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the moon and why its special



  • @Gardener what's your perspective on cosmology in general, and Ed's view?
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    @dante you said I respect Ed, and I've taken an oath to him to understand what he is saying.
    What's this "respect" you have for him? I'm curious.
    Did ED do anything worth your respect? Did he contribute to society in general? Like, for example, wishing to give free energy to everyone, like Tesla wanted to do, or...? Did he build castles for the homeless?

    What's the value you attribute to a man who makes a discovery that could be important for mankind and who apparently only leaves behind only some simple yet cryptic and vague writings about it? Of course, he did it to follow the tradition. But still, respect?!

  • royalblue said:

    @Gardener what's your perspective on cosmology in general, and Ed's view?

    Well... That’s what i’d rather not discuss here in this forum. Matt knows what i mean.
    Not that i don’t trust you guys over here.
    I think it’s just not the righ place for it even though i am basically one of the owners of it, so i might think that i could write anything i like here... Which i don’t :)
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    ...but on the other hand. Here’s an interesting guy. Unfortunately for you, he speaks russian, but see his stuff with CC. The translation is quite ok.

    In my world, there’s no “gravity” as we know it. It’s just a theory of gravity in the end anyway.
    Instead i see an electrostatic “pressure” there, where the ground is minus and UP is a plus. And when i say UP, i mean UP.
  • Here's a video explanation of Alexey Chekurkov's device including schema at the end:

    Perhaps i should have started a new thread on this... Didn't want to hijack the Moon stuff. Sorry.
  • “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." (Nikola Tesla)

    @royalblue I additionally think, that the solution to Ed’s work has to be simple. No complicated electronics, formulas, etc. Same as Schauberger’s, Ighina’s, Grebennikov’s and Ed’s device(s).
    Book of Enoch is IMHO good reference, but rather complicated to understand.
  • @Gardener We're all on the same page as for cosmology, no worries.
    I know the device, it's interesting but it's not what we're looking for. Like you said.
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