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Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics



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    @dante What we are researching is the science of like poles or magnetic fields squashed together. The Egyptian hieroglyphs, the renaissance cathedrals, the flywheel and the cover of MC - everything speaks about squashing like poles together. As for the Cippus ...the first thing that comes to mind is how the fields that make up our solar system after colliding in Saturn (rings) and into the Sun (giving it energy), meet maybe at the tropics. But I could be wrong.
  • dante said:

    Ed read the Bible, I have noticed some masons are unable to correlate their own rituals with the events in the bible.
    Ed did find most of his knowledge from either family, researching or the bible.

    @dante the Bible is bullshit: although encrypted/obfuscated, it's easy to see the valuable information, which is very little. Most of the book is a pack of lies, and you know it.
    And Freemasonry is bullshit too: the secrets that Freemasonry keeps won't ever be found within Freemasonry simply because the information could harm Freemasonry's very existence, so the only thing you get is a membership card to the Jewish led global corruption ring.

    But the good thing is that the hiding has been going on for centuries in a distributed and uncoordinated manner so the revealing traces are everywhere. It could be only a dream in my consciousness, however I can't wait to drill the first massive hole in a temple. It will be fun.
  • I can understand your point of view
    -magnetic fields quashed together

    Masonry is a companion to the bible. The basics that I can see ...reveal, and conceal.
    The bible contains a compilation of stories. The new testament paves the way for the reader to assume the role of christ. How you perceive christ depends on the individual.

    The fall of man, or in other written works such as paradise lost - we have lost something. The basic idea behind Masonry is to regain what was lost

    Corruption is in almost everything. If the world was without corruption or jealous individuals, we would be an advanced society today.

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    As for the corruption:
    the Jewish/Masonic debt-based global monetary system is the source of all corruption. I'd rather say that we would be an advanced society if there weren't any secret societies - how about that?

    On Freemasonry & the Bible or religion in general:
    Sanchuniaton, the oldest Phoenician historian that we know of (quoted by Eusebius of Caesarea in his Preparatio Evangelica), says very clearly that religion originated as a mean to retain power (presumably to hide some important information) for the benefit of a few. He describes very well the way in which this happened at his time, saying that he managed to recover the original knowledge by decoding it from inscriptions and symbols present in the temples of his time. Freemasons, although they didn't call themselves that way at the time, were the scum people who originally started this process of hiding knowledge. The Bible, for a reason or another, is where most of the knowledge ended up in an encoded form.

    On the lost knowledge:
    Anyone who's involved in our research will understand that what was hidden by these people was the knowledge of the true structure of the universe, and possibly of the nature of matter too. However, it's easy to see that this knowledge survived in symbolic form and is still available today.
    For example: I've been nagging around on the Florida Table representing Aquarius. If you look at Christian iconography (especially Orthodox), you'll see that Jesus (or the Sun - same thing) is always depicted at the center of a square whose corners are occupied by 4 zodiac signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio (represented as an eagle in ancient times). You'll find these 4 signs everywhere: in hieroglyphs, old books, paintings, statues, cathedrals bas reliefs - literally EVERYWHERE. Why do you think that is?
    Well, it's not simple: these signs in Astrology are said to be the ones where the energy of the Sun is more "stable", and they're called "Fixed signs" (for a reason, I guess). Coincidentally these are also the signs in which the Sun reaches the peak of its energy in each season (the peak of Spring in Taurus, or the peak of Summer in Leo, etc.). Also, if you look up the shapes of the constellations, you'll find out that they are either V-shaped (squashed) or 90-degree shape (right-angle). Tells you anything?
    I'm reluctant to say more about this until I have a working model, because I'm nobody to propose an alternative understanding of the structure of the universe.
    However, the point here is that the people of all ages used the same symbolism, and I think ED's symbolism is the same: he too celebrated this alternative understanding of the universe. The four zodiac signs around the Sun/Christ are the big four artifacts he placed around the Sundial - the Florida Table, the Moon Fountain, the Heart, and the "Grotto of the 3 bears" (who makes these names anyway?).

