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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • royalblue said:

    The Lord will come into Egypt and set Egyptians against Egyptians [...] city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. [...] In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof, to the Lord.

    Find a way to part the waters of the Red sea and drive the children of Israel out of Egypt.

    Holy bloody bat Taco's

    Your image is my image if you look from above or below.

    Make the two streams.

    One coil CCW and the other CW.

    Mineral, Vegtalble
    And Animal Life

    My rock soup is brewing.

    A few more trips to the hardware store and pet store. And I should be making electric with falling water full of minerals vegetables and animal life.

    Next trip 1/2 PVC 45° elbows. To induce a faster spinning vortex.

    1/4 inch gang valve to control flow of water to "Mr Coffee"

    Bet my water starts looking like the green water in Golden Colorado feeding the Coors brewing company.

    Really not sure how things are going to grow in these turbulent waters.

    Need to get some soft copper pipe to make inductors.

    Anyways you all have have trying to figure it out.

    The bubbles I am asking about are the thousands that collect on the bottle piece spinning around.

    Need to get a laser and see how the beam gets bent. Wonder if my el cheapo laser is beefy enough two go thru both bottles..... --->bottlesThelZrffbottlesThesThelZrffbottlesThesTheThelZrffbottlesThesTheThelZrffbottlesThesTheThe
    <~~~my droid on the fritz.

    Must have picked up the corona virus looking for a corona motor.

    Nah, electronics just do weird strange things, when I am around.

    Like someone said you figure it out you build it bigger and bigger ;)
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