic will favour one side or the other while diamagnetic will always favour the weaker side.

    So rather than messing about with all this quantum lore let’s just stick to magnets and poles and see how Howard Johnson’s analysis of a magnet into a double dipole structure with vortex spins affects our research in spintronics.

    The magnetic crosstalk between material seeking to bo d is something Ivor Catt discusses in his fast logic chip design manual and the Wakefield experiment on capacitators.

  • We see people making some version of Howard Johnson’s permanent magnet motor applying his principles of assymetric fields and magnetic pulse intensity variation by geometry or topological design. You will find details in the Howard Johnson thread in the library.

    In this video the non linear interactions are pulsed by a gravitationally enhanced magnetic spring lever assembly. . Only part of Johnson’s principles are used, and symmetrical magnets are used assymetrically .

    The design of the magnetic pole and hence the magnetic material is crucial to understanding Johnson’s work, he does not use plain ferromagnetic , but rather enhanced magnetic materials in which the resulting fields are shaped. However he began his research with a cube of ferromagnetic material and looked at diamagnetic copper material when carrying a current around it due to ionisation of the copper material. .see the explanation of the Stern Gerlack experiment in the Library. .

    He confirms Ed’s simple experiment demonstrating 2 magnetic currents as opposing spin vortices, but as yet I have found no clear demonstration of the PMH magnetic current.
  • We now know that in ferromagnetic material the domain walls exhibit diamagnetism!

    This maybe due to the strong vortices impeding each other at their outer limbs or due to diamagnetic material doping in the ferromagnetic material as impurities. Nevertheless these boundaries are morphable at room temperatures indicating that the ionic substructure in the crystalline structure may be viscoelestic !

    Because the magnetic force is 10^39 times more powerful we should expect that simply rubbing a surface will have dramatically greater effect than gravity!

    Tribomagnetism therefore plays a much greater part in our everyday experience of pressure than we realise, and these weak diamagnetic forces may in fact be what we experience as gravity .

    When Eric Laitnwaite drew attention to the effect of spin in a gravity magneto field his colleagues sought to decry his investigations. The wholly mechanical explanation of Gyroscopy, without recourse to Aragon’s disc experiment and the homopolar motor behaviour is of course now ludicrous to entertain!
    Modern Spintronics is a way to change everything into a magnetic Universe
  • So I have spent some considerable time researching Howard Johnson’s discovery. It is not possible to deduce his theory because he has none, making his discovery hostage to fortune.
    However it provides me with some relevant data and insight regarding my own general theory , focussing it on the permanent magnet specifically at this time and maybe the magnetic current around a wire later. In regards to a gyre model I am lead to utilise a rhomboid as a pattern to describe the vortex primitives that are measured in double structure at each pole . I also need to highlight Helmholtz 3 theorems for rotational kinematic..
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    In this useful summary and guide he neglects to reference Howard Johnson, Daniel and Erika Nunez and Randy Powell. However his set up for magnetic wave imprinting on permanent magnets is exciting, but again shaped by particle physics . The Faraday lines of Force manifest in a fluid aether and constitute a magneto dynamic which establishes condensed and evaporated materiality as patterns of these line interactions. To cohere a magnetic wave in matter is to mase such behaviour into a magnetic volume in a weaker coherent state.. magnetic patterning can be built up by tribomagnetism means

    These frequency waves are precisely what the Rodin and Abha coils deal in. Because they are diamagnetic they are not embedded in the coil, but placing a ferromagnetic material within the coil would embed such waves into a ferromagnetic permanent magnet.

    While Eric Laithwaites explanation makes sense it is applicable to standing waves only. Real waves move as Rayleigh or Love waves.. Waves at sea do not roll a ball to shore. What happens is due to diamagnetic repulsion. . The copper and aluminium are pushed away and so move by the varying magnetic repulsion . Lens law is a diamagnetic law , when the field lines diverge the diamagnetic material moves toward the weaker intensity.

  • The plasma aether can now be defined. The history in the west goes back to the houpostasis and the Oisin. The concept of the plenum, evoked by DesCartes to explain wave motion and the propagation of light. Garibaldi was developing a wave theory of light alongside Hooke when Newton burst onto the scene with his corpuscular and ballistic theory of light. More importantly he proposed a more rational quantitative method based on observable premises, not guesses or hypotheses.
    It took a while in Britain for alchemy to be extricated from occultism and purloining the Kings Gold , and Sir Robert Boyle was instrumental in changing the laws which gave religious clerics undue authority over Natural Philosophers
    and Alchemists in particular. It was Boyle who secretly advanced the idea of a mysterious fluid in materiality that had magnetic characteristics and permeated space both with air and in vacuum. He wrote several major treatises on the magnetic universe and magnetic planetary motions due to this fluid.

