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Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics



  • "Spica" doesn't refer to the star in Virgo but to the alchemical motto "granum fundi, centrum mundi", by the way.

    royalblue, what is your source for this?


  • OROLO said:

    royalblue, what is your source for this?


    One of the sources, if you understand it.

    The energy that runs up the flywheel from the base, runs up in the shape of an ear of corn or a trunk of palm (because it's two energies that rotate in the same direction coming through the arms of the Tau (T) and running up locked at an angle - they don't counter-rotate like in normal electricity). At the end of the palm tree it turns into a harmonious flowering palm (our Lady).

    Makes sense or do you want me to elaborate?

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  • @OROLO this is just to elaborate briefly. When you rotate the flywheel you need to place the two rods in such a way that the magnets you extract are of the same type (the serpents rotate around the axis in the same direction...upwards - it's not two currents that screw into each other like in natural A/C, it's a third form of electricity that gets attracted only by the dielectric field inside a 4-magnets Q-magnet squashed together). When you extract magnets from the flywheel the magnets are "composite" (4 poles squashed together generate 3 magnets within the field - I guess dielectric is tripolar...) and you have to isolate only the central magnet. I explained how to do it to @dante and @Gardener, ask them.
    The rest of the picture is self-explanatory. What SPICA refers to is the field that goes through the earth from its base and spreads out generating all life.

    As you can see I try to speak here only when I'm sure, I don't like stupid crap and I've done a lot of f***ing homework, like g11 is doing too.
    Bottom line: RL Poole didn't understand crap, Constipation (CONSTiTiON) was right.

    Meanwhile, I added something to the image to show you that (after discovering that the setup in Coral Castle refers to the Zodiac) I discovered the egyptian origin of Ed's crap: it is modeled after the tomb of Osiris (tomb of the obvious, lol) in the Amduat. The iconography is vast - freemasons have been hiding this bullshit under various gods for thousands of years. But traces are everywhere. I'm still fiddling with this f****ing water in the meantime... Anyways, that's all for now, I guess.

    Happy decoding. Peace.

    PS: hey what's up freemasons?! Royalblue is taking all your fun! :lol:

  • Still taking all your fun.

  • The pinball gives a tilt if it's nudged.
  • And a pair of bibles of same size will cause the pinball to roll slower on the table :)

    If you kick the coin box it will slamtilt the pinball machine and eat all your credits ;)

    Teach me to kick the king of pain. Broke his leg I kicked that machine so hard.

    What is the bottom center image?
    I have a hard time seeing details on this little screen.
  • @Magneticus_Attractus the masonic ladder that they used to take Jesus off the cross

  • Christmas is coming. Can you feel the spirit?
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    I moved the post about cosmology in "The Moon and why..." thread.
    I'll continue with the symbols here.

    The symbols say it all.
  • The oscillos....trum

    What's the time Freemasons?

    On my watch it's 5:30.
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    Oh ya the pan in which the Was, Ankh, and Djed sit is a singing bowl, I finally found a picture of a nice Was and realized the bowl WAS in the SAME picture. Egyptian staffs with the jackal head seem to always have the "tuning fork" on the base. I figure they used to mount them on the singing bowl, and later used the technology as a tuning fork to strike the ground and activate the wand.

    Each generation of new science led to creating a more composite staff system.

    Notice how this one is broken not far from the neck... I think later developments in Chinese technology may have eliminated this happening. And perhaps this is how they were "turned to snakes", by being over-driven and breaking themselves on the wave.

    Remember Moses and the flowering rod of Aaron? And all the Pharaoh's priests' staffs? So the Was scepters were made with the Egyptian blue "glass" doped with copper. Like the Haan purple, all replicating the semi-conducting effects of jade.

    I think it really was a battle of technologies, the power of the gods being lost to our ability to understand it as soon as it was weaponized and used for domination. One Was scepter I saw was "decorated" with upward traveling strings of pearls that were forced through a curve at the neck that would eliminate long waves which could only resonate back down, and the short ones emanating out the head of the staff.

    And then I happened upon this photo of a Chinese scepter. Complete with fractal antenna's along its length and sun-cycle antenna around it's emitting head. Keeping in mind these Chinese scepters are for blessings of the heart. And the original Egyptian scepters always pointed toward someone in blessing. I don't believe they were used as weapons until around the time of Moses. I'm not blaming Moses himself and his god, but I can't recall any other incident where they were used against anyone, just against a rock and against the other staffs.

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