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A sound basis to Rotational Dynamics



  • Cyclonic and anticyclonic behaviour in the atmosphere is a fundamental pressure dynamic. .
    What is pressure?
    It is a fundamental kinaesthetic experience of a dynamic aether. . It is invisible because it is Kinaesthetic . It is also audible, it is invisible but not in audible.

    The dynamic behaviour of pressure is visibly rotational. . That rotation is explosive nd implosive for I g a dynamic bubble structure we call a vortex or a donut. . This donut is highly complex , but appears simple in depiction. This is due to human simplification of a complex spheroidal dynamic . .

    Often we identify polarity as a fixed behaviour and thn are surprised at how dynamic a pole really is. . A pole as a dynàmic region can exist in any relationship to its counter pole. In a donut description a pole is a donut, it can sit inside, on top of or astride its counter pole. . But a donut is dynamically unstable on its own, either expanding or shrinkomg to an equilibrium with its surrounding medium. . So a pair of counteracting donuts, one explosive, the other implosive form a more stable bubble dynamic. .

    The energy within such a stable structure can build or dissipate, . So a bar magnet eventually loses its virticity or power, unless put in a dynamic PMH configuration.

    Such bubbles exist in all materiality experienced as viscous dynamics with incredible variety of frequency and phase dynamics.

    How these bubbles form expand or cease to exist in an aether is the study of magnetic behaviour , the study of the dynamics of presdure , the matrix of all forces.

  • The outrageous claims are just the stated dreams of mankind. Why9. Because it cycles through 10! And ten is the basis of our Hindu Arabic number system. In computational binary code it is 1, in the hexadecimals it is 15. The key is the rotational dynamic within a geometric place value system. . Every place cycles through an expansion or contraction until it connects to the nearby level above or below. . That is an inductive step valued scale free fractal system of accounting and depicting dynamic behaviours and experience.

    It depicts. It does not reify.
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    Plasma filaments exist at all scales.
    What are they?
    Well contrary to high energy physics they are not high temperature matter in any normal sense.
    They are charged and thus are candidates for the definition of charge, itself, but physicists chose to define a particle called the electon to quantify charge, and a photon to unify electromagnetic radiation and a phonon to quantify thermal conduction..mthen string theorists defined strings nd loops and Barnes and Membranes all as theoretical elements of these charged particles.

    A magnetic tube or vortex of force/ induction is sufficient to explain all these definitions of what after all is observed by magnetic instrumentation.

    Such a tue or closed tube inndynamic trochoidal motion defines electric charge, radiative emissions, lector agnetic signals, heat, thermal conduction and pressure ,sound and nuclear forces and behaviours.
    In addition, a tube allows me to model an atomic or molecular structure uing Qqazxxsw Curca app.

    So for me plasma. Is magnetic tubes of force/ induction in trochoidal dynamic motion.

    Jets, plumes, collimation, are all everyday observables of pressure phenomena within a fluid environment. .this fluid dynamic model best describes the aether dynamics we perceive as magnetic behaviour. Tubes of magnetic induction , while theoretically helical , are better described by trochoidal dynamic , theoretically. .this enable the frequency and phase of a magnetic tube to be anything from sound,heat,electric to radiative in perception.
    Compton scattering( Rayleigh scattering) MASING ( coherent jetting through a semi reflective or impedance junction) , polarisation,linear and circular all are related to this trochoidally propagating dynamic ,in which absorption and emission play a significant role
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    As the sun moves through a strongly magnetised cloud toward Altaire, the induced electric magnetic mode develops a high voltage discharge that is our solar irradiance. . As the galactic magnetic patterning changes , the suns magnetic induction reflects this in the sunspot cycle.

    In the end it is a Magnetic universe, and gravity is an effect of magnetic induction.
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    Exploding Bose Einstein condensates , where the rotational dynamic is at a minimum, and thus the spiral forces are minimal. The materiality is at its most dense. . When the rotational dynamic is increased the expansion radially is increased. . The rotational forces are a result of pressure so the pressure surface expands radially and as a surface. . Surface expansion is a rotational dynamic and this leads to the formation of plumes/ filaments.
    The interference action of rotation gives rise to diffraction patterns at all scales..

    While the "polarity" of this is explosive, the inputting " energy" is a crucial factor in the interference patterning.

    The computational fluid dynamics may be slightly off, according to Claes Johnson , The Secret of Flight author, due to innacurate vortex kinematics , but the general picture is clear. Rotational dynamic interactions explain the observed condensed matter behaviour once put into a " driven" state.

