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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • Whatever model you use we can simply say that vibration creates changes in magnetic behaviour that leads to electrification. <3
    Ed's rocking chairs are a clue to this, as well as hysteresis..which is shaped and acts like a?

    The hysteresis curve appears as a fundamental ordering characteristic in these elemental and compound materials. Absolutely!

    So essentially the fundamental ground to magnetic theory is there exists a Universal magnetic field!! Ok field behaviour or field concept is more accurate, but it's everywhere!
    Within that field materiality distinguishes itself by modifying the field. Yep!

    All these things apply to the secret..Good stuff Jehovajah!
  • Jehovajah said:

    . Finally so-called gravity is a very weak effect of this magnetohydrodynamic construction, it is a very weak but pervasive charge attraction generated by varying magnetic potential.

    Heh, love the 'so-called gravity'... ;-)

  • The “so-called gravity” is very appropriate term. IMHO there’s no gravity as in “matter attracting matter”.

  • Once again to give you an idea of Yehovah how powerful Grassman quaternion Fourier transform are In describing magnetic behaviour in the real world.
  • Gardener said:

    The “so-called gravity” is very appropriate term. IMHO there’s no gravity as in “matter attracting matter”.

    Agree..."so-called gravity" is appropriate....Gravity is not at all what we've been led to believe.
  • Latest findings by the wise satellite

    Go to suspicious observers YouTube channel for December 15 2019, there you will hear about cold stars! This makes no sense if the Sun is based on a nuclear fission or fusion model. But as I have suggested everything is based on the dynamic variation of magnetic behaviours, as modelled by rotational dynamics Of the most complex Fourier transforms, or Grassman twisters which inevitably have mirror images (metaphorically) in terms of observed behaviours. Called stars and catastrophes are part and parcel of this model, And requires precise matching with experimental and observable quantities in order for the model to become accurate and potentially a useful predictor in the short term, the very short term.
  • In trying to mathematically model magnetism by rotational theory, the physical effects are often stripped away to give the worst possible description using the minimalist approach . The job then is to approximate closer and closer to the actual behaviour on the physical object by adding certain constraints and assumptions. It is these constraints and assumptions which make up the useful part of any abstract theory.

    However it is always good to understand the actual physical object with a physical model. Here the heatsink and the laser is embedded in it give an interesting physical model of magnetism. There is something in bedded in materiality which emits amplified Force. I have referred to this as masing . Within the body of a for a magnetic material cavities exist which we called domains. These domains omit the force that we call magnetism. They are at a frequency which is below the Glow mode common in electrical discharge plasmas, and you are transmitting by a wave process I thought we called magnetic to other magnetically ordered Materials.
    The common concept of likes repelling in my opinion should be replaced by likes attract, and opposite cancel. So with this Paradyne the north pair will attract More of this north behaviour, as will the south bay. But the north and south but I will cancel out this behaviour. Where is behaviour is absent the surrounding magnetodynamic forces the materials together

    When we consider the magnetic action theoretically we perforce exclude any materiality between the two polar sources. This is a mistake. Not only are the polar sources marker the concentration of materiality between the two poles But it also mark the point of action for the action of it at a distance model.
    Action at a distance is one of those theoretical descriptions that is a physical impossibility. There is always a medium between the points of action however that medium does not have a uniform density. So to try and model this kind of behaviour by means of a uniformly dense rope for example leads to some technical problems. However we free ourselves from the wave concept as being energy passing through uniform and dense material and considerate as energy expanding and contracting the density of the material, to be clear to be clear the energy is compacting and also verifying the medium so that the density is nonuniform within the medium, then we can understand the magnetic force as a transference of that energy to appoint A point of concentration. At this point of concentration motion and acceleration become fully apparent.
    We must always remember that when Newton defined density he did so to make the mathematics useful. But density itself is evidently a force that exists around concentrated with you. By balancing these horses against each other and using reduced this forceTo another factor in his equations, but is balanced quotient. In reality density is physically active.

