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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • The Eindhurst generator, Lord Kelvin's water stream generator , Faradays own experiments with river flow all demonstrate that whatever power or pressure there is in materiality electric phenomena do not manifest without high frequency tribo logical disturbances, and that magnetic behaviour is the most accessible way to " generate" and or manipulate those frequencies. Charge therefore as an o served phenomenon is associated with high frequency disturbances even where those disturbances occur at the nano to micoscle at the urface of specific materiality. .

    Whereas velocity is associated to the rate of disturbance, the effect of charge redistribution in materiality is not affected by mundane velocities, thus charge redistribution as opposed to current or charge transportation are two inimicable concepts. No current at mundane velocities produces observable magnetic or electric behaviours, but redistribution of the tribo logically induced disturbances is in fact coeval with magnetic and electric behaviours and the establishment of fou le layers.
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    The issue here is simple! Straight lines are used to generate curves ! Angular mo entum which is a curved quantity is represented by a straight line!
    Whereas we can generate straight lines from curved motio s, no known way exists to generate curved motions from intrinsically straight ones!

    The physics and mathematics is thus definitional rather than experimental . A straight line magnetic potential suffers the same flaw, but the curl of a straight line is a straight line vector quantifying the amount of curved motion ! We can avoid confusion by dealing directly with the curved motion.
    It is this curved motion of a fine materiality called the aether or space-time that I define as magnetic behaviour. .in this frame rotation of aether is coeval with magnetic effects, but as materiality becomes fractally grosser fractal entrainment becomes identified as causative.
    Thus within our everyday gross materiality it is a good approximation to set magnetic behaviour as causative of mass motions both translation ally and rotationaly , periodically and aperiodically.

    These motions are trochoidal and best mediated by trochoidal surface dynamics.

  • Note the earth spot. The diffuse white area of high pressure near the pole of the earth as opposed to the equatorial or tropical latitudes.

    Associated with these pressure regions are trochoidal rotational dynamics and that is associated with "static" electric effects like dust clouds.
    Comeon! How can there even be such a concept of static electricity! It is outmoded and misleading in my opinion. Dynamic electricity or electrodynamics allows a direct connection to magnetic behaviour
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    Tesla worked not on alternating currents but frequency of magnetic rotation! He demonstrated his greatest invention the rotating magnetic field by means of his rotating egg!
    What is a rotating magnetic field? Usually it is depicted as a stator that switches a magnetic field on and off in different phases around the stator. The traditional north south polarity is often associated with these phase positions, but in reality there is no north south polarity detectable because at the frequency of operation it is not possible to establish a pole in a phase position. What in fact happened is described best by the radio wave model, and the hysteresis loop. The response of material to magnetism is well documented , it includes the mode of behaviour we call electric .

    It is as if the materiality is breathing in and out through part of the hysteresis curve into resonance but it is a breat of magnetic induction . And this it is not a polar field that is rotating but a rotating magnetic vortex, such a vortex as plainly exists around a wire/ conductor connected to the poles of a battery.
    It takes insight to propose two intertwining vortices screwing against each other as synthesising the so called electric current. These magnetic vortices are not of the same or opposite polarity by their mechanical screw motion , for then simply orienting the conductor/ inductor would change the effective behaviour. They are inherently opposite by definition, thus establishing two inherent polar properties as primitive elements.
    that these primitive elements are not viable on their own is equivalent to saying they exist as dipoles , but not (!) as static dipoles.

    In my determination this is an equivalence to a trochoidally dynamic surface interaction or in its simplest implementation sinusoidal wave dynamics .

  • It occurs that magneto dynamics or magnetic current is based upon observable dynamics in " polarity" , where polarity is the concentration of what Gilbert referred to as virticity.
    Virticity is the power to effect materials by action at a distance, and that power is distinguishable at the polar opposites of a form.

    However, lodestones, the un, even the planets show that this virticity dynamically moves, fades nd strengthens in any configuration on or in a orm, depending on induction, that is this virticity influencing the virticity in surrounding materiality.

    Thus the concept of polarity is not foremost or even inevitably a concept of orientation!

    It is a concept of power to induce a like virticity, and what we see in iron filings,. Magnetic viewers led lit magnetic diffraction gratings is the interplay between these 2 virticitirs.

    The coronal magnetic fields on the sun reveal the dynamic power of this interplay, hurling Plasmas into fabulous loops or coronl mass ejections, and yet some still say that the humble bar magnet is a magneto static device !

