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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • edited January 2018
    How so? ? ?

    Works better in EDM'S book
  • Dante,
    There is a paragraph line spacing in MC I believe tha equals "EDM" if memory serves correct. I think of him whenever I "See" it. Also, it's in a conspicuous place too but can't remember which page off top of my head.
    Fantastic, I will take a look also. Do you think EDM was using the same principles as EDL?

  • See? It's page 9 MC

  • Next question is, why would EDM refer to that specific point in Magnetic Current?
    2 ii's 2c's
  • IFCF
    He Be
    just sayin
  • I suppose I didn't know this definition until now.

    a large group of people or things of indeterminate number; a pack


    pass el's information network
    interestingly shady
  • Lorance pointed out to me it's also that "Passel" is also the anagram of "SEPALS".

    The SEPALS of the ROSEy cross have letters on them:

  • From the top of page
  • Save gif for animation I guess, also intersting with the Rosicrucian Cross I have noticed the petals are similar to a center land mass on some old maps, I have not done a close comparison though... just thoughts
  • @g11
    I don't recommend clicking on that link.
  • EDM shows in his book the "ROD" at the end of MC which is the same way you get "EDM" on page 9. "ROD" is on page 19.

    You also get "FIG" and "RIB" following the same pattern starting at the equator or middle line reading towards the beginning:

    You see the "EDM" on page 9 is read the opposite direction from the "FIG" and "RIB" on pages 11,10,and 9. There is a "Q" between the "EDM Q BIR".

    READING from the EQUATOR back towards the beginning you get following:


    This isn't that hard.. straight forward simple.. count each line.. 1,2,3... A,B,C.. until you hit a gap and stop. I'm sure since EDM is the one pointing this out in his book.. he'd notice the "EDM" in EDL's Magnetic Current.
    17.JPG 128.3K
    19.JPG 145.2K
    18.JPG 275.6K
  • This shows page 13.. the "YOD".. but this time it's read from the LEFT margin rather than the "ROD" that is read on the RIGHT margin. Both of these words are also read in opposite directions to each other as well.

    In my mind.. this stuff is EDM 101. Basic foundation stuff. Yet no one ever talks about it.
    20.JPG 146.2K
  • I forgot the first half of "RIB" on page 10 as shown below:

    The Hebrew word Te'EN is FIG and transliterates in English to "VAN".
    The Hebrew word TSELA is RIB and transliterates in English to "RLP".

    21.JPG 272.1K
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