  • We see here how the structure of the crystal lattice affects the magnetic face. So for the crystal lattice in which magnetic domains Become evident, we can see that the tightness of the structure, the pressure between the domains, and the orientation of the remains affects the microscopic presentation of magnetic force at given temperatures.
    Bearing in mind that the temperature is really a heat pressure reading we see how heat pressure of the contracting or expending determines the microscopic magnetic behaviour of a crystal lattice structure.
    Because if we take Magnus isn’t as a primitive and then we can build really useful in understanding what the structural behaviour of for a magnetic antiferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials, And how electricity as a diamagnetic wave transmits as guided by the conducting material. In reference to copper, and the twisting of the copper wire, we can see How to rotational and winding transmission of this magnetic current becomes evident.
    We can also see how chemical activity and the activity reactive activity permits the creation and transmission of magnetic current from a fluid throughA conducting/copper substrate guide.
  • Even this latest research supports Ed and faradays magnetic ordering of the universe. Faradays magnetic tubes of Force are well justified here. And even though the usual lines of a magnetic talk drawn around a bar magnet are misleading, because they are represented as a static entity rather than a dynamic equilibrium, still they are being valid and useful intuitive to that is down to faradays divinely revealed insight.
    Maxwells original quaternion version of his mathematical modelling of faradays concepts Will prove to be the best way to model this rotational dynamic. Him and Grassman gave us the general theory of which quaternions are a very special case that can be constructed.
  • This is the most direct statement supporting a magnetic universe. The metaphor of a bar magnet used should not be taken too far. Magnetic fields are within all materials and the strength of the polarisation Depends on many factors not least of which is a coherent direction which create a squeeze effect which projects the magnetic field way beyond the material in which it is concentrated
    This site has a lot of exclamations, but I found this one most helpful.
    The anode and cathode are emitters and receivers of magnetic energy in its dynamic form, sometimes called an electric field or the field of electrons. By placing a permanent magnetic field orthogonal to the dynamic field A vortex field is created. It is not a shear Field because my credit behaviour is trochoidal in nature. This is with a brilliant explanation of the resonating cavities as musical instruments makes a very clear point. Masing Is such a fundamental behaviour of cavities that we tend to overlook them in every day applications. Who would compare a flute to a laser? But the excitation principle is exactly the same.
    Taking this a step further, we can model the so-called particle nature of magnetic behaviour as emissions from excited cavities.

    In any case do not be persuaded otherwise this is magnetodynamic universe. ♥️

  • There is only one force in the universe and it is magnetodynamic. This highly energetic magnetic variation in the magnetic field behaviour gives rise to every other force and mess that we may perceive. When we get to the frequency and energy required for the so-called electric phenomenon we come to understand that the behaviour of this magnetic dynamic is quantised. Everything is essentially quantised because the behaviour is chocker oil because the behaviour of magnetic fields is a trochoidal

  • Great news for the magnetic universe and the magneto dynamic exclamation of materiality!
  • So the sun is not a giant burning ball of hydrogen and helium anymore?
    I see they use a metal ball as an anode in their experiment. So they must be feeding it energy to make it work.

    What if the real sun is actually a convergence point of magnetoelectric energies and fields over the earth?

    I will post some very interesting videos on this matter soon.
  • This is the latest video presentation of the sapphire project and there exclamation of plasma cosmology. They didn’t start with an empty universe, emotion which is not understandable to the human brain in any case, But one filled with a day if use plasma variable concentration and density. From the point of view ofYehovah this material is called shamayim A primitive concept which really means that witches water, or probably better that which is a fluid. Nothing to bear in mind is the rotational dynamics within this fluid. It is my hypothesis that this rotational dynamic is in fact make need to dynamism, and that using this as a ground or a sound basis we can derive the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum And it’s effects in space in forming condensed and also expensive materiality.

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