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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



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    Plasmoids and Skymions: corpuscles, atoms and molecules and larger scale structures in a fractal distribution

  • The question IS what causes the magnetic currents in and along a filament?

  • The observation of these continuous spectra at different radial distances from the sun , indicate that a diffraction pattern mechanism is involved in establishing the rainbow like structures.
    If you can recall a double rainbow you will apprehend my reference.

    The light source is being reflected and refracted by materiality surrounding the sun. This materiality is not likely to be gaseous but condensed and condensing matter, a lot like condensing vapour forming raindrops.

    Thus star water and other condensed matter surrounding the sun is giving the opportunity for diffraction to occur and thus continuous spectra to be formed at differing radii.

    Magnetic behaviour in materiality is well illustrated by this condensation behaviour, both by paramagnetic structuring, diamagnetic separating, and inductive forcing governed by hysteresis models. The so called z- pinch is a magnetic deformation caused by destructive interference of magnetic fluctuations, again resulting not only in condensing materiality but also plasmoids formation .

    The explosive ejection of materialtity is a result of constructive interference of magnetic patterning, generating an amplitude that is trochoidally dynamic . Materiality is not only expanded in such an event but also disintegrated into spherules of dynamic condensed matter or magnetic particles in dynamic rotational modes and oscillations. The frequencies of these modes may be anywhere in the visible spectrum or beyond at either end of the frequency scale.

  • The magnetic double layer is misdescribed as an electric double layer. This is because the electron was invented as a purely electric point polarity.

    JJ Thompson ,,the discoverer of the mass / electric potential ratio for a beta plasma discharge. Stated that a magnetic Faraday tube was a useful model to describe the electric and magnetic effects. But because of chemistry of chlorine electrolysis the electic faraday tubes were preferred.

    Of course we know the effect of the committee decision to quantise the electric faraday tubes on a unit electric potential to mass ratio.

    The use of magnetic Faraday tubes was well on the way to determining a quantised ratio. In fact the gravitational effect of magnetism was being puzzled out when Einsteins photoelectric explanation diverted research funds into electric technologies.

    The double layers observed in plasma physics are a conundrum. However the actual observations in visible spectral experiments are of trochoidally dynamic surfaces. The surfaces are visible patterns of concentrated or denser or intensely radiating materiality. They radiate magnetic disturbances in the visible frequencies. .

    The use of an RLC circuit to model what is happening in vacuum pressured space supports a magnetic description over an electric description of what is occurring.

    Of course the agreed compromise is Electromagnetic theory, but the emphasis is Electric. Electric fails in a vacuum. Instead electric fields are invented when magnetic fields nd magnetic faraday tubes are adequate if not superior.

    The paramagnetic and diamagnetic patterning of materiality leads to observations of attractive and repulsive regions these are the substructure of double layers and the providers of that measurement we call electric potential

  • This is a depiction of trochoidal deviation or oscillation , note that the disturbance or perturbation can remain smooth or it can cross its own path. This means oscillations can be a vibration or a shattering motion, breaking pieces off into bubbles.

    Magnetic current does not flow like a river it moves like a Trochoid. Vortices shed off and form patterns that surround a material through which magnetic current is oscillating reciprocally. . The hysteresis curve for the material govern it's behaviour in the environment of another magnet. The magnetic dipole interacts within the inducing dipoles field of influence .
    An inducing force manifests as a accelerating force as materiality is stressed by inertial equilibrium forces which promote dynamic stability, or net force of accelerationn0.
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    We apparently do not flip the battery polarity, so flipping the magnet reveals the magnetic current. . This was the original material Ampère used to develop the notion of " courante" or current.
    We observe a current relative to the battery polarity as we flip the magnet. . If we assume a magnetic current( dual) from the battery then the magnet promotes one current over the other. . We can deduce that polarity of a metal magnet is not symmetrical. One polarity is more " virticious" or powerful than the other

    These trees show the magnetic patterning around metls guiding the crystallisation.

    The radioactive materiàl indicates how different magnetic patterning modes resist " chemical reactions" . This alerts us to the virticity which distinguishes different elements.

    Nuclear chemical reactions therefore occur at an immensely more powerful level.
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    The Jurgens model of the sun is better: the model of the anode tufts on the sun. The question is : how do magnetic currents crystallise anode tufts?

    The Jurgens model of the anode tufts on the sun. Replace electric with more fundamental magnetic patterning inducing a current.
    From these dynamics of spherical rotations we see tufts arise in magnetic double layers.

    Chemists are so used to materiality dissolving and crystallising in the presence of fluids they overlook how miraculous this is, and how magnetic .

    The chemistry of materialtity is riddled through with plasma vortices driven by magnetic vortices.

    Magnetic induction effectively transfers energy of trochoidal dynamics , so materials will melt, break/ shatter , deform , change state etc.
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    Current. The notion of the current deserves oa deeper examination.

