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the moon and why its special



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    I've spent some time reflecting on Ed's cosmology. Relevant elements that can guide you to an understanding are:
    - The bell and the iron door
    - The chair/throne on top of sundial
    - The Oahspe book of cosmogony
    - Observation of the sky & knowledge of Astronomy
    - Magnetohydrodynamics

    First off, look at the video below. At some point if you look closely you'll see the very tip of the liquid (metal) flowing between the plates with a left-right-left movement.

    Now consider this. If you stand outside on 25th December at sunrise and you take a photo of the sky on top of the horizon looking East, and you do this for an entire year (from, say, 25 Dec 2017 to 25 Dec 2018), you will see the Sun initially rising at a point towards East/SouthEast (in December) on the horizon, and then proceed to rise every morning always a little further towards NorthEast (reaching the furthest North-Eastern point in June) and then move back to East/SouthEast (reaching the furthest E/SE point in December 2018). At the same time, during the year, Ursa Major will complete a full rotation around Polaris, and if you're at Coral Castle you'll see Polaris moving in and out of each quadrant of the Polaris Telescope.
    Note: if you take the same picture of the Sun for a year, not at Sunrise but at, say, 9:30am the result will be an Analemma.

    In other words if observed every day at sunrise for a year, the Sun (that is the head of the Great Serpent in the Oahspe cosmogony) which is running around the ecliptic - or the ring of the Zodiac - can be seen from Earth apparently oscillating between NE and E/SE. Making an analogy with the magnetohydrodynamics example above, it is as if one pole (North) is in the center of the ring where Polaris is, and the other pole (South) is on the outside of the ring.

    Here there's a clear analogy with the bell (at whose very tip inside the cone would be Polaris) and the Iron Door. The swinging movement of the clapper (the Sun) is exactly what's described by the drawing etched on Iron Door, but with a twist: in the drawing it's not the Sun moving but the Earth that's swinging across the Sun describing half of an Analemma until it reaches "21 Earth".
    The same Analemma-like shape can be seen described by the Sun on the Sundial at Coral Castle during the day, every hour. Furthermore, The Moon, also expresses or describes a sort of swinging movement with its Libration, and since Ed mentions in MC that the Moon is magnetically locked it is indeed a key to understanding of the Magnetic Current behaves.

    In conclusion, it seems that for Ed the Cosmos is a closed system (like the Ptolemaic model?) akin to a cone or a bell, a pendulum system, a cosmic capacitor or circuit, or a tuning fork of some sort, in which the Magnetic Current (natural A/C, light, etc.) is started by the vibration induced by a "first rocker", and is propagating in a fractal manner through Analemma-like shapes described by the apparent movements of the Sun & Earth.
    These apparent movements (possibly with the movement of other planets) could describe how Magnetic Current flows in the wire too. Also, since Ed seems to assert that in the wire (or in the PMH) a pole reversal (or rather, a polarity inversion) happens whenever the two swirling streams of individual magnets meet each other, it's easy to assume that in the Solar System this happens every year in June at the point when the Sun inverts its course in the Analemma; that is, when Sun enters the sign of Cancer whose ancient symbol was probably - or rather obviously - chosen to be opposite Crab's claws in order to allude to this inversion.

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