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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



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    Do you believe ed used his third eye
    Didn't notice the shoulder writing, will go back
    Were/are you able to translate what's above his head in the photo below

    I can put it together, I've got my rock to help me see
    Terracotta warriors one of my favorites to study, more hidden symbolism in the numbers of statues made and weaving pattern I do believe?
    I put a clip from a video in order to compare
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    Now look at the moon fountain --it looks like an "M"---the stone left of it an "I"----the block on the right has a "NO " and a "T" --- and above is crescent "C"

    I M NOT C---I'm not C -hrist

    not bad for a foreigner huh
  • Not bad at all, creative, it takes imagination, and you've got it
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    @dante -----now I 'm looking for a good pic of the east wall , with the planets on it,---
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    Eh , this one will do
    E M / C 2

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  • @charlie
    these link up to the photos?
    Emc2 is a clue to link up to the other symbols in the photo?
  • The 'line integral', that's one of ed's 'machines'. in front of E.dl
    Not only does it relate to electromagnetism and thermodynamics, it's a literary symbol, you'll find it in every type of thing ed loved, math, books and science.
    We know it's important because ed left 3 of them behind for us... one on his iron door, one on the outside wall by the saturn stone (s at turn), and one at the equator in MC on page 11.
    You can make one in ABIEH, and edm puts it's importance right on the cover of his book.
    It's the hook and line edm speaks of.
    In the enigma machine path, ed gives us a stecker swap of 'f and j'
    in ed's numbers, it appears too
    6 10 5 19 5
    F J E S E
    which, if you turn edl's ABIEH, so that when you read it, u look east and c... than the integral is ESE directional along the page.
    It's used in math with a circle through it to show a closed path. This relates to the 'path' edm talks about. And on the copyright page of ABIEH, the entire page, and preface, are many many references to circles, geometry, greek and golden geometry.
    Thats where I'm at right now... I know where to get the size of the hook and line, but not sure where to cast the hook and line, or whether it starts on the left triangle or the right. And consequently, I found the directions to the 'thin little book' in the process, which I dont quite understand, but I think I have to take 8 from every side if the centerline to get the message, with the proper letter swaps that is.... im not sure yet, but it looks like 5 possible paths from that page, 2 from the integral (maybe 4 really) and the center door, then the 2 windows, which I don't get yet.
    Ed left all the proper info, and the more you know the farther you'll go.
    But those integral lines are important, I am positive of this.
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    Here is a hook hanging from the chain---"J " --
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    @dante ---Theory of Relativity .
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    I'm well aware of his equation, I'm curious as to how it relates to Eds other symbols
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    Ed put it there and virtually nobody see it ---otherwise I don't know
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    or better yet ---
  • The door has been on my mind, I know it has has been mentioned that it links to the soltices
    Does someone have an older picture of it?
  • @charlie
    Emc2 makes sense
    Astrologically I believe the layout of Rock Gate as a whole represents a specific time frame, dealing with a large Eclipse
    Have you seen or know what's ontop of these stone symbols?
    "Eye on Mars " etc
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