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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • royalblue said:

    The Lord will come into Egypt and set Egyptians against Egyptians [...] city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. [...] In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof, to the Lord.

    Find a way to part the waters of the Red sea and drive the children of Israel out of Egypt.

    Holy bloody bat Taco's

    Your image is my image if you look from above or below.

    Make the two streams.

    One coil CCW and the other CW.

    Mineral, Vegtalble
    And Animal Life

    My rock soup is brewing.

    A few more trips to the hardware store and pet store. And I should be making electric with falling water full of minerals vegetables and animal life.

    Next trip 1/2 PVC 45° elbows. To induce a faster spinning vortex.

    1/4 inch gang valve to control flow of water to "Mr Coffee"

    Bet my water starts looking like the green water in Golden Colorado feeding the Coors brewing company.

    Really not sure how things are going to grow in these turbulent waters.

    Need to get some soft copper pipe to make inductors.

    Anyways you all have have trying to figure it out.

    The bubbles I am asking about are the thousands that collect on the bottle piece spinning around.

    Need to get a laser and see how the beam gets bent. Wonder if my el cheapo laser is beefy enough two go thru both bottles..... --->bottlesThelZrffbottlesThesThelZrffbottlesThesTheThelZrffbottlesThesTheThelZrffbottlesThesTheThe
    <~~~my droid on the fritz.

    Must have picked up the corona virus looking for a corona motor.

    Nah, electronics just do weird strange things, when I am around.

    Like someone said you figure it out you build it bigger and bigger ;)
  • EDM's little book proves its own point of caution of swallowing the hook. What is revealed at the end of EDM's book is EDL's own words: "Light". Ok, so what. It's a dead end and it makes no diff if it was created by EDL or EDM.
    There is no value added by EDM. However, there is a wonderful treatment of EDL work by Jeremy Stride commenting and comparing Masonic symbolism with EDL device, particularly the magnets in the star configuration. This is the real gold. It was on YT for many years but now it is gone. It is/was titled JEREMY STRIDE - THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE - MAGNETISM, CORAL CASTLE & THE FREEMASONS. If you find it, save it. I saw it but when I wanted to save it two weeks later it was gone.
    Overall, it appears EDL work does not effect the atomic "core" as no transmutations take place. So, enjoy. Surprised I did not run into ouroboros so far.
  • royalblue said:

    Like someone said you figure it out you build it bigger and bigger ;)

    I think you need to get the water to siphon its way back up to build a counter gravity pressure, kinda like putting it in a vacuum. Also maybe have hot smoke going up through the bottles to create the opposite effect of the water swirling down. Than get sun light to follow the path of the water going down, at the same time have sound waves bouncing the other way following the the water on its way back up through the vacuum. Think of a Dimond shape with light traveling down one side and sound traveling up the other side and water traveling along the line getting charged back and forth between the two. Bottom Half in the shade top half in the light. Measure it correctly to where your soundwave and light wave crisscross right at sounds standing wave pattern.
    Light will travel straight along the edge off a stone staircase and will bend around a round solid and reflect back in water.

  • I just started thinking about edm again.
    Does anyone have any legit info about him?
    I do, but im not about to doxx someone i admire.
    Id be very interested to talk to EdM. Before its too late to talk.
    Friends, send help yesterday.
  • I have been wondering lately as well, latest I heard was from a comment on one of my videos on the Hidden Pages. The comment states Ed.M was working with a group of people, he wrote the book and someone else from within their group made the hidden pages, all have passed except for a couple of them but way the comment is worded not sure if Ed.M is one of the survivors, went looking for a memorial but nothing to be found so? Online we can find his address and phone number but I have not tried the phone...
  • I have the same info.
    Can find out more, I know of a reliable background research company.
    But itll cost me appx a hundred bucks.
    Otherwise, if you search around public records, youll find addresses and numbers.
    Also his name on a lot of patents.
    His linkedin profile is impressive.
    I called both numbers i can find using public searches. One is inactive. One is an active verizon number, because i recognize the voicemail prompt as a verizon prompt. My father has the same voicemail prompt, and he has verizon. I know, i call my dad a lot, and i hear that prompt all the time. Also, passels has a verizon web address. I feel like this number is linked to the passels web account, and remains active due to keeping the passels account active. Ive had a verizon account before, and the landline number and the email that were part of that account, were linked.
    If edm is 75 years old, as i can ascertain, and if he has anyrhing he can share with us, beyond his book, then id like to talk about it.
    If i were him, id probably be interested in sharing with like minded individuals, but i wouldnt wanna make myself available to kooks.
    So how do i, or we, show him that we are serious about our work, and our respect for edl, and himself, without coming across like fanboy nut jobs?