    It was not observable and so was not admitted into Newton’s initial work on Principles for Astrologers . In fact Newton deliberately excluded all fluids humours and occult things from the outset. Only when his research experiments and quantative analysis demanded it did he introduce a quantative measure for an observable effect where no observable medium was present, thus was born action at a distance, a great puzzle,
    Later the aether as well as hypothesis was adopted leading to uncertainty in general but incredible insight in others.
    It was really Faraday that an experimental approach led to a robust Intuitive depiction of the aether.
    Firstly Helmholtz and Kelvin were taken by the the discovery of vortex structures in fluids. . They hoped to explain molecules by it . However Maxwell was intrigued by Faradays lines and lines of electrostatic force and wanted to organise the vortices into these lines of force , along which electrostatic strain would pass. He initially used Quaternions mathematics to describe the relationships Faraday drew attention to . Later he was forced to use straight line vectors by Kelvin , and this upset Faraday in the end because it meant Maxwell interpreted force not as a general power to manifest behaviours but as a mass by an acceleration in a straight line.

    However Faradays lines of Force became a viable theory only after he used magnetic lines of force to explain diamagnetism. At that moment not only was field theory born on the understanding of a sphere of influence consisting g of these flexible and dynamic lines, it also a description of the trochoidal lay dynamic aether in which all the properties of the luminiferous aether could be vouchsafed to a fluid dynamic medium with the precise properties described by Faradays lines. The aether being dynamic may take every form from points to lines to surfaces and volumes, the fractal structures of these create the particles of everyday life
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    We start in our own backyard. We move from Newtonian corpuscles to nano particles and then beyond.
    We look beyond Newton to his contemporary Hooke and see the fractal geometry in the wings of the butterfly. Micrographua showed us particles of matter playing with and in light.
    The atomic theorist want our reality to be made of particles in an absolute space, but Sir Robert Boyle intimates to Newton that their are fluids which penetrate all mater and all space so that space is not absolute.
    He started with fluids and connected them to magnetic behaviour at all scales. .

    Today this fluid is called a quark soup. It is said to be electromagnetic. . What that means is the 2 camps of philosophers who followed Sir William Gilbert and those who staked their claim to fame in the parlour houses of Europe and the soirées of Royalty and the autocracy and aristocracy on the basis of the electric spark were forced to compromise their funding streams and present a united front.

    I have no funding stream and I say, after so long a time, that it is magnetism that is the fundamental and cosmic force , that now we have shown to be u iversal and Dynamic. It is magnetodynamics , one of the many frequency modes of magnetic behaviour and characterisation that we call electric.

    Beyond our electron microscopes and gamma ray collides is a seething dynamic of magnetic quark fluid, which we may now call plasma. Whether it is material or spiritual I can not say, but it is conscious of all that is in it, all that is of it and all it passes through by fractal geometric dynamics.

    Such a fractal geometric dynamic I have called in simple but inadequate terms Trochoidal
    Surface dynamics in 3 dimensions, and to those not confused by the concept of dimension, I would further clarify that as n dimensions where n is determined by our analytical prowess.

    We go to the plasma astrophysicists who choose a scale where so called electrons are co ceived. .
    What we find is their model fails to comply to observed behaviours in the galaxies. The electric theorists do not want magnetic behaviour to be fundamental, so they minimise the influence to magnetic field in an absolute space called a seed field and then try to ramp it up by an electron bombardment in a collision less manner to generate an intense electromagnetic field through electrodynamic coupling or spin orbital coupling or both .

    The problem is there dynamo does not work.

    When I was a lad a dynamo worked by a magnetodynamic interaction with a conducting material known to be diamagnetic since the field theory of Faraday was Proposed by him in the 1850’s. However Faraday built his theory on Electrostatics, Maxwell twisted it into the common notion of Electromagnetics by incorporating electrodynamics from Ampére. No one understood Òrsteds conception of a rotational dynamic which may as well be called magnetodynamics, being indistinguishable from a dynamic magnetic field . And yet from the musings and propositions of Boyle such a dynamic is cosmic and celestial in its applications.

    We finish with Velikovskys astrophysics. We find why electromagnetic theory is disabling in understanding g p,asm dynamics and planetary behaviours. So close and yet so far!