    The current materiality is obvious to the eye and also to the touch. It is a distinctive flow. Initially we think of this flow as having a velocity. Later we realised that this is in fact an oscillation. This velocity is therefore always a relative displacement from some centre or mean position. In point of fact it is a rotation which generates its own centre.

    In solid materiality the oscillation is slow. Immateriality on top of this slow oscillation many faster vibrations are seen to dance about

    In the materiality the oscillation is perceptibly fast. In this faster oscillation also many vibrations always seem to dance about it.

    In the gaseous state this oscillation is very fast. In this state it is more difficult to see the oscillations which attempting about but they can often be felt or measured as pressure waves . In the plasma state the oscillation is extremely fast and often becomes visible as an emission of light or different magnetic patterning

    Beyond the plasma state is not well described in our science. I will adopt the terminology ether state. The East estate materiality or maybe what some call spirituality.

    In the ether state the oscillation is often beyond our comprehension. Our ability to measure the oscillation rate of these States is limited . However extreme oscillations we measure things which we call GammaRay is all beyond synchrotron radiation

    As the oscillation frequency has increased we noticed that we have gone from the flow of current to a signal

    We realise that our measurement system is fractal, and therefore what we call a signal is a fractalmeasurement

    Once we understand the fractal nature of our measurement and our systems of description, then we have to understand that causality idue to fractal entrainment is what we observe as the cause of the relatively Slower oscillations.
    We could go to higher and higher frequencies of oscillation in our causal structure, but our understanding would be mere guesswork, as these frequencies are currently beyond are comprehension. The nature of the medium bearing these frequencies is also indeterminate. Suffice it to say that the best and soundest basis for this oscillatory flow is what we call magnetic current.

    The notion of number is not the numeral marks ,1 to 9 , but the patterning of objects. Standardised patterns get symbolic marks, but the patterns are standardised by objects in spatial relationships. .
    The choice of a Torus is obscure, and somewhat arbitrary, but it occurs in many mappings of radiative power distribution, and as stable vortex smoke ins. It is thus a useful geometric space to explore in physics alongside the much more common spiral vortices .

    Establishing a finite field coordinate system based on9 has many advantages for base 10 calculations or calculus. It is a fractal structure which scales up and down relatively easily.

    The interpretation of the patterns depends on ones religious M'Quabbalah, Gematria, or Numerology, but physically dynamically speaking, rotation is adequately captured using this curvilineal coordinate system

    How does this relate to Faraday-Thompsons notion of magnetic induction force tubes ?
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    Happy New Year to all of you at magnetic universe!
    Jehovajah said:

    We apparently do not flip the battery polarity, so flipping the magnet reveals the magnetic current. . This was the original material Amoère used to develop the notion of " courante" or current.
    We observe a current relative to the battery polarity as we flip the magnet. . If we assume a magnetic current( dual) from the battery then the magnet promotes one current over the other. . We can deduce that polarity of a metal magnet is not symmetrical. One polarity is more " virticious" or powerful than the other

    I have read this three times in a row and still cannot make sense of it. I am sorry.

    In the meantime the situation seems very simple to me. What we have here is a very fancy, very inefficient variant of homopolar motor:

    One can find hundreds of them on the Internet.

    What is the defining characteristic of any homopolar motor and its cousin - the homopolar generator? What feature precisely sets apart any homopolar motor/generator from any "normal" one? Let me rephrase my question one more time: What is the signature of homopolar motor/generator?

    The most succinct answer to that is: transient vs. permanent. Let me spell it out. In a normal motor/generator, the current flows in a circuit which is of permanent nature, meaning that the material body of the circuit is the same all the time. In a homopolar motor/generator the material bearer of the current - that is the material body of the circuit that the current choses to flow through - is constantly changing, it is in transient state: some physical parts of the circuit stop participating in the process of current transmission while the others take their place so that the current can keep flowing.

    That's all there is to it.
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    Most of what this fellow has to say makes good sense to me:

    In particular, @21:44 he says: "So called warm fusion is possible by nuclear chemistry, catalyzing the nuclei to attract instead of repel. So catalytic chemistry is possible, in my opinion, in the photospheric plasma of all bright stars where the nuclei are separated from the electrons and can actually come close together in the presence of the heavy elements we see in the spectrum. And you've gotta ask the question then, is this the path to the future power? Like the Sun. But only "unlike the sun" that is believed by present science".

    Whatever the mechanism might be, there is no doubt in my mind that nuclear chemistry on the surface of the Sun and other starts is a reality. What's more, I believe that nuclear chemistry takes place not only on the stars but more so on the Earth, specifically, in the thin layer that separates the Earth's magma from the crust.

    I have little doubt that nuclear transmutations take place in the Earth's atmosphere as well, specifically, during the regular lightning, also at the surface of the ball lightning, and, possibly, even in the living cells.

    Wallace Thornhill may not be aware of this, but nuclear chemistry by the mechanism of "warm" fusion (not to be confused with thermonuclear fusion), which is proven experimentally beyond a reasonable doubt by late Vachaev, has been with us for over 20 years now: Mutual Transmutations of Chemical Elements (see Chapter 4: The Vachaev-Ivanov Method)
  • @Barau_R_Tour
    Happy 2018 to you my friend.
    Thankyou for your insight, and contribution .
    A current or Courrante is indeed a homo polar motor/ generator.