    Thats the serious question, us serious people have.
  • Im subscribed to you on you tube...
    But maybe i need to go and watch all your work again, to make sure i understand.
    Ill check out that comment you mentioned ifni can find it.
    Could be useful, could be a comment troll.
    Im skeptikal of comments, cause i am guilty of trolling comments for my own entertainment.
    I do it all the time, cause its jist downright fun.
    I dont put it past anyone else to troll, unless they cite some kind of source or reference.
    Take that as you will. But im sure you understand.
    Then again, sometimes your expertise and experiences cant be cited. And it becomes a matter of faith.
    I have no faith, and i require facts and evidence. So im still a skeptik. Im even a skeptic of my own discoveries, and i question everything.

    I hate myself for what ive done, because i cant complete it... and i cant explain it... and i know it exists... i can prove it.
    But it just frustrates me to no end, because all its right in my face, i can smell it and taste it, but it doesnt nurish me, it drains me.
    And this is supposed to benifit us, not make us fucking insane.

    Why, ed, did you create a game that drives some of us to the brink of a mental break?
    And why would he clearly intend me to find it, if it was just gonna drive me mad like a hatter?

    I dont know if what ive learned and found from knowing ed, is worth the stress it has caused me in the last dozen years.
    I cant walk away, because the evidence is clear, but im so fucking frustrated that he picked me for this, and it weighes on me like a ton of bricks.
    Im not worthy of this gift, but i cannot refuse to accept it.

    Its all fucked up
  • Just a thought, if someone else created the hidden pages, why do all public records, including the verizon email, link to edm, and why is his name on all the pages?
    How do you create a website, and linknit to someone publicly, who was never able to pass through them.
    That doesnt make sense, but i havent seen the comment yet.
  • Okay

    I got the full story.

    I had a very nice talk with Ed Marlinski today.

    He was very kind, and returned my call.
    He told me a little about his history with edl.
    Him and a few other guys worked together in a small group to work on CC together. EdM and one other fella are the only surviving members, and they havent talked in some years.
    He was introduced to edl by a friend, while working for the military, in cryptography, and he became intrugued as we are.
    He wrote the book, because the work was becoming burdensome. So he decided to write the book and move on.
    He answered many of my questions, and was extremely friendly and cordial.
    I obviously mentioned the enigma machine, and he asked if i had software to use.
    I told him yes of course, and we discussed the enigma some.
    I asked a few questions that i wanted to ask him. Like when he wrote how edl tailored the information to the background of the reader, did he mean that literally.
    He explained that ed used multiple ways to read his writings, and one person may read them with one path or tool, others will use different paths and tools.
    I didnt wanna rant about time travel and levitation like a kook, i was genuinely just happy he called me back, and it was nice to talk to someone who understands.
    It was comforting to hear that im not the only one who has had this journey weigh heavy on them.
    I didnt ask for advice or help, because he laughed and told me he hasnt really thought about it since the book, thats why he wrote it, to let go, and enjoy life.
    I thanked him for his time, and the background info, and for the pleasant conversation, and thanked him for writing the book.

    Passels, the name of the group, was chosen he said, by another member because its french for group, btw.

    Im satisfied knowing i talked to him before it was too late to do it.

    Today was a good day.
  • That is Great!! I am glad to hear he is alive and well.
  • That is great news, this has been something you wanted to do for many years.
  • Yeah, i was also glad to hear he was alive and well. He sounded good, and seems to be enjoying the end years of a life well lived.
    Of course in hindsight, theres so much more i would have talked about, and i wasnt prepared for it. Now i can think of a hundred points i would have loved to discuss.
    In the moment i heard his voice, he suddenly became less of a legend and a ghost. Instead of satisfying my own curiosity about what i want, i was very happy to talk to him as a friend of edl, and let him know that what he wrote has helped me, and us, in our path.
    Ive been doing this a long time, and i admire edm.
    I always thought of him being a mysterious entity, shrouded in an enigma. No pun intended.
    But hes just a man, like us, who remarked about enjoying his retirement, and instead of looking forward to racking his brain to play edls game, is looking forward to NFL playoffs, and the big game on Sunday, family and friends.
    He said he let edl and cc go when he wrote the book, but i still wonder how often he thinks about edl, and us out here still learning to piece it together. He made it very clear, that there will never come a point we learn everything about cc and edl. Even the great edm, had to step away, after all the vast insight he has into edl.
    Sometimes you just need to chill out.
    I know this personally. I havent really worked on edls cipher in 5 years. My frustration in my limitations to progress, caused me a depression that i had a hard time getting out of. And because i believe so vehemently that edl left us a message, that im good at solving, but havent solved, and very few people will listen, or give a shit, it was like hitting a brick wall.
    It became my personal Vanishing Point.

