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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages

Some things about edward marlinski, EDM, that I've noticed and had to share.
The thread 'edm and the enigma machine' is closed now, so I'll just pick up another here.
EDM's book can be found by clicking "Leedskalnin's Writings" at the top of this page, and scrolling to the last paragraph. If you don't know what it is, it's there. If you're decoding ed's works, buy it.
Without edm's mention of an enigma machine, I might not have ever discovered it. I didn't really know about the enigma machine until then, that prompted me to learn more.
Someone once left the comment on my youtube enigma video;
"You cannot establish that Ed used an enigma machine to encode his work."
This may very well be true. But, since this comment was made by the "world's leading Coral Castle researcher" I thought I should look closer at ed's works. Besides taking edm's word for it, there had to be a starting clue to enigma, one that other researchers could see as well.
I was able to finally find it, here in MBSB.

"Electrical engi-"
anagram... engi... enig...
He mentions radio next, and commonly, AM radio was broadcast in ed's day. Engi- AM
anagram for enig- ma.
And the rest of the paragraph has more clues.
'manage electricity'
'runs in the wire'
In fact, in my enigma demonstration, I show that edl uses 'runs in the wire' as a clue to the steckerbrett substitution.
The enigma machine was designed as a finance cipher machine for 'managing' business information.
The clues are enough for an inexperienced codebreaker to piece together, with a little knowledge of the enigma machine. Anyone claiming to be the world's leading coral castle researcher, should be able to see this as a no brainer in ways of clues.
So now that we know edl left us the clues to get us thinking about the enigma machine, we, err... I, no longer have to rely on edm as our source clues for the enigma. Edl clearly left them for us to get started thinking about ciphers and codes. From there, spotting the settings for an enigma machine just takes a little knowledge of the settings, and what to look for. The settings are plastered in code all over edl's works. I found a set in MC, which is the one I use to demonstrate. But in my second video, the first demonstration video, I show that there are more settings hidden in edl's "You will be seeing unusual accomplishment' sign.
EDM gets the thoughts processing, but, edl clearly leaves all the proper clues, without needing edm to get there. Edm just helps, lots. Edm leaves MANY clues in his book, that you will only recognize as clues to the enigma, when you do the enigma. Such as the bold type on edm's page 80, DEMONstrating. 'demon' is one of the enigma answers, and there are more examples, I won't go on listing them, but ed repeats himself in his books, because he returns to these places as constant clues. 'Runs in the wire' is one I mentioned, and on page 20 of edm, he says "which will stop you from walking, instead of running later on." A curious clue, that doesn't make sense, until you realize it was a clue to something you hadn't found, yet.
On the bottom of edms page 18,
all pertain, I think to the clues I'm currently involved in, where the answer is 'vegetable.' The clue in the output of the machine is 'RYPHLL.' Edl either intentionally, or unknowingly misspells 'chlorophil.' Now, I know why, it was a clue to something I hadn't found, until then. I wasn't meant to find it, until then. Who is Phil? And who is Todd? found him in the U reflektor. I know some of the clues are for me. Get to radio blue, pk, pkb, Jo, Bjo, mr mrs jo, mr mrs bjo, my birthday, etc etc. but I know some are for others, and some are for the whole of ed's 'intended preselected.' Edm seems to confirm this on his page 15, and in the 'FAQ' section of his online hidden pages. I have some screenshots of the hidden pages, but I've concluded I'm missing more than I have, but what I have helps me, as they mostly consist of enigma material, which is where I'm intended to go, I think. Edm, if you're reading this, please make the hidden pages active again. Please. Maybe you can just email me the rest? I promise, I know your book, and edl inside and out, I think I can pass any tests that might earn them, if your impish twin is cool with that.
Anyway, there's 2 things in the hidden pages 'FAQ' section that intrigue me.
But, who submitted these questions to edm? And how? Cause I'd like to submit some questions of my own... but, according to page 15, and the following, I don't think it will help. This is copied and pasted from the hidden pages.

Does your book and the hidden pages contain all that you have decoded to date?
No - - I felt it best to disclose only the rudimentary beginnings of how I started to decode his writings. By added any more would only bias you decision on the path or paths you might choose to take on you own.

This seems to support edm's claims on his page 15, about edl's paths being tailor made. Remember, I copied and pasted these, so spelling and grammar mistakes are edm's.
The next question that follows is even more interesting.

Have you decoded all of Edward Leedskalnin's writings?
When I started to successfully decode Edward Leedskalnin's writings back in 1991 and thoroughly convinced myself and a few colleagues that Edward Leedskalnin did in fact encoded his writings with an enigma machine I disbanded decoded his works in favor of writing a book. Following the book was the writing of these hidden pages, which started in 1998.

