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Edward Marlinski's Book and Hidden Pages



  • Go figure a web site is corrupted. Why the internet reminds me of septic tanks.
    Source of the PDF file link.
  • Since in English, it seems obvious EDL is pointing to GENESIS story of Adam and Eve with the "FIG" and "RIB".. I've put some thought over the years into what the "J" and "Q" could be. I know the "Q" could represent the rib being removed from the rib cage and the "j" the hanging fig fruit. But I had another idea.

    If we look at the HEBREW and START at the equator.. including the equator.. we have "E FIG J RIB Q". Now if the "E, J, and Q" are taken as Hebrew letters then we have "HEH, YOD, PEH". Interesting enough, the word for "HER MOUTH" in HEBREW is "PEH, YOD, HEH".

    So.. interesting that if the mouth is represented in 3 parts.. lip, tongue, lip.. then we'd have lip, fig, tongue, rib, lip................and the whole thing is contained in "HER MOUTH" in Hebrew. This could be pointing at the feminine voice of qowl which is 135 versus the masculine which is 136. EDL seems to point to these things in Magnetic Base / Sound Base.. in the Sound section.
  • Oh, that's why "lips be holy way" in the section about the 'Worm at half', at the equator. That makes more sense now.

    In order to avoid confusion when people hear us say the name, our website can also be accessed using

    Interesting facts
    By coincidence there is a Hebrew word 'qowl' which is pronounced 'cole' and variously means 'the thunderous voice of God', or to call.

    There is a city in Afghanistan whose name is usually translated into English as QoWL

    The word 'qowl' (meaning 'saying' or 'word' in Persian and Arabic) is used by Sufi Mulslims and is the origin for the word 'qawwali' or popular devotional music.

    Please let us know if you know any more!

    Quality of Work Life.
    I swear dictionaries are like Bibles. Just depends on which one you look at.
    136 is their voice. Smoke filled the room when their voice coils went up in smoke.

    Magnets and Sound have something to do with Hebrew ECHAD (ONE)
    Your post back in November. Sound and magnets.

    The key for both Jews and Christians to learn the correct concept of our God is the word echad. Echad is the Hebrew word for one, but more precisely it means a single entity but made up of more than one part.

    There is another Hebrew word from the same root – Yachid which means single. The meaning of Echad (more than one part) is a confirmation of the Hebrew word Elohim which is translated as God. Elohim is a plural word – more than one being called God

    Then you mention the tongue and groove. Pair of lips. If the tongue points down the lips fill with water. If the tongue points up, the lips hold air. Laminate floors use left and right tongue and groove. Make some interesting patterns when you have both sides.

    Tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Before plywood became common, tongue and groove boards were also used for sheathing buildings and to construct concrete formwork. A strong joint, the tongue and groove joint is widely used for re-entrant angles.
    Oh, that's why "lips be holy way" in the section about the 'Worm at half', at the equator. That makes more sense now.
    Yes, that is exactly what went through my mind as well.. but didn't remember that it mentioned the equator as well. I know that 10 c loan at equator is a flippin' biach to figure out.. tried it quite a few times and never figured it out following the "instructions".
  • Next question is, why would EDM refer to that specific point in Magnetic Current?
    2 ii's 2c's

    Dante, to your question.. I don't really know the answer.. but have some thoughts over the years asking myself the same thing. '"IFCF".. obviously it's 9,6,3,6...
    and I know that these are Tesla's numbers. But also if you look at all the capital letters that EDL uses in all his works.. he doesn't have any capital "J"s or "Q"s.
    This means there is 9 caps before J,
    space at "J"
    6 Caps after "J" and before "Q"
    space at "Q"
    9 caps after "Q"

    So, you see that the alphabet is divided into 3 sections of caps used.. 9,6,9.
    This is very similar to the 9,6,3,6.....if you add the last 3 and 6.. right?

    Also, notice that the "J" and "Q" are spacers between "FIG" and "RIB" in his paragraph code.
  • I forgot to mention the significance of 9,6,2 is TOWB or "GOOD".. and this is what ELOHIM saw the LIGHT was when he created it. If you look at the Statistics page of ABIEH as well.. the paragraph divisions like rod, fig, rib, etc. .. has 9,6,2.....GOOD in Hebrew. So, if you break up the English alphabet into

  • Using Edward Marlinski's book....
    CEDM, or See EDM . Perhaps Ψ"psi" EDM . Neptune EDM
    Or Lips, Met Dog Man
  • If you're referring to "DOG MAN" and EDM... I did see that.. was going to mention it.. yes.. going the other way.. then the "DE".. next letter on bottom of previous page is "O".. "DEO"... "GOD" in Latin. So, we do have "FIG", "RIB", and "DEO" on consecutive pages.. 2 at top.. 1 at bottom of previous page... all the same.
  • dante said:

    For comparison.

    Interesting that 19 and 11 are the alpha and omega in the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Ones65118 said:

    The final message (that I can find on the site) was this ...

    The current page when you enter the site seems to be basic. Perhaps another clue is still there!

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