    I started this journey when i was 30, and thats the same age Christ began preaching.
    30 is a milestone in life, and believed it had significance.
    But now, 12 years later, i realize, there was no significance. I was looking for the stars to align, when j wanted to see them in a row.
    But there is such a thing as coincidences, and there is bias, and there is fantasy, and there is a number of other things i am simply not educated enough to understand.
    I just need to accept the fact, that as much as i learn, and as smart as i am... i cant learn everything, and im not as smart as i believed i could be. I have limitations. Some are physical, some are mental, some are choices i make that limit my understanding even more.
    I can choose.
    I can choose what i learn, what i experience, what i produce, how i react, and how i will affect everything around me.
    That is the lesson ive learned.
    I have power, all around me, that impacts what really matters, the people around me.
    And all our knowledge, and history, aand power, comes from the knowledge and work we leave behind, and how we talk about it, who we give it to, and how they use it.
    A perfect example, is how i learned to be a master carpenter from Rick Wasylchek, and how he told me stories about how he learned from Pete Kohler. I never met pete kohler, hes an oral legend to me, but i know he existed, and i know of his great works. Its been not just a life lesson in science history and math, but of the human existance itself, and to the beauty of the human mind, and the simple technological innovations that we take for granted.

    Like, has anyone ever really thought of the significance of the last page of the Hidden Pages.
    Edm mentions a pattern, a weave.
    Hiw often do you look at the weaves of your clothes? And if society broke down tomorrow, could you even clothe or feed yourself?
    Do you know how to even clothe yourself? Or keep yourself and your family warm?
    Weaving clothes has provided humanity the protection to venture to all places of the world, and we take it for granted. Meanwhile, we are here discussing electromagnetism, and gravity, and quantum physics.
    But are we so smart, that we forget the little things? Perhaps when edl tells us to learn to walk... maybe we really need to walk the path of humanity.
    While youre so busy winding coils of EM wire, maybe you should think of understanding the basic ways we learn to extract and refine that copper from the earth. The knowledge of the people who toil in mines, and smelt the slag out of that copper before its spun into wire. Respect for the men who came 4000 years ago, who did it without the knowledge we have now. If it werent for those innovative human minds, we wouldnt be where we are.
    It changes how you see primitive people, who were not primitive, they were the einstiens of their age. They ventured into dark places, to find something they knew they could transform, and they self taught themselves a skill we have built an entire civilization upon. Now, when i have a delicious slice of bread, i start to be reminded, how someone, somewhere, discovered and refined the processes of baking bread. A very complex chemistry goes into simple things like bread. And we can choose to take it for granted, or we can take a moment to remember and thank those who came before us, who helped put that bread on our table.

    I think, sometimes, we need to look a lot less at whats to be, and a lot more at what has been.
    And im starting to think edl felt the same.

    Its been a good time. And life isnt worth living is there isnt something good to find in it. I hope i find more.

    I still hope to find what edl left for us.
    But theres more to learn out there, including whats already been learned.
    Let the day you stop learning be the day that you die.

    Be safe friends.

  • At the end of the book, he says to rearrange the letters of "a book in every home" to make a new phrase, and that there was a clue to be had... Has anyone figured this clue out? Im gonna try chatgpt to scramble it for me....
    To me, the enigma machine seems like too much for me if that's how it's supposed to be decoded. But solving this anagram for a clue would go along way in convincing people that Marlinsky was on to something or not
  • edited February 2023
    The first two anagrams that stick out to me, using every letter from "a book in every home"---MOON HEAVIER OK BYE.
    Creepy, I'm gonna keep at it
  • @poughkeepsieblue
    When I showed the hidden morse code found on the late passels website, I initially messed up, but reflected it with some success

    key to oasis is solomon terms
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