  • Straight away we find out how poor our so called universal understanding of the Cosmos really is.

    Our best understanding of Magnetic structure and behaviour is still that bequeathed to us by Faraday. Ed’s contribution and Howard Johnson’s contribution extend that theory minimally. We have no dynamo of cause for magnetism just a trochoidal dynamo of curvilinear Faraday magnetic tubes .
    Ken wheeler provides us with visualisations of these Trochoidal dynamics as does Howard Johnson.

    Faradays convergent and divergent lines and surfaces describe what structure we would expect to be around materiality at all scales , and how the shape distributes these surfaces, Instead of expecti g a bar magnet we should expect a magneto dynamic and so magnetically and electrically active generator signal out
    It from all celestial bodies- gravity has to be explained magneto dynamically

  • Ivor Catt described Eric as a theory N guy in vontrast to his theoryC. TheoryC was basically the theory that a lamp was lit by a wave coming through it sideways,not by a fictitious current in a wire. The aTEM wave is a step voltage wave , showing the energy from a battery propagates around a conductor , guided by it , not by electrons moving in a wire. The Wakefield Capacitance experiment demonstrated that a capacitor trapped a reciprocating transverse wave , which then discharges at half the voltage measure in the capacitor as an electrostatic voltag for twice the pulse length.
    Now I was not an electronic engineer so the significance of what he was describing and it’s context eluded me a bit. In electronic circuits and fast logic circuits they deal with capacitor pulse discharges and charging. A typical voltmeter and multimeter works on the tuned charge discharge cycle of a circuit or a logic element. So a logic element typically will have a semiconductor capacitor which will charge and then discharge producing a pulse . In an RC circuit that pulse will be tuned to a certain frequency . This oscillation is a normal occurrence of an RC circuit and it sets up a frequency of oscillation.
    Basic R circuits only seem to show direct current or one long pulse, or a short or burn out pulse. .
    This voltage pulse we assume is a current in a wire in modern electromagnetic theory and it lead to problems in designing fast logic circuits. Ivor’s breakthrough was to realise that these fast logic pulses were behaving as transmission lines which deliver AC current. In anmAC circuit no current is said to flow, but rather it is depicted as an oscillating compression wave .
    The TEM wave was considered by Ivor Catt as an HxE propagation without sine wave variation .

    Sine wave variation was introduced to analyse circuits by Fourier Transformation and to describe these pulse RC circuits. And any signal processing.
    Ivor now applied this step pulse to R circuits. . Immediately it reveals a problem: where does the charge come from in a wire? It is not allowed to be carried along in a current moving at the speed of light , so it must move up to the surface of the conductor. .if so there is no current in a conductor! Josephson explained this as a traffic jam analogy , again allowing the inference that there is no current in a conductor.
    What difference does it make? Ivor has written several articles on how it makes everything simpler, does away with the need for sine waves and can dramatically simplify fast logic designs.
    If we are not dealing with current what are we dealing with?
    We are dealing with capacitance and inductance.
    In an electronic circuit we typically focus on the pulse width or duty cycle of a capacitor. . In a conductor we tend to neglect its inherent capacitance. However a conductor has capacitance which is very small and so very fast, this capacitance spreads very quickly throughout the conductor, that is to say, for a given volume of conductor its charge discharge cycle is in femtoseconds. Thus we see a voltage pulse propagate along a conductor and guided by the conductor. However Ivor points out this is an electrostatic AND a magneto static phenomenon, a TEM step wave. .
    In addition it is observed not in the conductor but around it in the dielectric and diamagnetic/ paramagnetic medium surrounding the conductor.
    Ampére said it is not sensible to think of this as a moving electrostatic phenomenon, we should call it an electrodynamic phenomenon. Amongst the first things researchers did was to adapt his dynamic courrante terminology to existing electrostatic ideas and keep electrostatics sacrosanct. Later when Faradays research showed a dynamic magnetic field induced a pulse magnetostatic was kept sacrosanct by this same current. So electromagnetic theory is a stitching g together of electrostatics and magnetostatic by a dynamic current.

    It is time to base our understNding on a dynamical theory, the best being a magnetodynamic always theory with a magnetohydrodynamical depiction as the best foundational theory.
    So far I have briefly mentioned inductance.
    In an RCL circuit we find not only the natural pulse frequency but also the natural alternating pulse frequency for a material. What this means as Eric explains is that materiality has a natural AC frequency and behaviour and this exist in space as a plasma environment just as Tesla said. This natural AC variation is what some like to call zero point energy. It is perpetually present and we can tap into it free of charge with the right set up. To do so we need to tune in our loops and coils capacitors and inductors and condensers semiconductors and material junctions to the best effect.