    It is clear that two dynamisms are in interplay in any behaviour we term as magnetic , and that polarity itself is dynamic .

    Teslas invention/ discovery of the rotating or whirling magnetic field dynamic highlights the dynamic nature of polarity.

    The association with the electric " charge" in a battery gives us not a cause and effect relationship but a controlling circuit dynamic for given frequencies , but for higher frequencies and amplitudes teslas research still needs to be carried on publicly.
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    The skill of chi/ Qui is acquired by unusual dedication (Gong), but Qui itself is a vital driving force that is cultivated by rotational motions that are imply trochoidal dynamics.
    The motions through the surounding magnetic dynamic potentials result in a net influx of internalised driving force.
    Depending on your innate make up and dedicated cultivation of Qui you will exhibit extraordinary abilities.
    Chris Pei is a fitting guide for beginners in these magnetic arts.

    You will find that modern and ancient Chinese and Hindu practice do not sit easily together because the western approach is based on analysis and synthesis , while the Chinese approach is based on harmonious analogy, the Artois of Rrhei or Hekate, perfectly fitting flow .

    The analysis of the Stoikeia is done! The Stoikeia is about harmonious synthesis . In that way it blends Greek and far eastern thought , and the rotations of the sphere are the trochoidal dynamic of far eastern Qui practice .
    From there we may develop the understanding of qui , that is through magnetic behaviours.

  • Mr Angus Wangus purports to discuss some terms used in electric circuitry and electromagnetism.
    It suddenly appears obvious that each of the terms is quite arbitrary , and senseless without a clear referent. So impedance is described in wave mechanics as a ratio . It is two observable measures compared against each other to find a quantity that can be counted as common to both. In so doing we take the observed behaviour as a static constant, even if it is a dynamic situation , to obtain a reliable common measure.

    This abstracted ratio is senseless without its defining observable dynamic. The ratio therefore only allows us to hang an observable situation on a number.

    If we call that ratio by any word we do so by perception of analogy not by any notion of Truth.
    Given that the ratio is true in all it's observable situations we proceed to call it a law or , god forbid, a law of nature, when indeed it is a law of perception of measurement.

    What use is this law, this ratio? Merely it taxonomises the fractally similar situations by a scale, so that, within what is often a. Narrow useful range, we may construct or arrange larger and larger situations of the o served behaviours.

    In the case where we seek to construct smaller and smaller versions we find also the utility of the law is limited.

    The difference between quantum and classical mechanics is defined by these limitations on such ratios or laws . For example, the difficulty of establishing observable measures requires a different " theory" of measure , and in practice a statistical theory of measure.

    Because statistics and probability measures coincide on the unit segment, the theory of measure allows for previously excluded possibilities, excluded on the basis of common sense.

    So Quantum mechanics is often perceived as nonsense by classical minds, thus revealing that sense and nonsense is a position of mindset!

    Those of us brought up in the quantum era know that we are sold technology on the basis of buzzwords . So what does digital broadcasting mean, really? When you look. To it you find it is not as portrayed, and similarly when you look into particle physics. The list goes on , as we find what is claimed as truth is mere convention

    So what we observe simply is kinaesthetic( dynamic) visual, and auditory stimulii. What we construct of these is a utilitarian set of perceptions as ephemeral as we are. To make them eternal we devise a measure and count, and as long as we measure and count, those practices may bring our ephemeral perceptions into some unchangeable order , and this we may appreciate as eternal truth, even though quite divorced from the reality of our perceptions. The utility of such algebraic formulations requires an expertise, and thus a wisdom in the related and referrent perceptions , without which all is nonsense.

  • The rotational dynamics of the sphere are used to model magnetic behaviour. It s not surprising , because we have only one generality and that is spherical dynamics from which we may derive all manner of lineal dynamics, and from these synthesise surface dynamics which are trochoidally dynamic.

    A Quaternion Fouruer dynamic can model the observed CME behaviour demonstrating the fundamental rotational dynamics of magnetic behaviour.

    On you will find many sculptures generated by spherical dynamics using fractal generator apps.

  • We first start with the battery cell and the capacitor cell . They are the same device that stores and releases magneti rotational/ reciprocating current. One releases gradually the other when it reaches an arbitrary potential..
    Then we need to understand the resistor and the inductor. Both generate a magnetic Infuction field but a resistor generates a smaller one by inducing heat while an inductor generates a large one with less heat induced because cross section of the wire means a larger surface area generates less heat compared to a smaller one

    So a battery cell and a capacitor stores and releases the magnetic current that exhibits at a resistor or inductoras part of the magnetic behaviour spectrum .