    Even if you believe that constellations are arbitrarily assigned and don't mean a thing, the general principle here is that the zodiac has been used throughout the ages as a conceptual model to document how magnetic fields interact with one another (read: how to create different types of magnetic current, including that of the Sun - look at the Cippus of Horus & other artifacts, and never believe the official explanations). That's one of the reasons (but not the only one) why Astrology contains such an elaborate doctrine on "Aspects", that is the quality of angle-based interactions between planets. It's really about the interaction of magnetic fields.
    It could be really a magnetic universe after all... :P

    Another example, more pertinent to CC: by correctly making sense of ED's symbolism I've figured out what is the content of the little black box that appears in one of ED's photos (the photo where he's standing with a hat in his hand, and there's an iron bar placed North of the flywheel: very simply, 2 magnets placed at 90 degrees with each other. It's the same 90-degree angle that you find in the "King's stone" (seriously, who made these names?) that sits on the North wall, on top of the 30-ton stones that features a circle.

    That circle is the flywheel, and the stone that supports the King's stone is the iron bar. The King's stone is what you have in the little black box. So.. if you place an iron bar on the North side of your flywheel (like in ED's photo) and you place 2 magnets at right angle with each other across the bar and then turn the wheel, each side of the bar (East & West) will receive one polarity of the N/S individual magnets. Whether this is symbolic or real I'll leave it up to you to find out (build your own flywheel!), but I assure you that there is at least another configuration of the machine by which the following can be achieved, and it's a small-scale model of how the Sun's energy reaches Earth. I'll show you another reference to similar symbolism (flip it upside down):

    On what we should be searching:
    ED was an asshole and he didn't want to reveal the full configuration of his machine. ED's machine (in a different configuration) in antiquity had a very precise name. Believe it or not this name is still used today however, due to the vast system of lies that Freemasons built around it, nobody today realizes that the name identifies a machine (lol). In antiquity the machine was used for all purposes: fuse stones, disintegrate or transmute matter, communication, possibly even extend human life (read the work of Georges Lakhovsky on the Secret of Life to understand why). And there is another use which is particularly interesting and which I think is the key to really understanding what the universe is and how it works: inducing an electric current into the human body so as to realize "enlightenment" (or awakening, if you prefer) by using the human body as a conductor between two poles of Sun & Earth - call it activating inert DNA or magnetizing blood, or synchronizing the Chakras whatever that means.
    However, it is my opinion that this machine was still used for this purpose within some masonic circles up until the past century.
    After it was made private in antiquity and the so called "mystery schools" were born, what remained available for the masses till today was only how to realize this induction slowly from the natural poles of Sun and Earth, through Yoga and the like.

    On how the machine operates:
    The general principle by which this machine operates is the division of our standard double magnetic-field into independent streams of individual N and S magnets. These streams can be thus directed to specific points in space and then directed into a conductor where they recombine, with a certain angle or a certain rhythm. To separate the magnets it's only necessary to understand geometry & think in terms of attraction/repulsion, while to recombine them only arithmetic is necessary: because the individual magnets always recombine 1-to-1 (N with S) the angles that are produced in the conductor are only affected by the concentration (read: the number of squashed-magnets-quadruplets that you use). No need to study versor algebra and all.
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    We all know the anagram for B.b. lies. The first thing man talks about is gods creation. These days Christian's are more about the red man with horns out front who does his business around a place of fire. Daniel there is a joke and a half. Daniel told the king the priests were are fraud. Daniel showed the king they were lying. The priest's conspired against Daniel and got him thrown to the lions. One of the priest's anointed Daniel with some herb that make's a cat sicker than a dog. So the lions wouldn't eat him knowing they were going to be sick. These lions were fed two humans and two lambs each day. This amazed the foolish king. The priest's had the king fooled for a long time. The king stopped being generous when he realized the priest's were taking his offering to the idol of a dragon. The king believed a dragon was eating the offering in the temple he had left. Daniel showed the king how to sprinkle ash from the fire on the floor. After the king had verified no one was in the temple and sealed the door. The next day the king seen his seal was unbroken and when he went into the temple the offering was gone. Daniel asked the king are those the foot prints of a dragon or of men women and children? The king realized no dragon was taking that offering. And the priest's got fed to the lions.

