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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • Juno reveals that magnetic bodies have many South poles not just single bar magnet type South Poles. We also know from the Sun and from the Earth but these polls are dynamic. Thus a magneto static version of Mexican is wholly misleading

  • Electromagnetic, the term, hides the fundamental importance of magnetism . It also skews the natural idea magnetism is the universal basis for understanding electricity. Dynamic magnetism is so clear and obvious that it is a wonder that it is overlooked. However it is the philosophical stance that materiality comes first, then the properties materiality embedded within materiality that causes the misconception. Boscovich and Faraday avoid this conundrum when making the properties fundamental aspects of space, however conceived. Rather than conceiving of space as Particulate, it is better to conceive of space as it continues ductile fluid. Then the properties of this space shape the regions into particles governed by various fractal constraints and laws, which nevertheless have a simple structure which is iteratively applied .

    One of the simplest and most fundamental properties of such place has to be rotation, that is a dynamic ceaseless activity. It is my contention then, that this rotation is what is observed at our level as magnetic behaviour.

  • Leibniz monads and Newton’s point particles( fluid of points) combined
  • Why can we jump?

    We can jump because the magnetic forces are greater within a distance of 10 m from the surface of the Earth and the “gravitational” forces exist between dipoles. New formulae, discussed above, which is a Boscovich version of force theory indicates that within certain distances the repulsive takes precedence, and then at larger distances the attractive force take precedence. We will find that the boiler coats theorem, which deals with so-called imaginary quantities, which are really circular water use affectively with this issue..

  • I have made the connection through the work of Boskovich, and the video of Robert Alton regarding Boscovich universal force theory, which should enable me to see space as a fluid that is fluid set of points each of which has properties, and which should enable me to connect that to a quaternion block of points.

    The Fractal generators which are use especially Quasz, generally have two standard iterations. The Julius iteration which basically keeps C constant I can now identify as a Laminar flow type model. The Mandelbrot situation which basically allows see to wonder all over the entire quaternion block, I can now see as a turbulent iteration model, therefore it models turbulence flows.

    The almost self similar model formula which Mandelbrot emphasised that is Z= Z+ C
    Has many variations and possible complicated expression, for example
    Z= Z^2+ C
    We're both Z and C are quaternions and the algebra is a quaternion algebra.

    Quaternions can take many forms, have many expressions, but I will be interested in the expression that I believe represents dipoles. In point of fact the form Z+ C is a dipolar form.

  • To see how iterating the diffusion equation could produce the iconic Mandelbrot pattern but more specifically the Mandelbulb forms
  • The more I meditate on the subject, the more I appreciate the concept of current. Current is not specific it applies across many phenomena. In this particular instance we want to assert that magnetic is prior to electric current with an intermediary of electromagnetic currentW Well magnetic current must be a primitive, because no cause can be really given for magnetic current, it is a sound foundation for developing any other type of current.

    The misleading conception which dominates today is the magneto static conception. To understand the magnet as being static or even an equilibrium is to misunderstand the role of fluid dynamic current in establishing standing waves and surfaces .

  • The latest animation of the cosmic vortex.

    The Birkland current is precisely Ed’s magnetic current. Why is it primarily a magnetic current which causes plasma flow rather than the commonly held view? Electric currents begin and end , but magnetic currents are ceaseless. . They are known and defined to loop endlessly, at all scales and thus fractals. . Because we are unfamiliar with trochoidal dynamics we find it difficult to conceive of a rotational dynamic that connects and discretises at all scales. Thus amplitude, frequency and phase are sufficient to depict all observable dynamics .

    The so called double layer is a fundamental dipole of magnetic behaviour and is easily transformed into a charge potential difference. This would define space and materiality as N indeterminate fluid in magnetic dynamic or trochoidal dynamic.

  • When a magnetic current engages a magnetic body or reservoir, it co structively interferes with the rotational dynamic. Thus we would expect trochoidal surfaces to be dynaibally altered and this to diffuse toward the rotational centre , interacting with currents diffusing away from the centre. .

    The adjustments would be observed as earthquakes, magnetic tidal anomalies atmospheric dynamics altering wind patterns.
    Within the core magnetic current induction would be interfered with in some rotational diffraction pattern, ie hot and cooler spots distributed by diffraction modes.

  • Giant lodestone spherical magnet!. The magnetic poles of a bar magnet are dynamic filamentary regions . These are the strands of a magnetic vortex complex in dynamic activity .
    The dynamo nonsense does not explain magnetic behaviour. Where is the dynamo in a bar magnet?
    However dynamic magnetism does explain electric charge and is electro mode magnetic behaviour.u

  • Rotational or trochoidal dynamics is based on a circulating induction force. Thus nothing necessarily moves but the induced potential or polarity changes at any measured position. .
    A posited aether that is fluid like, is indeterminate between physical or spiritual status, that is materiality or immateriality, we measure or record some change.

    It is an accepted measure that polarity of the suns magnetic induction varies continuously. It is sufficient and necessary to base all other variations on this fundamental measurement. . Appreciating this dipolarity enables us to envisage a bipolar fundamental which can interact in quanta to generate smaller or larger potential bi poles. We call these as a collective name dipoles.

    Thus everything may be apprehended as a variation in a complex region of bipoles or a dipolar region
    This technical article assumes magneto hydrodynamics plays a crucial role in Astronomical jet formation.

    While it does not say replace neutrinos by a better more complex magnetodynamic , I do.

    Particle physics is too simp,e a model for many everyday behaviours let alone for these powerful astronomic events. .

    The so called Musca sheet is another magnetodynamic structure indicating rotational dynamics of space is obscured by particle physics. The sheet like magnetic structure is a trochoidal dynamic of filamebtary magnetic currents or strings in translational as well as mode

    I have discussed magnetic bubbles in previous posts and so called magnetic reconnection or double layer collapse. . Measurements now confirm these fundamental fractal rotational dynamics. . The filamentary structure of magnetic behaviour existing as short or long intertwined
    Ined strings of vorticular trochoidal define materiality at distinct amplitudes frequencies and phases. The constructive and destructive interaction of these bubbles or ropes are implosive or explosive of energy

  • From electrical measures (ohms,volts,amps) to astronomical sensing magnetic current is foundational. It is a magnetic universe and magnetic current is fundamental.

  • Because we are taught that cold is the absence of heat we ignore the cold hot duality. Heat and cold are 2 energy states. We have sensors for heat and we have sensors for cold. It is the intensities of these 2 systems we combine to define temperature,

    Physically a hot materiality is expanding and a cold materiality is contracting. At a certain stage of intensity the cold materiality changes in viscosity and crystals form. . Above a certain intensity gas forms. We measure these intensities by pressure. One pressure measures heat pressure and we call that temperature. Another pressure measures body force on a surface and we call that pressure. .
    Body force on a crystalline structure can be very low. Typically we measure reactive response to an external pressure. The longer the relaxation time the colder the crystalline structure is deemed to be.

    Einstein-Bosen condensates are so slow in their relaxation time that we can figure out the rotational dynamics induced by an external pressure within the materiality.
    So we “see” that the external inducing pressure is a rotational dynamic . This is what I define to be a magnetic behaviour.
    In my opinion the universal external and internal inducing pressure is magnetic patterned behaviour.
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    This particular magnetic pattern induces thermal change that our sensors can detect as a cold or heat intensity.

    This magnetic patterning our retinal sensors detect as light.

    There are other frequencies our ears and proprioceptive sensors can detect as sound pressure.

    We interact with a magnetic dynamic on so many levels every second of every day.
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