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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



  • And yes about the triangles, you'll know when you see the all seeing eye
  • The hardest part is focusing in one section, I'm constantly flipping through my notes
    Geometric shape, number and music I think are rolled into one at Rock Gate

    @charlie jocus????
    Was it wordplay or someone being a jester?
  • dante, this one is for you brother, or anyone else who loves ed's pics that much, hope you dont have it yet
    page 29 has a very familiar shape on it
    ed was fascinated by this stuff, clearly

    Thanx a lot for this @poughkeepsieblue !
    I've made it a part of the Library
  • I know I am new here so you must excuse me if this has been discussed before. But, does anyone else see 2 sets of eyes in the leaves of the trees in the cover photo. After looking at the cover on and off this past week, I noticed the eyes today.

  • edited April 2016
    Yes , actually I can see a woman starring at me , the left eye (upper right corner) got somewhat covered by her visible nose , but two dots for nostrils ... the botton branch looks like lips .....anyhow , that is what I see ...

  • Okay. I see 4 eyes and then I also see the eyes on top with the bridge of the nose in the middle. Depends how you look at it. But it's definitely there.
  • Ok ... no need to get aggressive :) ,,, good start tho' ,,, I'll look again ..
  • I am just about as non aggressive as they get. Sorry if I came off that way.
  • Sorry , didn't notice the smiley ? I was joking ...... tell Gardner to fix that problem,,,,.... it is annoying :D
  • charlie said:

    Sorry , didn't notice the smiley ? I was joking ...... tell Gardner to fix that problem,,,,.... it is annoying :D

    If @charlie wants gardener to fix something, he can tell him himself
  • U don't like me for whatever reason ,,,,,, so you gonna ' fix it ?
  • charlie said:

    U don't like me for whatever reason ,,,,,, so you gonna ' fix it ?

    my impression was, that you don't like me:
  • Here is another one of Eds postcards
    If anyone has an actual copy of this could you take a photo or scan it to the forum please?
    Notice the rock gate sign to the far right, however it looks like there is another sign beside it?? A picture of?
    At the center of the photo a small walk up to the chair above
    I've noticed in several of Eds photos he places the sign Rock Gate In different locations, any thoughts as to why?
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    "the sign Rock Gate In different locations" ... I've only noticed that in advertisements ....otherwise "Rock Gate" sign was always on top of the 9T gate from the inside ...of course Ed was moving thing around (like vacuuming the front room ;) )

    Ed pulled all kind of stunts , maybe by coincidence , but depending on the angle , time of the day/year the photos were taken ....

    ....can you see a giant ninja from the waist up in the palm tree on the right ?

    I used to have a better / larger copy of this pic , where you can clearly see writings on the face of the steps when the sun hit it just right , even tho' it was taken after Ed's passing . .... clearly seen " silver " etc.. maybe i'll find it again later ...

    ....then here is this wtf ?

    ...anyhow it beats this gate ... since there is no way around it :p

  • Angle of light is important - some of the writing in his stones can only be seen at a certain angle. I believe it has to do with light measures, and knowing them well. 6105195 and 7129 have to deal with light or reality, - working on it. I often wonder "the reeds" is to imply the measurement, just as the "el" L measurement

    I've seen the rock gate sign on the ground, I'm going to dig through some photos later, but I think you're right charlie, it represents a time/energy/flow/or a point
    There is a photo if one uses their imagination shows the easter bunny half buried in the ground. The rock gate sign is up at the center, and beside it written in stone "IN"

    Silver in the steps? I would have to look for that one, perhaps in the older pamphlets

    Where is that black substance located??
    There could be several meaning to it, is it in direct sunlight?

    The sun gate.. somehow I doubt he is holding thunder and lightning..
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