    Apply this to organic tissue structures and see the battery, capacitor, resistor and inductor in that living system,
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    Double layers is a more general concept of a battery / capacitor structure in space, but it usually implies an undefined concept called charge or qui . The double layer called magnetic dipolarity is not considered a double layer!! . It is my oponionnthatbit is a double layer which allows us to define charge in dynamic rotational terms relating to frequency , phase amplitude and resonance .

    In chemistry, the basic or elemental reactions are explained by combinations of the elements. But when we come to hire or more complex organic reactions the explanation of the reactions is based on the conformation of the contributors to the reaction. By the conformation I mean that the basic molecules have a dynamic shape which changes in the presence of other basic molecules and these then combine or promote a reaction by what is called a catalytic process and this usually occurs with enzyme action.

    So combination and conformation are both descriptions of elemental parts being arranged or rearranged dynamically by a situation that we call a reaction. We also know that in the simple elements like salts and crystals which form simple compounds or simple molecules that the piezzo electric effect is a result of the change of the shape of the Crystal.

    What we see you then in our models is that the combinatorial arrangement that is the conformation of the molecules and elements in how they actually relate to each other dynamically is what is used as the basis of the explanation of the process of the reaction.

    On top of this basic combinatorial and conformational process the idea of a charge or qui  or an electric power is placed.

    Thus the charge or qui is placed on a dynamic and combinatorial motion and that means that the qui or charge is secondary to the motion.

    By making charge or qui primary the motion of the molecules all the elements is explained by a force or a mysterious attraction that exists in qui. On the other hand by making charge for qui  secondary the motion itself explains the existence of the qui or charge,

    If the motion itself is complex trochoidal motion then the existence of charge of qui is explained by a certain portion of that motion being perceived as charge .

    The Piezo effect is a example of how the change in the conformation of the particles or elements or molecules or basic atoms is perceived as an electric charge.

    This consideration makes sense only if you understand that the finest materiality ether is in constant dynamic motion, and this constant dynamic motion is best depicted by trochoidal surface motion, and that surface motion is perceived as magnetic behaviour, and the motion of magnetic behaviour is perceived as electric behaviour at certain frequencies.

    There is one rule of thumb in nature or even some call it a law and that is that like gathers with like .

    However it becomes the common saying of some that within the realms of magnetism that opposites attract and that likes repel. Where is the similarity between this law and the general law of like gathers with like?
    We'll have to realise that in the statement that is generally used that like repel, perception used to make that statement is switched from vision to kinaesthesia. Thus we see like gathering together with our eyes but we experience like repelling. What is happening is that as we gather like together then obviously like increases and therefore there is more like in the same space. In this way we noticed that gathering like things together increases the amount of space that the like things occupy. When we bring opposite things together we noticed that there is less space occupied in fact the space occupieddisappears. What we see is space disappearing, what we feel is opposites attract.

    We come to understand that there is a phenomenon called double layer. In this phenomena there are two distinct regions of like and a r
    But where the two regions meet there is neutrality. This is because the regions of like occupy and fill space the space between is The like areas when they come together causing space to disappear and be filled with neutral space.

    The mutuality of these three layers we call polarity
    Why does Magneto Hydrodynamics better describe the solar wing?
    Firstly it is really magneto fluid dynamics , and secondly the ' wind " is a fluid plasma driven by magnetic potentials that vary dynamically throughout space, creating chained ouble layer ed regions. These double layer variations are in fact rotation lily dynamic disturbance patterns or waves .

  • The pulsing radiation from any rotating source or rotational source are the trochoidal surface dynamics of equipotential pressure surfaces . These pressure surfaces are characterised by rotational velocity vectors of a constant velocity or angular velocity .

    It is the angular velocity that holds within it a dynamic variation in radial pressure or amplitude , and it is this variation we recognise as trochoidal dynamics.

    This is the inherent complexity of magnetic or rotational behaviour.

    While our measurement schemes can track the locii of these motions it is our full senses that tell us the full complexity of the physical dynamic and it's material quality. Thus we posit an aether whether material or spiritual to underpin the sensible manifestations of it as our/ my materiality . But it is an illusion that as we accept it locks us into one form of technology or another.