    The results are specific to the circumstances so may not be fundamental but consequential of rotational dynamics, that is , magnetic behaviour.
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    What does the mathematics prove? Nothing at all. But as Nassim said : if you start with the principles , spiritual or philosophical and a theory or vision from Theos, to guide your accounting , divine proportions , if you will, will fall out upon your page and in your mind, and counting will be so sweet !

    Black holes/ white holes are grand names for contracting or expanding vortices in the aether. Fluid dynamics applies when one recasts space as a fluid in which pressures drive the dynamics and these pressures express as rotational dynamics, or in general, magnetic behaviour.

    Nassims work is fabulous, but couched in terms of modern physics. We need to go back to Boscovich to see how geometry was linked to a theory of force, more general than Newtons principles for Astrologers, and the basis for theories of Tesla,Volta Einstein and now Nassim.
    Spin is a buzzword for rotational dynamics. And when you think of rotationl dynamics the general notion should be trochoidally dynamic surfaces ..

    Using the charge radius of the proton, or rather the proportions I constructed trochoidally dynamic forms using Will Shank's Circa app, I want to contact him to request he develop his Webtro1 app and or his Trotorted app. .
    In the meantime , using Faraday tubes as the dynamic objects as opposed to " particles" or rather spheres may be a way forward for visualising trochoidal dynamics at the quantum level.

  • An interesting discussion about the trochoidal dynamic and how and where we are moving in our galaxy. It is a magnetic universe.

  • The Haramein Rauch equations.
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    2pi is not spin, but Pi is the ratio between a circular disc and it's enclosing square. , by rotation it is the ratio between the enclosing cylinder to a sphere. . The ratio between an enclosing cube and a sphere is 4/3 Pi.
    Particle physics relies on the sphere, but it has only recently realised spherical dynamics has to be factored in everywhere at every scale. . By going to the Planck quantum of action and insisting a rotational dynamic exists Nassim restores rotational energy within the Planck sphere.

    Patrice physics wanted to have a planetary model rather than Thomsons sticky pudding or regional charge differential model. I now know. This description belittled Thompsons use of Faraday tubes connecting molecular and atomic particles.

    Faraday tubes are precisely enclosing cylinders to spheres so this proportion appears at the Planck length to convert spherical volume into cylindrical volume. .

    Thus mathematics tells us nothing, really . Whether it is aphere , cylinder or cube as a quantum it is the dynamics that are crucial, and the dynamics are rotational .
    Bohr based his model, not on the electron or spinning orbits, but on the magnetron. .the different states of the magnetron he could not visualise, nor see how Quaternion Fourier series would assist,
    Today we can begin to use and visualise Quaternion Fourier dynamics in a fluid dynamic setting, using finite element methods.
    We envisage trochoidally dynamic surfaces.

    Nassims Planck spherical units are spherical vortices, but wormholes are a concept based on a cylindrical space-time structures based on a 2 dimensional analogue. 2 dimensions do not exist so wormholes do not exist!
    Spinning Planck spherical units radiate through a network of interfering spherical units. The interference is a shedding vortex which in space-time expands in a curve . Vortex grabbing, which also occurs will be a contracting curve in space time and very local.

    The only known way to induce coherency is by Masing and LASING techniques.

  • The lodestone earth.
    The trochoidal dynamics of the aether or space-time with rotational or curvilineal dynamics, means that the volume of any materiality churns through itself. Thus what is on the outside eventually reaches the inside and what is on the inside eventually reaches the outside or surface of a body if that body surface is relatively ans viscously stblr.

    We see this development in biological forms, indeed it is the main characteristic of a living organism. . Even viruses , on the chemical and biological edge of life undergo mutation and developmental change in a relatively short timespan.
    bacteriophages, far more numerous and smaller thn viruses , the very chemical source of life as biological entities are known for their morphogenic behaviours and actions on amino acid chain. . Typically bacteriophages and enzymes are a few orders of magnitude apart in size.

    So magnetic behaviour in the PMH preserves this alternating change within the material slowly decaying to a polarity reversal point and then building the reverse polarity.