    And for $19.95 you can buy my book. Mystery schools, chapter nine explained.

    Still not sure what Solomon lions has to do with anything but there are 12 lions on each one.365.25 isn't divisible by 12...30.4375 the procession of time changes the actual time earth revolves around the sun. Some day if man is still alive you'll have to change the calendar, again. Imagine a time when it only took 360 days to revolve around the sun. Why the builders left really big markers to show the changing of time. The mysterious writing on the wall from Daniel.

    Tick Tock goes the clock.
    noun: escapement; plural noun: escapements
    a mechanism in a clock or watch that alternately checks and releases the train by a fixed amount and transmits a periodic impulse from the spring or weight to the balance wheel or pendulum.
    a mechanism in a typewriter that shifts the carriage a small fixed amount to the left after a key is pressed and released.
    the part of the mechanism in a piano that enables the hammer to fall back as soon as it has struck the string.

  • @g11 there's no need for your stupid Masonic bullshit-riddles. Soon it will all be over.

  • @royalblue

    I understand where you are coming from. In terms of general Masonry, for example has been influenced politically(vice versa) and some of the degrees(wording) altered. The symbols still hold value

    How about the Rosicrucians? perhaps closer to Eds way of thinking in A Book in Every Home
    Many stories between the 14th-17th century deal with fighting for a woman, or working to achieve the woman. Hypnerotomachia Poliphili " strife of love in poliphilus dream " . Long story short it is a book with mixed language, however one of the books that would its companion is titled Orus Apollo(Egyptian hieroglyphs)
    Nostradamus references this book and holds great reverence to it, adding a commentary of his own
    " I have not rendered these two books in vain
    But to show those who labor hard to know
    That to good books they should more studious go
    Of secrets this they'll know the usefulness
    ………….. "

    In Book one, the number 16 would represent Delight " for from this age men begin to hold commerce with women, and to procreate children "
    Pliny notes that this symbol also has something to do with the rising of the Nile
    Translated" The growth was just sixteen … he feels the famine, to the twelve cubits on the other; thirteen to fourteen are still hungry, and bring some amusement; security fifteen, sixteen delicious "

    To denote sexual intercourse they depicted two 16's .
    Translated " For when I am old, and we have said to be pleasure; the encounter of the man, for two it is established, male and female, for the pleasures, because they ascribe to the other, and reigned sixteen "

    *This appears to have a similar tone to Eds way of communicating, so Ed understood a form of Egyptian hieroglyphs?

    I wanted to reach out to AScuffs on youtube, but the channel has shut down


    I am into Astrology, I believe the four winds as we call them, four corners etc. Are what spins the wheel. It has been said we can learn an individuals fate judging by the timing of eclipses in their horoscope, or destiny of man.

    Interesting though how you you remind of of the V shapes or 90 degrees in constellations. It reminds me of runic letters, I will have to investigate further

  • hart72294 said:

    It's interesting how a lot of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs look like a form of technology.

    I found this diagram on Google Images of the more common Heiroglyphics.

    A: A lot of the Hieroglyphs show various species of birds. Each and every bird has its own call, which is a chirp, which is really a frequency. So it's more than likely the birds represent different ranges of frequencies.

    B1: I theorize that this could be a symbol for some kind of directional alignment. The cupping motion of the hand could be part of a parabolic dip in a certain wave form, or a parabolic shape to amplify a straight-aligned wave form.

    B2: A symbol representing 90 degree alignments.

    C: Looks like some sort of grounding device.

    D: A hand shaped in a clapping motion. The clap would generate a short sound wave.

    E: Showing the structure of what looks like a feather. It has been found on certain feathers that they reflect incoming light to produce a certain color.

    F: A slug; perhaps a very slow wave form.

    G: Looks like some kind of rocking table that when rocking, generates a frequency based on the amount of rocks from the chair.

