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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



  • As long as people look and a handful really See, an "A for effort" is truly fine with me ;)
  • CC will not allow anyone to measure anything now from what I have been told... There is old measurements out there somewhere but I have not seen them shared anywhere..but there must be some. Imo Distance to start with is (Florida Table ) to Three Ton Gate... Or first rocker which possibly has been shifted now through time and use, Must be some old measurements somewhere hmmm Very inspiring that is a great idea doing scale on a flat map...
  • dante said:

    Here is another one of Eds postcards
    If anyone has an actual copy of this could you take a photo or scan it to the forum please?
    Notice the rock gate sign to the far right, however it looks like there is another sign beside it?? A picture of?
    At the center of the photo a small walk up to the chair above
    I've noticed in several of Eds photos he places the sign Rock Gate In different locations, any thoughts as to why?

    I do have that picture Dante but I am unsure of the text in the left hand bottom corner, it is worded different or possibly even no text, I will have to look ... That makes three "See" see is different from look or glance Ed was hoping some would actually See, I think, and was also very aware most would just have a quick look. There is a different ad with the same text hmm I recognize the text just not sure if it is placed on same pic he other ad is for a Honeymoon from what I recall, it was actually a sign on the outside wall for a bit... I will look but getting too late here at the moment... In the vid I posted, there is closeups of each place where Ed placed the ROCK GATE sign, it was also placed upon (or is it at the base? getting late here, yeah at the base i think?) of one of the alters/tables at the North wall. my apologies if repeating stuff already mentioned or Known. :) My thoughts as to why... I believe at those times of the year, whenever the pictures were taken, the shadows would tell all.. perhaps was showing exactly what the sign says?

  • These are the two I located so far.. there is also a high quality original without text, I will have to find later
  • Thanks Ones
    Those are amazing photos and comparables!
    I put this project down when I was unable to locate better photos

    Here is a glimpse of that photo you're looking for
    I took the photo from a video you made
    It would be fantastic if you could locate that photo without text

    In this closeup you can see the half face, triangle and hidden word "maci"
    This photo indicates it must be overlayed
    - maci means - place of maccius
    -. Titus Maccius Plautus
    - perhaps " May see "
    - Maci adds to 26, multiplied 351

    These are preliminary at the moment, however Plautus wrote some interesting plays, and had a knack for wordplay, something that can be adapted

    I will print a copy of this version to make an overlay, the second indication for an overlay is the word "See" at the top right, covering where the right eye would be from our perspective
    -to the left of the word "see" is one side of a face

  • Haven't located full photo of the above pic yet Dante but I did find this one with the sign at the base of the table...
  • Thanks Ones
    Looks like it shows a nicely parted path directly to ROCK GATE
  • From the front cover of A book in every home
    Overlay - is it the the Hamsa symbol?

    Or just Ed depicting a little person with antennas flying?
    Zoom out for clarity
  • If anyone hasn't done it yet, going back to hieroglyphics and Mesopotamian tablets is a great way to "piggy-back" on Ed's work. Perhaps it's easier to analyze well preserved 3-dimensional carvings than Ed's black and white pictures.
  • edited July 2016
    1000 bucks says Ed's sweet 16 is the Lieblich Bourdon key on a swell organ. Lieblich means lovely or sweet in German and Ed of course is from closer to Germany than any of us. .. It is also a 16' labia tube. Furthermore, it is also called a Lieblich Gedeckt, the latter meaning covered (as if keeping your 16 year old protected from those fresh boys). Seems easy since resonance is a big part of everything. Was there a frame of an organ keyboard or pipes of any sort at the Rock Gate? I remember seeing something with metal rods that definitely weren't pistons from a four cylinder Model T, as there were multiple.
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    the bible and ed's book in every home are coded books
    ed's a book in every home describes how his simulated earth worked
    and the characters/parts and their jobs..
    example the mothers job is to keep the male magnets from getting to ed's newly born girls he created in the nursery and are circulating/oribitting through the system..
    now these males he's talking about are the magnets that recharge his machine naturally from earth and are tempted normal heterosexual..
    so the mother is a normal female magnet that attracts the normal males out of the system they then get sent of to be reeducated then sent back into the system.......
  • i know exactly what ed's sweet 16 is its a 2 part formula of what??????
  • i know exactly what ed's sweet 16 is its a 2 part formula of what??????

    Of what? :-O :)
  • edited September 2016
    to anti gravity or anti magnetic's
    sweet= new or newly born
    16= a length it's the east and west pole height/length of ed's magnets
    a bar magnet is normally 50% red and 50% blue and where they connect is the east and west pole
    think the cross on the bible
    I'm in the middle of posting my theory go have a read...
  • edited September 2016
    Pogi-18 said:

    If anyone hasn't done it yet, going back to hieroglyphics and Mesopotamian tablets is a great way to "piggy-back" on Ed's work. Perhaps it's easier to analyze well preserved 3-dimensional carvings than Ed's black and white pictures.

    yeah i know that's how i cracked it along with the bible and ed's books
    ed's machine is that man in that rocket on that tablet
    note he is operating the CROSS
    how did ed operated his CROSS has any one lifted the wheel it to see if there's a tailshaft cv joint hidden right there inside the sleeve?????
    why you ask??
    so he could manipulate the shape of the magnetic field he was creating.......control
    think of it as being inside a bubble
    so ed with one hand could operated the height of the wheel the vertical (LIFT) and with the other on the lever operated horizontal (TILT) directional movement

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