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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



  • here's my favorite old pic of the door, the oldest one i know of, case you missed it
  • @poughkeepsieblue
    Thanks, I forgot about this one..
    I'm trying to get a better look at the center (sun). If the 16 points were a coincidence, or if it matches the 16 rays of the star of vergina, or perhaps the sons of may
    Good information regarding integral lines symbol... how do you judge the size of the line? I might be a few steps behind
  • It's ok, I havent shown anyone yet, the line is part of a golden spiral. I'm gonna try to explain it as best I can in another thread, but it's alot to go through... It's all in the yin yang really. Ed was a true genius.
    I will show you though, and try to make it understandable.
  • I have a good understanding of Paracelsus. I've noticed in his writings he speaks directly and with less mysticism than others.
    Growth comes from moisture in everything
  • @poughkeepsieblue
    No rush, it's good, if you write a thread on it, write what makes sense to you. I will unravel the perspective
  • When I do, I'll essentially be writing it for you and a few others, cause you wanna see. I dont know it all, but the more I keep at it, the more clear ed's language becomes. You'll get it, keep at it, and I will share when I can.
    Copyright page is a goldmine in ABIEH. I will start a new thread on that page alone.
  • edited March 2016
    @poughkeepsieblue --- So what is the holdup ?
  • Im on it, im on it!
    I know ed would love to see the 'eureka' moments I have when I get this stuff.
    You know as well as I do, I could type for 40 years and not cover it all.
    Right now I'm stuck on this circle and square relationship ed showed me.
    sengA was right about adding one.
  • even better, the corresponding word in slaters for 19361 is 'revealing', thats just awesome....
    slaters is a great help sometimes, or just confirmation
  • edited March 2016
    @poughkeepsieblue --just write an "essay" not a "novel"
  • I'm not a very novel person anyway, thats not a problem. And I know what you mean, noted... err posted, less than 17000.
    perhaps 16838, just a number off my head
  • @poughkeepsieblue --Yeah , somewhere between 15 to17 thousand ;}>
  • dante, this one is for you brother, or anyone else who loves ed's pics that much, hope you dont have it yet
    page 29 has a very familiar shape on it
    ed was fascinated by this stuff, clearly
  • Thanks poughkeepsieblue, I don't have it.
    Great find, it's enlightening when books are discovered
    Definitely Ed was into this
    Thank you

    I was thinking also, the golden triangles, is that what Edm put on his front cover inside a rectangle
    Then using the "s" from the spiral a turn

  • I didnt find it, it was passed on, im passing it on as well.
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