    I discuss current or it's notion in another post. I would value your opinion on that proposal .
  • The lodestone sun is a dynamic magnetic phenomenon. The dynamic poles are bests distinguished as polarities. Thus the multiple polarities are clearly observed at every region of the suns surface as they interfere dynamically constructively nd destructively.

    The paramagnetic and magnetic behaviour of the materiality chemically formed as well as plasmically fused in nuclear chemical reaction, underlies many of the observed behaviours, from so called anode tufts, sunspots, solar filaments, CMEs and solar wind behaviours.

    The net polarity for the whole sun reveals in simple terms powerful polarities at the suns rotational axis poles, but the dynamic polarities are not stable at the poles and traverse the suns surface as coronl holes and sunspots . The axis polar vortices tend to be where coronal holes manifest, while the equatorial torus tends to be where sunpots manifest. The difference in size and activity reflects the intensity of the interactions of the polarities.

    This dynamic magnetic polarities system generates "electric" modes of magnetic behaviour and the magnetic currents that flow in all this materiality bear the frequncy characteristics of the underlying magnetic rotational dynamic.

    The trochoidal surfaces will often pinch into separate spheroidal closed dynamics , which may fall back into, hover over, or be blown away from the main material mass held in a viscous dynamic by agnetic plasmoid forces.
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    Twinkle twinkle Magnetic star
    No one grass just what you are
    Up above the magnetosphere
    Like a diamond in the aether
    Twinkle twinkle supernova
    They ignore your magnetic cover
    Your radio signal is so bright
    And X-rays blast out through the night
    No neutron lasts
    That gamma blast
    And synchotronic galaxies
    Show your past
    Twinkle twinkle little stat
    Not so little is what you are!

    Note the smoke rings or plasma rings blown out from this magnetic CME Masing pulse
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    This is a magnetic induction model for action at. Distance in a heliosphere . We can generalise this to upscale and downscale systems.

    Magnetic current tends to stabilise dynamic systms in equipotential surface structures, so called double layers, dipoles etc.

    This is how current runs around a conductor/ inductor, the inner core bei g a source of powerful induction force which. Induces a electric mode charge at and near the surface of the conductor.

    Charge distribution is entrained to the velocity of the powerful inducing core as it changes. O ce steady state of induction is estBlished( a reciprocating dynamic as per Ivor Catt's theoretical position , the surface charge is maintained in the dielectric until a better conductive route breaks this double,Ayer structure. . The magnetic current then induces via that route a new double layer structure.

    Unfortunately in fluid electrolytes this leads to chemical reactions which are sometimes traumatic if within a biological entity that is not adapted to thm
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    Earlier I wrote about the system of depicting a gyre which used points in space that were relative to a bar magnet or solenoid. I was trying to make sense of how a rotational dryer cord represent or depict the polarity of magnetism.The dryer itself was based on the idea of a vector displacement, and so the notion of displacement velocity acceleration and therefore force were to be allied to this gyre.But the conceptual problem was that the vectors would cancel each other out or add but would not produce an addition for the different polarities without some kind of unusual use of addition subtraction.

    Even at this advanced stage my understanding of the lines of force or the potential Services was not clear enough to enable me to produce a simple depiction of the gyre and the effect of the interaction of the gyres. The idea of E double layer for the magnetic polarity is also expressed by myself but not tied together with the equipotential surfaces.

    Eventually I had to espouse the idea that the gyre actually produced a magnetic pattern that was independent of the material to which the giant was associated. But a bar magnet wall material which had a polarity which was North would always produce the same gyre in space which ever direction it was pointed and so the referencing of the gyre should remain the same. A simple problem was that ABC when reverse will become a CBE in that dryer would then be acting in the opposite direction to the opposite facing direction. Therefore instead of adding north and nor they would in fact cancel north and north and south and south would in fact cancel vectorially . But that precisely was where the mistaken the idea lady. To use a vector addition misses the point about the double layer.

    The double layer combines the vectors in a very special way. The vectors do not annihilate each other they form a layered composition with a vector in one direction with a space and the vector in the other direction. Within that space the materiality rotates in counterclockwise directions. The magnetic structure that results is thus spiralled within groups within spirals.

    With double layers in mind we can see that gyres do not sum to zero but to orthogonal filamentary layers to the gyre. Of course where the gyres

    The second crucial idea is induction. A gyre induces an opposing gyre in the environmental reference frame. Thus 2 reference frames have to be kept in mind when depicting magnetic gyre: the materials frame and the environmental frame.

    On earth the environmental frame is the earths dynamic magnetic region.

    This structure and condition produces gyres within gyres some orthogonal to the material one directed throw

    The gyres induce counter rotting layers that form the trochoidal dynamic surfaces seen in plasma double layers.

    What we call induction is the initiation and establishment of a double layer
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