First of all, who are these colleagues that he thoroughly convinced? Where can I find these folks? Besides myself and edm and edl, I'm desperate for fellowship in the enigma path. I understand why no one comes forth though. That puts me in a hard spot, because I'm so against secrecy, and conspiracy. If I find what I'm looking for, and 'they come to me', that presents a difficult place for me. I suppose that's thoughts for another thread. Knowing, yet not knowing, this sort of knowledge has a layer of secrecy and conspiracy to it, gives me a foreboding sense of powerlessness that can't be shaken. As I believe in sharing freely, it creates a certain amount of fear in not knowing what is sharing too much. There are no clear rules on this sort of thing, just confusion and fear, powered by the ignorance of knowing, yet not knowing how deep the hole goes.
But back to edm's answer.
He writes "I disbanded decoded his works in favor of writing a book."
What the hell does that twist of words say?
He disbanded from what or who? Judging from the all seeing eye on the cover of his book I showed can be found following edm's own instructions, I'd say the likely answer is masons. Also, I know for a fact, they may just come to you. They are in every town, everywhere. Just look around, there's a lodge near you. That is an organization with more money, resources, and manpower than me. That is very scary sometimes to consider.
"disbanded decoded"
So... he decoded them. He clearly doesn't deny that here, just twists his words. It should/would say 'disbanded decoding,' but it doesn't. Very reminiscent of sengA, especially when he talks about his 'water wine.' If you've read sengA, you know what I mean.
I'd very much like to speak with edm's colleagues.
And now I'm thoroughly happy that between 'electrical engi-' and my enigma videos, I've "establish(ed) that Ed used an enigma machine to encode his work." At least enough for an experienced clue seeker and codebreaker to see. So suck on that.
Without needing edm to confirm it, with just a little knowledge, wit, and edl's clues, which can be found at Rock Gate, and in edl's 5 books.


  • Hey poughkeepsieblue I've been going back through that little book lately and I am curious if your issue contains some very faint small type at the bottom of pages 108 and 109, one below "Writings" and one below "How to" Also page 34 contains some interesting letter spacing beside the rockets which seems intriguing.
  • No, my 108 and 109 has no extra writing below the page. Be interested to see any variation of my copy. Mine says it's a first edition, but mine doesn't have the 'invitation' on the back to go to the hidden pages. It has the passels web address, but not the mention of 'need more? go here...' Paraphrasing.
    The whole index is suspect, the periods between the words and numbers are so inconsistent.
    Yes, 34 has that with G o l d e n etc. I find the misspellings more interesting. Like on page 25. "When you walk through it a second time view at as a book." Cuing to simple english gematria. 'View a T as a B0 ok'
  • edited January 2018
    Mine is first edition as well. the invite to the pages was typed on a separate piece of paper if I remember right?, I'll have to look for that. Yes I have marked all spelling errors etc. definitely clues I think... Often I have thought the black book itself needs to be decoded by the instructions within the black book and when decoded it will then show paths into Ed's works... Edward J.M. is hard to find any info on other than address and house on google maps, I can't dig up anything on him, and why did he just go quiet and take the pages down hmm strange and a bit frustrating, would be really nice to ask this person some questions considering the time that has passed since the release of the book......The type at the bottom of those pages is quite faint and tiny perhaps a total of 14 or so characters between the two pages. If nobody else has this type than I may assume it is just ink transferred from another printed page external to the book(making the marks irrelevant). Or maybe you have this type on some other pages? See another thought is it could be an identifier, if the book was ever copied and distributed he could identify with these watermarks who the owner of the book was... Just thoughts :) Cheers!
  • I have a first edition, with the faint marks on 108, and 109
    From what I can see on 10;... overlayed numbers, letters, can't really distinguish
    109, could be tops of random letters, or Hebrew, very small
  • I made a 300 dpi pdf of my copy and here is what I see on those pages that you allude to:
    But it doesn't tell me much. How do you read the watermark?

  • Yes! Dante, excellent... I have tried to clear them up by taking high res pic and messing with gamma etc. Gate seems to appear on the second page but can't make out first word, the other page appears to be numbers indeed.
  • Someone probably came along and tried to hack his hidden pages
    Or if EDM was a Mason, his counterparts frowned upon his motives

    It takes heart and determination to go through each motion to write a book while preserving EDLs integrity.
    I hope there is no guilt or remorse coming from EDM, he did good, and inspired many for the right reasons.

  • I'll upload mine CONSTITiTION :)

  • Ever tried UV lighting? Some invisible ink only appears with UV radiation.
  • Thanks for sharing ONES65118
    It looks to me the top one may say "water mark"

    BTW, what is the significance of the number in your handle?
  • I bet each book has different mark... UV is a great idea...mine would glow as years ago a cat I had decided to desecrate a number of my books very strange behavior for that cat... if your books ever get wet with whatever baby powder can save the day :p :)
  • Hi CONSTITiTION , the numbers just refer to the normal alphabet :)
  • g11 said:

    Ever tried UV lighting? Some invisible ink only appears with UV radiation.

    I have used UV lighting, useless on copies. Would need originals. I asked @Magnetic_Universe where he received his copy, since one of the copies I bought from him exhibited signs of "photocopying blemishes, or printing press marks "
    I concluded I had a random defect, and didn't pursue further

  • Jan 18, 1965? birthdate?
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