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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • The scalability of the magnetic double layer to a toroidal dynamic requires Eds PMH model to understand using Ed’s lndividual pole dynamic to explain the dynamic of an electric or rather magnetic current sometimes leads to misleading images of bar magnets instead of dynamic surfaces of varying magnetic potential. .
    Faradays field lines or rather tubes obscure the filamentary structure of these surfaces, and the spatial distribution of these filaments. . Faradays tubes only represent the direction of volumetric density of magnetic induction , the force motion vector is always like hydrostatic pressure from or rather between low and high density.
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    When they look for magnetic re-connection or four on angles of the magnetic field using Farrelly field lines they confuse the issue. Field lines in the cells are indications only of the density of the magnetic flux, and the direction in which that density increases or decreases. At magnetic flux has a density distribution is one of the factors that Faraday export. And the consequence of it exclamation as to equate the magnetic density flux two of the density of the fluid. Which case the movement of objects within such a magnetic into the field depends on hydrostatic pressures and not on B
    Field lines or tubes or surfaces.
    When we come to look at the interaction of volume densities are used to rule that like density is aggregate and opposites in density disaggregate, That is like densities increase and therefore impel and opposite density is decrease in there for discount . Mechanically like density is increase the relevant pressure whereas opposite densities decrease the pressure and so like identities have a forcing affect which expands the space between the polls, well opposite densities have an implosion effect that reduces the forces between the poles

  • Long term readers will not be surprised at this gradual realisation on the part of the mainstream. However it may surprise you that fluid dynamics is the best model of magnetic behaviour and thus of the electric mode consequentially.
    Into fluid dynamics I of course advocate the use of trochoidal functions as descriptors which allow us to use Fourier forms to describe states of dynamic equilibrium or with small perturbations.
    Simply put: the waters below the boundary are separated from the waters above the boundary and we call the heavens! This boundary is a dynamically changing one showing the effect of the dynamic magnetic behaviour Yehovah has established the Earth in
  • Jehovajah said:

    Simply put: the waters below the boundary are separated from the waters above the boundary and we call the heavens!

    That's right.

  • Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.
    Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics and Inventions, July, 1934
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