    H1: Almost replicating the structure of the element Bismuth.

    H2: An electronic coil, in a spiral form.

    I: Diagnol, parallel alingment.

    J: A snake; showing a dip with it's tail. Possibly representing a certain waveform with a dramatic change in it's key.

    K and X: Respectively the same thing. Possibly showing a bowl that has a strong resonance when hit, and can restructure water.

    L: A lion; most likely representing the energy from the constellation Leo.

    M: An owl. Again, different birds mean different frequency ranges based on their chirps.

    N1: This symbol, in music, means vibrato.

    N2: Possibly showing the energy emanation off all forms of matter. The spiral being the path of the energy.

    O: A frequency wave form creating the geometry of a knot.

    P: Possibly two coils, in a circuit of some kind.

    Q: A rise in a waveform.

    R: A dimensional opening.

    S: S could have multiple meanings. One being two ring magnets forced together on a shaft, or it could be perfect balance.

    T1: A parabolic wave guide.

    T2: A tuning fork

    U: A fibonacci spiral or the treble clef in music.

    V and W: A chick, so a small, high-pitched frequency.

    Y: Two of the same microstructures on possible feathers, maybe showing a better coherence.

    Z: The formation of lips from human DNA.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    abit of a newby to this but agree to frequency, just looking at front cover of a book in every and the stone shaped like moon or spanner depends on who looking at it but i have a big metal spanner same shape and when you bump it , the spanner rings like a tuning folk , has any body bumped that stone/stones ??? big tuning forks. think that was a big tool in edward's tool kit
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    I will pic this picture apart i think i can read this picture to an extent
    the EYE of HORUS comes from maths and graphics its anu the UNIVERSE circles of all circles with 12 or 24 distributor points and another circle center, then circles that overlay the center circle from each distributor point anything thats a circle with 12 or 24 points is time.
    to start with i believe they're rotating around on the SKULLS HEAD death and
    see sawing up and down and going ouch ouch ding dong...Its also rotating from the lower hand points Nth and Sth from the EAST the top of the mountain.... the 3 circle and the weird thing that looks like its blowing i would say rotates also
    The lines are male, female, male, female similar to eds wheel SOLO MONS Temple
    all those contact points everything but the center circles are invisible you dont see them Hence why they're The Good s
    Indians or ab originals the Australian people dancing around A FIRE A CORE A ARC
    The Ultimate line there I would say is ANU/Universe the 2 indiansGalaxy which holds the sun earth the moon it looks like MAYAN CALENDAR MAYAN CAL CU LATOR everything on the picture has to be counted the colors looked at they're opposites the one on the south has the freemason symbol of the compass and 5 medals/metals
    i liked graphics and math to an extent
    3 wise moneys hear no evil see no evil speak no evil they are GO OD s

    Space Ball anyone the chinese fan SPACE BALL A home run
    In the In field 4 fielders... inside the asteroid belt is 4 planets 4 outside but from what i can tell,the game has 3 out fielders in the out field im an Aussie so i dont know baseball

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    What do you think? come on "THINK OUT LOUD" dont be suppressed
    what you put out you get back

  • [Book of Isaiah, Byzantine Bible, 1373]

    The temple used to be a place where God (YHWH) would run high-voltage electricity without protection to the extent that the people who were admitted there (a handful) had to wear special isolating garments. It's written in the book.

    God? What God?
    Religion? Freemasonry. Who's in bed with who?

  • @royalblue This seems to be even more advanced flywheel version than Ed’s.
  • Chainmail :) to slay the beast. That wheel image would be a trip to see spinning with pulsed light.
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    I'll write again everything when I'm sure of what I'm saying, and post a video.
  • @royalblue

    This might seem like an odd question..wouldn't the water splash out of the wheel?

    I don't understand what the pipe does going into the ground? I had a theory that in leads into the water table?
    I can understand the relation with cancer /water birth
    I've seen the exact same shape of the inner portion of the flywheel to religious baptismal structures. I believe you have posted images before showing this relationship.
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