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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • Onesfear/Ones65118
  • edited January 2018
    g11 said:

    Ever tried UV lighting? Some invisible ink only appears with UV radiation.

    The numbers with black light show 27x39 -at best
  • 3*9 is 27. My old address was 3139, 31 mirrors to 13 and three times thirteen is 39.
    39 is 26+10+3 a to z, 0 to 9,& .,-
    27 a to z + null
    Alpha numeric. Verses numerical then alphabet. Not sure the skip pattern of 27 in a 39 point circle. 27,15,3,30,18,6,33,21,9bah I don't want to write it out.
    a=27, b=15,c=3 etc.

    Micro printing doesn't copy well, why it was used on money for a long time. Now UV light can be used to reveal hidden printing. Same with images appearing when held up to any light source. Copies won't have the hidden markings.
  • On second look, I have similar marks, but mine are on pages 107 and 110.
    When I hold them up to reflect the light off of them, rather than look through them, they look like roller marks. Like the kind that might be left on a piece of paper after it went through the print. The sheen on them looks scuffed, and that spot looks polished slightly, like the roller slipped on it. That's what mine looks like. I'll scan them in.
  • Ones, you wrote.
    " Often I have thought the black book itself needs to be decoded by the instructions within the black book and when decoded it will then show paths into Ed's works..."
    This is more than true. I know 3 examples off the top of my head.
    The dollar bill tricks edm shows works in his book. It actually leads to where he hid the enigma machine settings I work with... meaning he found them before me, but I still found them on my own.
    Also his golden rectangle trick works on the cover, makes a cool 'all seeing eye', very eerie.
    Also page 32 can be folded like he shows on page 9. This page leads to clues to the enigma machine edm uses to demonstrate with using MC and folding, in his hidden pages.
  • Also, try reading any black and white book in the moonlight on a bright, clear night. The black and white pictures and text will start to turn to color in the moonlight. It's an awesome illusion on both edm and edl. I think this is why edm talks about rods and cones concerning your eyes. Or a reason why.

  • I thought these were just pencil smudges at first.

  • They are lined up perfect... very interesting poughkeepsieblue , You may have bought yours before I did, I was convinced by a friend to purchase the book maybe a year (or two?) before the hidden pages disappeared...I was doing overlays long before... I feel this is something indeed... must sleep on it :) It is either identifier or clue or both... Perhaps we are all meant to get together to collaborate, to see the whole message throughout by bringing all the copies together... Kinda like Tesla did with his information dispersed/seperated/divided/disbanded to a number of different countries ... Only way to see the full picture is for all to get along... Perhaps
  • I feel Ed.M has perused through many of these posts... Not sure if he has written... I was in touch with "Senga" ,In my opinion I don't think it was Marlinski... ... maybe we can find him (E.J.M.) in old message posts... Must be a trail somewhere in the past
  • poughkeepsieblue your book looks as worn as mine, def no resale value here :)
  • Both of my markings are 10mm from the top of the characters to the bottom of the page
  • poughkeepsieblue, your marks are intriguing as they line up still under "Writings" and "How To" It is just inked on the opposite/backside page... Interesting
  • The final message (that I can find on the site) was this ...
  • That's great Ones!
    When silo was around, he had the idea of counting the spaces between each letter. In this case what you posted equates to C EDM.
    " See EDM "

  • Seems BEDM would make more sense numerically

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