    We would have to observe forr a long time, typically on the order of a radioactive decay half life to confirm this for any specified PMH device., but the rock record and the earth and sun behaviour demonstrate that magnetic behaviour has a reversal cycle .
  • Pi is usually called a transcendental. "number", but it s the very concept of number that is flawed. Numerals on the other hand are specific marks or names for patterns of objects of interest ( logos/ ratio)
    Pi is a ratio between a curvilineal formed a Rectilineal form, between shunyasutras and regular "geometrical " forms.
    A disc to an enclosing square is 3:4, a sphere to an enclosing cylinder 4:6, to a cube 4:8.
    These of course are integer ratios but you can see how curved space compacts relative to Rectilineal space. Similarly curvilineal dynamics is more convoluted and compact.
    Pi alerts us to a trochoidal dynamic,ma'am complex of conic sectional motions and surfaces including Duvall parallel straight lines , the parabolic and hyperbolic dynamics are patently short lived or assymptotic over long time intervals, with vortices remaining stable or decaying by expansion or contraction on interference.

    Materiality shatters into smaller less parabolic or hyperbolic forms, tending toward elliptic nd circular stability . Instability tends to implode/ explode along parabolic or hyperbolic curvatures, the time rate crucially determines our descriptive words, so decay rather than implosion , expansion rather than explosion into fractal trochoidal elements, or shunyasutras.
  • Jehovajah..
    I've read your last several posts on here and I like them very much. I watched the videos as well.

    Your layers of earth reminds me of something I've been working on decoding in EDL's Magnetic Current. He has 789 written lines with 17 page numbered lines. So, the center "equator".. without counting page numbers.. is
    on page 11. The center line is 395 lines from each end or pole.. beginning and you read it in English. The earth polar diameter is right at 3950 English miles. Therefore, if we take ED Leedskalnin's Magnetic Current as Earth's Polar diameter.. like a ruler of sorts.. then each written line is representative of 10 English miles.

    If you look on page 6.. There is the caps of paragraphs.. "NNBB.. and on opposite printed page 15.. "NN".. .. which is a Caesar Cipher shift of "EES SEE".. which is what he has on page 3 of MC.. "TFF"... first 3 paragraphs..
    TFF is a +1 shift and BNN is a -16 shift. It reminds me of the number of electrons in H20 or water... 16 for oxygen and 1 for hydrogen.

    But my point is that between the two "B"s is another "B" on the other margin.. in the center of them. This line and accompanying ones equate to the layer of the earth known as D" or "D double prime"...which is between the solid and liquid parts of the earth... between the outer core and the mantle. Scientists believe it to have a crystalline structure of post-perovskite:

    Your post jogged that memory in me.
  • You know, that jogged one for me too. I think ed is somehow associating light and wavelength to seismic waves. Seismic waves come as Pwasves, Swaves, and Qwaves, Q waves are called love waves.
    love waves : "The particle motion of a Love wave forms a horizontal line perpendicular to the direction of propagation (i.e. are transverse waves). Moving deeper into the material, motion can decrease to a "node" and then alternately increase and decrease as one examines deeper layers of particles. The amplitude, or maximum particle motion, often decreases rapidly with depth." copy and paste from wiki.

    A transverse wave, like light is, right? And decreases with depth... is this not the same as the skin effect?

    "Skin effect is the tendency of an alternating electric current (AC) to become distributed within a conductor such that the current density is largest near the surface of the conductor, and decreases with greater depths in the conductor. The electric current flows mainly at the "skin" of the conductor, between the outer surface and a level called the skin depth. " copy and paste from wiki

    if you go to the wiki, and look at the diagram there

    it says
    "Distribution of current flow in a cylindrical conductor, shown in cross section. For alternating current, the current density decreases exponentially from the surface towards the inside. The skin depth, δ, is defined as the depth where the current density is just 1/e (about 37%) of the value at the surface; it depends on the frequency of the current and the electrical and magnetic properties of the conductor."
    theres 37 again.
    another thing jehovajah keeps putting back in my head is
    "A disc to an enclosing square is 3:4,"
    I keep going back to C O Py right, there's more to it, I just havent figured it out yet, but I think it goes from 3:4 for a 2d surface to 4/3pi on a 3d cube and sphere. Like sengA had said, squaring the circle to cubing the sphere.
  • Is there a possible relationship between seismic and pressure waves, or transverse love waves, and sound and light? Maybe, Rayleigh waves are named after Lord Rayleigh.
    Lord Rayleigh wrote "The Theory of Sound" about mathematical acoustics.
    Seismic waves and sound are directly related.
  • PK,
    That video up above in this thread has the physicist saying he believes there is a black hole in the center of the earth bleeding off Protons. Not sure if that is what Jehovajah was getting at or not.
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