    Faradays theory of magnetic lines of force which was carefully derived by Faraday, first of all needs to be u derstood in 3D as trochoidal dynamic surfaces of magnetic force and secondly updated using the methods of Howard Johnson so we can relate it to our modern electronic measurement schemes and ultimately to spintronics in a more magnetohydronamkcal wave formulation.
    Howard Johnson’s equipotdntial maps , maps also used to map earths magnetic field strength and magnetic field structure( so called anomalies) shows interesting patterns around the ubiquitous bar magnet. How this relates to Faradays field line theory has neglected to be explore d. We have been negligent in tying these two descriptions tightly together. So we have the debate about magnetic reconnection being incoherently understood when we could explore it using a bar magnet and a hall sensor measuring tool.

    In effect the MMS mission is doing that at a planetary scale and reporting contours of the trochoidal dynamic surfaces. Howard Johnson gave us a glimpse of these contours around a bar magnet,just enough to whet our appetites but few are biting or if they are they are desperately trying to get round his Patents.

    This section.

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    There is a time when the fruit of your labours can not be reasonably denied.

    The consciousness that is the universe is so way above human that it is not surprising we find it hard to recognise it. Accept it reveal itself to us we would not believe. And the cool thing is that Faradays magnetic tubes and surfaces theory expressed as lines is a fundamental primitive to our understandindpg of the power of a dynamic universe, that is intelligent and biological in its manifestation.

  • The revealing analogue relates to Howard Johnson’s description of a bar magnet . It is a magnetohydrodynamic object not a dielectric one per se.

    So the topology of these dynamic fluxes is a vortex tube that is a closed loop . But now compare this to Howard Johnson’s designs..
    Transverse flux motors hides the general principle of vortex rotation in a magnetic flux.

  • These perturbations are evidence of the Fourier sum of rotational dynamics in a free rotating body which is in a fluid plasma medium.
    Firstly no astronomer supports the physics notion called empty space. No theoretical physicist worth his salt does either. Secondly the solution to the Navier stokes equations for a system in a non linear compressible medium show , as Claes Johnson puts it , elegant vorticular separation . Such a spinning ball in space is not gyroscopically stable in a medium of variable density such as a so called magnetic wind. .
    Now the technicalities of a mantle level called a tachocline or a low velocity zone is mot. It provides a slippery boundary layer for a mantle to shift upon or indeed evidence of a hollow interior making surface shifts more probable due to a lower mechanical density. , and a faster restoration of stability. .
    In any case , the natural magnetic density structure in motion give rise to sound heat , electric and the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation , which in interaction with the sun drives the rotational dynamics we witness in our solar system. . Consider for example the sun earth system as a PMH, then the step down current that runs through the earth will depend on the suns behaviour continually and cyclically, while its physical gyroscopic rotation will be free to wobble dramatically should the sun emit a violent CME. .
    We live in a magnetic universe, with a Boscovich Force dynamic , and a Faraday Theory of lines , tubes, sheaths and volumes of force in a fluid dynamic mechanism , which fluid we now call a plasma.

  • Those of you who have followed my threads and hypotheses know that I am not theoretically challenged by these trochoidal dynamic events. However that is not to say that I predicted anything. Rather I hold that our models must be based on trochoidal dynamics in a scale free fractal distribution, where applicability is then arrived at by evidential measures found experimentally.
    In addition I ground the fundamental primitive dynamic in magnetic frequencies and phases and amplitudes.

    Fortunately for us the universe is run by YHWH through his Son Yeshua Ben Miriam bat Yosef,
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    Fortunately for us the universe is run by YHWH through his Son Yeshua Ben Miriam bat Yosef,

    Having said that, did you ever think about that what mainstream science says about the universe might not be true at all?
  • @Gardener
    Yes, when I found out that most men are liars and only a few have integrity. There are those who know what true means and those who use Truth to promote lies. So if I model an observable behaviour I can only ever say how true my model is not ever that it is The Truth .
    But after so long a time I have walked imperfectly with YHWH and accept that it is true and it’s Torah has withstood all challenges. So it is my best guide to what is true and in faith I I declare it as The Yruth if anything is to be called such 🙏🏿
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