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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • The Lord will come into Egypt and set Egyptians against Egyptians [...] city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. [...] In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof, to the Lord.

    Find a way to part the waters of the Red sea and drive the children of Israel out of Egypt.
  • @royalblue
    Those look like symbols on the front cover of EDMs book(more or less)
  • Take out your enigma machine...

    This will be review for some...@poughkeepsieblue; the end of this post is for " Lost Soul " and everyone else
    M3 machine , leave the default settings - no adjustments required
    It should be .. M3 GAAA RAAA W123 UB ( not C )
    We can start with 6105195 - it's been done before we get F A X E A I E(swap numbers for letters)

    Type that in we get EDRWOLK; we need to switch the R and L in order for the message to be clear. EDL WORK
    The Steckerbrett or " The Wire " needs to be adjusted so the letters " R and L " are in the proper places.. so EDL WORK
    This has been done before... what are the odds

    Lets take Lost Souls words Rib and Fig...from the booklet Magnetic Current
    Reset the Enigma Machine, default settings....
    Type in ribfig

    The result VOLT DZ, seems proper that this result came from a booklet entitled Magnetic Current.

  • Constitition counted the sides in Magnetic Current and singled out rib and fig
    If we start with BCE at the beginning of Magnetic Current and use the default settings of an M3 Enigma Machine(same as above post) the result is ARC, which is another term correlating with Magnetic Current
  • Edward Marlinski . Introduction to The Hidden Pages
  • I have recently started to get back into the Enigma machine method after many years of trying off and on...

    Under the section titled BQY in the hidden pages, EDM shows us that typing BQY using the settings he gives us (M3 GAAA RAAA W123 UB, steckerbrett L:R), should give us an output of ONW. However when I type BQY, I get ANW.

    Does anyone else have the same problem, or could offer any advice? I may have figured this out years ago but I do not have all my notes with me.

  • You're correct OROLO, the settings produce ANW instead of ONW
    EDM even confirms this when you read further when he says type in BQYEDL without swapping letters, resulting in ANWWII.

    I remember back when EDM wrote about errors, misspelt words, to take another look

    The only explanation I can give..
    EDM talks about WORK or "W or K, what relevance does this have in the next few steps anyways? unless we change the Steckerbett to also include W:K
    Then type in BQY

  • Hi Dante,

    Like you mentioned, I would guess that EDM intentionally left that error on purpose as a clue for us to find the answer as to why he did that.

    What is your experience with the enigma machine and following on the path presented in the hidden pages? It would be great if we could get a group working together to make some progress.
  • My belief is that EDM leaves out much in the hidden pages and leaves it up to us to find what he left out. I believe (and hope) that there is a logical path into Ed's writings that one can follow. I believe EDM mentioned that EDL left many different clues that will eventually bring you to the same place. I would think that EDL left us multiple clues to confirm that we are on the right track.

  • Very rough picture of the paths that EDL/EDM is showing us. Thoughts welcome.
  • Hi OROLO
    I find EDM only displayed preliminary information when dealing with the Enigma machine, he spoke of Greek Gods, and the so called Sumerian cylinder seals. It would have been fascinating to hear his thoughts on such topics and how he found those results through the Enigma machine.
    Wishful thinking won't get us anywhere
    I am willing to work in a team if there are enough people involved.
    Will have to take out my notes as it's easy to jump between settings and mix things up.

  • edited May 2020
    In the 2nd level of the hidden pages, EDM gives us the following example and enigma machine settings:

    M3 GEMA RUBY UC W241

    He tells us to type in NOWLOCKMC...

    He also tells us "if we would like to just spin a few Z's around", type in UWZWZ... this gives us TREES in the U of the machine...

    This is the only place where EDM gives us specific settings for the enigma machine in the hidden pages other than the path he shows us in level three. Since level three is named "TREES", maybe we could use the settings above as clues to progress. For example, where did he get those enigma settings? Where did he get the letters UWZWZ? Maybe by 'reverse enginerring' these clues could be helpful. EDM says that EDL would describe the bishop in his overlayed pictures by saying, "the GEM is A RUBY you see?" but I believe there must be other spots in his work (ABIEH) where this is confirmed.

  • Using the settings that Marlinski leaves us with in the hidden pages, typing in A BOOK in the enigma machine will give us an output of MY N B V. This seems to be in the style of EDL's hidden messages such as MY V BE O SET Y.
  • Looking closely at the cover of A Book in Every Home, there are a few things that can be noticed. Many people have probably never noticed the hand coming out of the base of the large crescent, or the arrow at the bottom of the picture. Have you ever noticed that in the book that EDL is holding, the "O" in "HOME" is a circle with a dot in the middle, while the two O's in "BOOK" have X's in the middle?

    These things may be tough to see with a bad quality electronic copy, but I think they can be made out below.

  • Using the points noted above a geometric figure can be constructed as seen below.

    Notice how the line connecting the O's in the word HOME goes directly through the extended finger of the hand at the base of the large crescent. The T or 90 degree angle in the middle of the "R" can be extended are will hit the tip of the finger on the hand. The T may be hard to see in this picture but can be more easily seen in a hard copy. A triangle could also be created if the last side is drawn from the edge of the picture.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? What could this geometry be used for?

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