    It is unusual to think that the powers and Reason of Natural Philosophy has any utility in the modern world, but in the study of Qui that notion is falsified. We may usefully and flexibly move between observation consistent confirmation of model dynamics based on models built from experienced expertise and technology and vice versa

  • It is a worthwhile exercise to replace the term electric current by magnetic current . It adds a level of coherency to the discussion and supports double layers as differences in magnetic pressure potentials forming equipotential which plasma glows at a constant trochoidal,angular velocity.
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    Dr Yang Jwing Ming in rationalising Chinese Qui theory or philosophy to western scientific terminology chooses the electric circuit model comparing qui to electric charge or rather electrodynamic charge, often called electromagnetic charge.
    The terminology is confusing to the layman who is fed on a diet of electrons and electron currents and knows little of ionic currents or plasmic currents fluxes or flows.

    For this reason the Chinese terminology is better! First of all qui which is identified by its effects rather than its supposed appearance is potable in many material situations where dynamic flow is evident. Thus in the universe, in the atmosphere, in the clouds and in the animate body.
    Qui is therefore a flowing effective fluid that generates energy, vitality and power including heat and fire and electromagnetic sparks.

    The sources of this qui are everywhere but certain places are deemed to be stores of it. In the literal Chinese these are stores of Elixirs.

    Elixirs are fluids with potency or power, and the effect in the animate body is to generate health, vitality and longevity. Elixirs therefore are well suited to being compared to electrolytic substances.

    Electrolytic substances are plasmic in the current theory, they carry and infuse both positive and negative charge considered to be ions, anions and cations. As a liquid or more generally a fluid including essences they are not thought of as bAtteries or capacitors for electric current production, manipulation and distribution. However this is the kind of blindness western education inflicts on its students.
    Volta, in his ground breaking research identified all material that he could find that generated the electric spark effect . These material range from solids like wood and other organic polymers, liquids like water and alcohol, and gases like air . Each of these demonstrated a different potential or capacitance both to store and generate the electric effect and in particular demonstrated a combinatorial synergy which we may partially understand as dielectric capacity, or charge separation or double layer tendency. Those with high dielectric capacity were termed as insulators and were good for storing the so called qui or electric charge, those with low dielectricity were observed to be good conductors of induction by these charge regions stored in and on dielectric materials.

    Of course western technologists soon lost sight of the general picture focussing on what promoted the academics and gathered funds from an amazed populace.

    The nature of qui or the electrodynamic energy in materiality is fundamentally screwed in the west . In the Chinese philosophy the jury is still out, they still have not forced an explanation of qui on their philosophers that robs observation of its power to refine our understanding.

    It is of course my opinion that qui is best explained and investigated in terms of magnetic behaviour. And underpinning that term is a perpetual trochoidal dynamic of equipotential pressure surfaces within a aether material/ spirit.

    What aether is or s not is a question I leave for the reader to answer for themselves. What aether exhibits is the manifestation of power to move in a rotational manner which makes phae, amplitude, frequency and Resonance ( constructive and destructive interference) crucial aspects of any depiction by a model.
    Particle models fail in as much as they ignore these vital factors.

    The Dan Tieng is literally the elixir pool . The intestines are thus well described by this term. What is insightful is to acknowledge the electrodynamic interactions that are occurring in the intestines as a source of charge or qui for the entire animate and the bio field!
    Magnetically I would focus on the dynamic presdure changes that are occurring within this region in particular and how that region thus generatedps by magnetic patterning the observed electromagnetic bio field.

    In particular it is in the mothers womb that the zygote first receives the electrodynamic signal that starts the heart cells beating.
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    It is the simplest observation but one that is discounted : electric behaviour is not evident in materials that have been long rested ? But rather in materials that are in motion or brought to rest.
    Since we have only one observed demonstration of magnetic field variation driving electric behaviour it makes sense to understand that the susceptibity of materials means an inherent magnetic behaviour and thus any motion of a material,relative to another material,would generate a variation in this inherent magnetic field which in relation to a conducting layer in the materials would be perceivable as electric charge behaviour.

    Thus in the case of very powerful tornadoes or hurricanes the motion of the air at the eye wall is sufficient to generate a magnetic variation that is the foundation of lightning discharges through the air.

    Additionally it is increasingly evident that the magnetic field variation from the sun drives and intensifies large storm cells at given latitudes on the earth.

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